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    japanese things, digital drawing, (creating) games and anything that is cute~

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  1. happy independence day to our country ^^

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    2. lonequeso


      Responsibly? Where's the fun in that? Y'all can have the wine. I'll stick with my rum :)

    3. Crescent


      wine and rum is forbidden for me as a muslim :P

    4. lonequeso


      Cool. More rum for me.

  2. DG6NQZTXYAAVi9R.png:large

    working on something that'll appear soon~ here's a sneak peak of the characters

  3. just found this, whoever is this thank you so much for the review! I think you should let me known that you left a review (or maybe I didn't remember that) anyways; I'll try to work on the cons and make better games in future ^^

    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Thats a great review!

    2. PhoenixSoul


      A very honest review, and not 'praise-hype' either.


      Someone worthy of respect, much like SidAlpha.

  4. oh... well thanks for quick response!
  5. I was deciding if I could just ask for this in the status update section, but I think it's better to create a topic for this. I'm wondering if Kaduki's resources are still available somewhere? (of course, if permitted by Kaduki) I check their site but I didn't understood it since it's in Japanese. thanks for any help~ ^^
  6. it's been a long time since I last showed my face here; btw that's now I look like now ^^'
  7. the forums was down for a moment or it was just me?

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    2. Rikifive


      Some users actually can't get in at all. That's weird.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I know that I am back in...obviously...

      But first the forum update, then the domain expiry.


      What's next!?

    4. Rezanta


      I had trouble logging in yesterday, but it seems I can get back in now. Hmmm... Wonder what's going on. Google knew you existed, so the domain never expired. Could it of been from the waves of storms that hit the US, Japan, and a few other countries, blocking the server signal and/or blocking devices from the server?

  8. Why all of my followers are removed? though I followed them again, I hope I didn't missed anyone I knew on the forums ^^

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Forum Update; it did it to me as well...

    2. Rikifive


      Apparently during the update, friends didn't convert into followers, so we all are starting with a clean list...

      And yes, I didn't like that fact too.


  9. theme

    omg this is my fav! <3
  10. guess who's back? ;w;

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    2. Rikifive


      I'm really glad to see you back - it brings back memories. ^_^

      Some people we used to know have left, so it's always nice to see them coming back. :) 


      Generally I'm doing fine- pretty much nothing changed. I don't even have time for my projects lately, so it's kinda bad. Other than that, the same endless loop, where real life (namely job) does its best to prevent me from doing things I love. :P But generally I can't really complain- things seem to be stable, even though I barely can spend some time on hobbies.


      How about you? I hope we'll be able to see more of your works! ^_^ 

    3. Crescent


      yeah it really brings back my old memories too, I still remember that awesome conversations of you and I - time flies!

      (and it's kind of sad that most of ppl haven't come back yet, I'm happy that I have a chance to be an active part of this loving community!


      well, I can't say anything - let's see where it goes for me! ;) but I'll be making games again and that's for sure!

    4. Rikifive


      Time goes extremely fast indeed...
      It's just not the same anymore, when people leave..


      In that case- Good luck!! :) 

  11. can you believe? I'M BACK! <3

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    2. Shiggy


      I'm doing good, I don't have a real job yet but I'm in a paid internship right now (in programming).
      I also am in a long-distance relationship right now, which is still better that no relationship.
      I don't have much energy/motivation left (I technically have a bit of time) for doing RM stuff though. But I stll hang out in the status update section ^^. 

    3. Crescent


      oh that's great :) best wishes for ur future!


      well, at least you're still active on the forums ;)

    4. Shiggy


      There was a time when I was trying to solve as many forum threads about script issues as possible. Hanging out in the status update section feels a lot less active by comparision ^^

  12. Hello, welcome!
  13. Hi! Welcome to the forums.
  14. Hi

    Welcome to the community!