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  1. There is a tutorial for this:
  2. There are plugins that allow you to use a charset, which is not a perfect solution, but a sideview battler takes hours to be pixelated and is not very likely be done for free.
  3. DP has a very own style, but has redrawn several ds faces and many with emosets as well: This might be the closest you will get for free to what you are asking for. It has also many more faces you might fit for other ds characters (even though they were not originally made for it).
  4. Huh? I could easily download them.... You need the ux.getuploader link, in both posts is one. Google translate might influence this, so do not use it for the download. Below the url (roughly middle of the page) is a centered small button. Klick it, and wait a little - then you can download it.
  5. Which site? We can't help you if you just don't give enough informations... Iliketea (who is on the list) has under original e.g. several modern outfits Kind of a sport dress: Even more stuff: And more: That's probably it, as generatort parts are a lot off work and people do those for free in their freetime. Still enough to make a game with it.
  6. Huh? Just go through all the links, that's what everybody has to do to find what they might need. It is not that hard, I put that list together in maybe two hours.
  7. Well I guess the creators lost interest? A blog e.g. is down, another set was in a thread on many reasons, but there are still those are found and momope has quite a bunch, so you should be able to get along with those ;3
  8. My MV generator parts list is pretty up to date and complete: If you can't find something fitting you might just search for modern chars and frankensprite them? For example mlogan has modern stuff:
  9. There were several, sadly most are down by now. I could find those two anyways:
  10. A map I made for a challenge ;3

    © Ronja/Avery

  11. PandaMaru has both, a larger tree and a tire in her resource thread: You can simple cut the tire out of the playground set and attach it to the larger tree in the woods set. And here's a tutorial you should really have a look at:
  12. What iconset do you need to be broken into different icons? I'd be careful because a lot of the huge iconsets around the web contain rips and stolen stuff. You can create a magnetic raster in gimp and quickly cut out the icons you need - of yourse it takes some time, especially to name all the icons you need, but that way you just get the ones you really need and you won't have to search every single one in a folder with 1000+ icons without a proper naming system.
  13. So... did you find what you need? Or don't you search anymore? Do you still miss something?
  14. Huh? They are made out of RTP tiles, what is wrong with them? The border is necessary to make them not to blend too well with the back/underground and the other stairs, just grass could've easily looked like something plain instead of stairs.
  15. There are great tiles by IceDragon, in case you didn't know :3