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  1. music

    Wow, music requests for free? You're so nice ^^ and the music's quality is fairly good~ I think I'll request you if I can't find the music I need, if you're still open for work. I have questions before that, though. -Can you finish a work before a deadline? (I'm currently doing a project for IGMC, that has a deadline of 6th November - simply, less than a month) -Can you compose 16-bit/SNES-styled music? (basically, chiptune if it's that) -Can you compose a whole OST (meaning all of the tracks played in a game) for a game project? (I believe it's too much, but still, if you're open for it that would be extremely great!) Hope it's not too much
  2. I've been medically sick from several days back, and I couldn't get a proper idea to continue my IGMC project. So I'm going to start a new one for this jam, probably an idea that is fresh and easy enough for me to do in my current state. Wish me luck!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Hope it all goes well.

    2. Rikifive


      Oh, difficulties, because why not. :( 

      Hope everything goes well, good luck!

    3. KaisoAri


      Dang... Hope you have better luck this time around. Starting fresh might give you the creative inspiration needed to keep going!

  3. huge maps are a nightmare to struggle with T-T too much work and time needed for this one


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    2. PhoenixSoul


      If you ever need help in this area, feel free to ask. I know how the looping process works.

      You're very welcome.

    3. Crescent


      sure~ thanks again for your willingness to help others ^^

      it makes me happy that, even today, someone cares enough for someone completely random on the internet. This world turned into a cruel world full of monsters and fake people, so it's surprising to see a person who cares

    4. lonequeso


      We're helpers. No monsters here ^_^




      Right, Charziard is. -_-

  4. @Lord Vectra Thanks for the solution~ but I wanted to do it with a script since making common events for each enemy would be very time consuming, and I currently needed this script for my IGMC project - that contest has a deadline so I cannot use more time to spend on things :/ If it's possible to achieve other than using events, I'll be glad to have any solution in script form. Thanks again for any help ^^
  5. BUMP! I think I'll need this for another project, so yeah. Any help will be appreciated!
  6. huh. I thought I'll be able to manage to make simple graphics for my IGMC project, but I ended up stuck due to lack of motivation and unsure about the accuracy/quality stuff. I'll use some premade resources, then. STAY STRONG CRESCENT ;w;

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    2. Crescent


      @PhoenixSoul designing characters aren't a big deal, I know. but it CAN be difficult for some characters, though...

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I meant, having those little palettes there is not a big deal.

    4. Crescent


      @PhoenixSoul oh, yup~ I thought you meant designing characters aren't a big deal XD

  7. spent almost a full night just designing these damned protagonists for IGMC project. still not completed o_o' pNs6QmH.png

    1. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      :whistling:Don't overdo it expect deadline is near.

    2. Crescent


      @Perang Cemen I'm not planning to overdo anything though, I'm just trying to make the graphics completely from scratch but I'm staying with a simple style so it won't take too much time. My main problem is handling the gameplay and writing a good story before the deadline. I'll hope for the best, anyway~

    3. Perang Cemen
  8. damn IGMC 2017 already started yesterday!

    1. Crescent


      must hurry and think of a game XD

    2. PhoenixSoul




      All I can say is good luck with it.

    3. Crescent


      @PhoenixSoul let's see if I can actually come up with something. thanks, though! ^^

  9. vx ace

    Thanks, @Lord Vectra ^^ let me know what you think. also, I should state this again, it's nothing more than a random tiny game I created in my spare time... so just play it to pass your time if you like to do it. Any hate towards this game is very reasonable, though.
  10. I forgot to notify this, I've shared a private game here that was created for my own fun - but you're welcome to play it too :)

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, its' cool enough...

  11. vx ace

    TALES OF BOREDOM A lazy dude is trying to escape from his lazy habits of procrastinating and sleeping throughout the day. So one day, he will beat up random monsters residing in a cave to stay a little less sleepy and lazy. Along with some random people from his town. Characters: You play as Dude, the master of laziness. Two other random people are playable, also. Screenshots: DOWNLOAD HERE (completed game) Features: -No plot, no endings, no proper story, you just play as a random, lazy dude. -Explore a tiny area around you, interact with the objects and random things. -Randomized encounters so you can beat up as much monsters as you like. -Everything random! Also read the text file in the game's folder for more info. Notes: This game was created in approximately 3 days and was intended to be a private game I've made to pass my time when I'm feeling unmotivated, bored (it happens ALL the time though XD) because playing something that I made makes me a little happy - but later on, I've decided to share this publicly here just in case if someone would like to play it. Also, I'll make this clear - there is NO PROPER STRATEGY/BALANCE BETWEEN THINGS because I didn't wanted to spend too much time on balancing this little game, due to having a main project to work on. Also, expect a lot of typos and random stuff in this game - if you found a bug in this game, you can mention it~ And if you liked this tiny game - or hated it (I won't mind, it's very reasonable anyway) please let me know Other contact methods are included in the text file found in game's folder. Thanks <3 Credits:
  12. SO... I just cancelled my side project, was becoming a much large project but I wanted to shrink it down; but gone wrong. Anyway, from now, I'll be starting to work on my main project, let's hope for best this time.

  13. Hello! So, once again I'm in need for an Ace script Hopefully someone would fill this request, it's too important for me at the time. I'll try to explain simply; I'm requesting a script for VX Ace that simply overwrites the values of EXP (experience) needed for each level, and stores that EXP in a variable or something and level up the actors with a script call or something (of course, determined by the amount of EXP stored) - since default EXP controlling system is way too much complicated for me. I hope I'm not asking for two scripts at once, I really have no idea about that. Because both controlling and storing EXP are important for me, so if these two things are supposed to be separate scripts - please correct me here. What I'm trying to do basically: I want my leveling system to work like this > The actor have enough EXP to level up, but the actor won't level up (instead their EXP is stored, and the actor cannot gain more EXP until they level up themself) until they upgrade their equipment. (Upgrading their equipment levels them up) This is supposed to work separately for each actor and not the entire party. And the equipment of one actor is upgraded all at once. (it's not like weapon should be separately upgraded, and bodygear separately; everything in the equipment is upgraded all at once) The levels are 1-5. The max level is 5. And the amount of EXP needed for each level is supposed to be the same value (for example 100 EXP needed for each level up) Thank you if someone helps me find a solution to this! EDIT so the project I needed this script for is cancelled now, but still it would be awesome to have this script, it will be useful in other projects too.
  14. @l'insomnie not a fan of parallax mapping but hey, your maps looks nice! ^^ kinda reminds me of the times when I used to do parallax mapping, but I totally sucked at that XD so, my current project was going through MANY changes constantly. My final decision is to stay with this retro style, which is simple and perfect for the project. (and yes, if you recognized it - I've used same graphics from my previous project ) Here's a little screenshot of one of the few towns. It's supposed to be a tiny kingdom in the middle of a forest. though, I'm not happy with this, it looks over-detailed to me what do you think?
  15. mlp

    it's been a long time since I last saw this game. The pixel art style looks good to me! ^^ oh, it's no longer an RPG Maker project now?