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  1. New PC ordered, should be done next week. Finally. :P

  2. counting game

    LEVEL: 4 (33%) EXP: 433 TO NEXT LEVEL: 500
  3. counting game

  4. Hello there! Good luck with your projects and welcome to the herd!
  5. But without any images everything works? I'll check something... I gave it a more detailed approach and I've managed to bump into the same issue. - I've tried reuploading these images, but it still didn't work. - Since the error referred to image size, I tried removing the image size restrictions. It did work. It seems, that the forum software has troubles with getting the size of the images put in signature. I tried few things, but with no results. I'm out of ideas... I suspect it's simply bugged, though I'm wondering when the issue started to exist. It's been a while since the last update and nobody reported that problem before. Either it broke recently by itself for some strange reason, or nobody was editing signatures for months apparently. There are some updates awaiting and we plan to get the forum software up-to-date soon. I hope that will fix the issue. For now however, I've removed the image size restriction, so you should be able to configure your signature properly. Notify me if you'll still have troubles. We'll get this to work, even if I'd have to edit it for you by myself. Also a quick reminder to everybody - Please use common sense when designing your signatures. Even though there currently aren't any written limits regarding signatures, putting huge images or walls of text may be harmful. Thank you.
  6. Just like me. I also thought it will be relatively quick and even easy to make a game I wanted, but I was approaching it more seriously along with progress, which made it take ages in the end. I still haven't finished my first and the biggest project, but I've made some smaller games in meanwhile. I don't have regrets either- I always loved customizing things here and there. Making games like I want and creating content in general is a great experience, even if there are failures from time to time. I just love... creating. I hope you'll never run into lack of motivation.
  7. Okay, I've put these in my signature and it all worked, so images seem to be fine. When was the last time you've edited your signature? It probably may not be that, but something comes to my mind- If I'm not mistaking, your signature haven't been modified since the forum upgrade, was it? Perhaps the text editor changes broke formatting of your signature, that was configured back in v3. Could you try redoing it from scratch? Backup your current one (copy&paste it somewhere else ~ notepad will be fine) then redo it, adding images one by one from their original links. Save from time to time, after each step and see when it breaks ~ what exactly generates problems.
  8. Oh, wow, after such a long time I noticed how poorly I wrote that script (tbh I forgot about its existence). Haven't even used modules, what a shame. Also some poor English here and there. Getting to the point; Bad script! Why you're not nice to devs! Behave yourself or I'll delete you! Seriously though, not sure if I remember correctly how I wrote that script, but putting: value = "" ~in the item settings should get rid of the values you don't want to see. Putting "" will insert a blank text- nothing, that is. I think there's no need to # anything. As for icons, just put the ID of unused icon slot (blank icon). You can view the icon set in the RM's database. Select a blank icon and get its ID. If the text will be off a little, try setting the last option to true: center = true # Center text/value? (use when icon is not used) If it is set to false, the text is moved to left/right a little, due to reserved space by icon, so that it has some place to be drawn. Setting that to true should remove the space reservation, thus give the text the whole line. Adjust that for each item (line) you have. I'd test that myself, but my PC is dead at the moment. Try that and tell me what happens. Eventually, if above fails, #ing these lines in drawing methods should get rid of these: self.contents.font.color = Color.new(v_red,v_grn,v_blu) if center self.contents.draw_text(0, -48 + 24 * position, wid + 24, hei, "#{value}", v_align) else # normal self.contents.draw_text(24 - 24 * iconpos, -48 + 24 * position, wid, hei, "#{value}", v_align) end #if CENTER_TEXT self.contents.font.color = normal_color draw_icon(icon, 0 + 112 * iconpos, -24 + 24 * position) But be careful. Please quote or mention me when replying, so that I won't miss your reply. Thanks.
  9. People say, that if you're working on your first game, make it relatively small and simple, just to get some experience and know the basics. Spending a year on that first game also works I guess. I've took a look at your project and it sounds interesting, good luck with finishing it!
  10. Hello there! Is that your first game project or have you worked on something before RMMV? Welcome to the herd!
  11. " Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions for [image], please try another image. " error usually pops-out when putting images with weird links. Links to images should end with .png or .jpg etc. for example: http://somesitewithimages.com/uploadedimage.jpg some however, have numbers and letters at the end like: http://somesitewithimages.com/uploadedimage.jpg/DHR54HBDF5WSRH8SEG4 ~or something like this. That often generates formatting issues when trying to paste. Check if your images have correctly formatted links. If they don't have, try uploading these to other image hosting sites, such as Imgur. If the links are correct, but it still doesn't work, notify me and I'll try to find the problem there.
  12. You can also click the image with the right mouse button while holding control button on your keyboard. This will bring options for the image, where you'll be able to select "Edit Image". In the window that will pop-out you'll see the first field titled "Link URL". Paste the link you want to lead members to after clicking the image there. Leave the rest and click "Update". This will embed the link to your image without having to put bb-code, but of course both ways are okay.
  13. counting game

  14. Isn't life just a hay sack of fun?



    1. Rikifive


      It is--


      Hah, it's hard to follow anything on this laptop! :giggle: 

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Keeping people on their toes is always fun! lol :lol:

  15. Hello there! Good luck with your projects and welcome to the herd!