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  1. Please PM me for the information. i require someone to do 20+ skill scripts for my rpg.
  2. ok i will send you a message in pm
  3. How good are you? i do not want to reveal my skill script unless you are able to do the job.
  4. i am using my own that i paid someone to do. would you be willing to do the required work? then i would show you the scripts.
  5. there is simply no portrait showing up. this is due to other scripts which are showing other image in there (summon scripts)
  6. It is the showportraits scripts by soulpour777. it enters in conflict with other skills made by someone else (summons). i do not want to show the skills here because iwant to keep the system secret to some degree.
  7. I would need help for compatibility, with soulpour's show portrait script. i'll like free help.
  8. bump, i want it faster personally. is this necroposting?
  9. bump
  10. this is not really what im looking for, i want to be able to summon groups of monster, and have them fight by my side, i mean large groups like 20 of them + .
  11. i want to have summoning scripts, i am willing to pay, please contact me in private.
  12. is it possible to be some sort of effect? i want it to be culmulative and be there for a certain number of round. i am also looking for a way to put variable on item prices and i need to modify a few scripts to make them function with certain skills, as to create some sort of chain lightning ( bouncing magic attack skill). i have alot of skills like that which may require help. i would prefer to pay someone than to have him participate in my project.
  13. I am willing to pay money for a series of scripts that i want to be done since i am unable to do RGSS3 scripts. or much programming for that matter. here are a few examples: pre-turn spells ( you cast a spell and every turn before ennemies and heroes act the spell is cast and does damage) charge up spell ( the ennemies cast a spell which charges his ability to do certain spell, this may or may not be necessary if i can simply use mp to charge the skills) Summons ( you create a monster on the battle field which fights alongside you, this also can also means many monsters, for example, you summon 4-5 imps at a time.)