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  1. Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  2. After being a moderator on our Discord Server for a quite long time now, today, @Nirwanda became a sectional staff (local mod) on the forums as well! Now he's a more important NPC and has tons of new quests to offer! You may find him in Creative Area and Off-Topic sections. Welcome to the herd, @Nirwanda!
  3. mlp

    But what if I triple double posted? A long time ago somebody suggested, that I should be organizing the updates better- and keep the recent one in the OP. To be honest I liked the idea, because I like organizing things. However, due to the size of OP and amount of formatting it had, it was leading to troubles (back when we could see the BBCode mode, it was literally lagging so bad when editing), so I gave up and didn't toy with the updates. Now since I had an occasion to implement that relatively properly, I've used the opportunity. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, who likes to reserve first posts for better organization (I think I saw game threads like this). Personally I don't have anything against that, as it doesn't necessarily count as mindless double posting, that could be done via editing instead. Sue me, I deserve some punishment. Thank you!
  4. mlp

    Thank you! :3 Yeah, it's been a while, but I finally was able to get back to it. It seems, that at the moment everybody mentions and leans more towards pixel art. Mhm, it's no longer being developed in RPG Maker. It was difficult for me to leave RPG Maker, but considering the amount of custom features I was implementing, removing everything, then re-programming that was rather pointless (I think I never used RPG Maker in a proper way to be honest ). Doing everything from scratch seems more reasonable and it will also allow me to set my own rules related to referring to stats and stuff like this, from the very beginning. The map and battle scenes were pretty complex to work with, because these are connected with many other scripts and things, thus I found that difficult to edit them to my needs- now I'm the boss here. I believe that change will be for the better.
  5. I've took a look at settings, but I'm afraid it's not possible to allow users to delete their own images, which is bad, considering how glitchy it can get. The system considers that 'delete' button as moderating action, so it automatically requires moderator privileges to see that option. Some things have an option for that, which overwrites the default checking for mod position, but if something doesn't have that-- well, rip. Many things seem to work that way now. For example back in v3 users could hide their own status updates, now the system checks for moderator privileges rather than having that configurable separately. It's weird and I don't like that either. It probably would require editing the system's code here and there to implement that manually.--- It's funny, because there's an option to allow users to delete their own albums along with images it has (yep, you can do this), yet there's no way to allow them to remove a single image. No idea what logic was used there. I've actually gave it a try now and making the button available for you was relatively easy to do. However, it all was still connected to mod privileges and it was throwing errors. The code is all over the place, so at the moment I'm not sure if that can be modified to work properly and not allow everybody to delete every single image. I might take a look at this later, as it will not be a simple thing to do. Either way, I can't promise anything. So... if you'd like to delete images, please just report these and as the reason, leave messages, that you want them to be removed. We'll do that for you. I really can't come up with anything else at the moment. As @Takeo212 said, it is possible to replace the image along with title, description and everything else, so you can always re-use the existing image, to put a new one. Click 'Edit Details' and you'll find everything there. And no worries @Takeo212, this time it's not an another fancy feature of TINY BUTTONS™. The option would be available under 'Manage Image' menu, so I'm sure you'd get that one, if it would exist.
  6. mlp

    This is a fan-made project, that is not associated with Hasbro, Inc. in any way. The creator of this project will never make any money in any way from it. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of Hasbro, Inc.. This is a fanmade Local Multiplayer Ponified Kid-Friendly Turn Based RPG based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series. A unicorn pony, Twilight Sparkle receives a very important mission from Princess Celestia, the ruler of the magical land of Equestria. She and her assistant, a baby dragon named Spike are sent to Ponyville, where her task will be to meet other ponies and study about the Magic of Friendship. With their new friends, they'll go on adventures and solve various problems. ♥ PONIES! Discover the Magic of Friendship! ♥ Story and events heavily based on the TV series What happened in the show, will happen in the game along with RPG elements and additional plot. Didn't watch the show? Don't worry, you'll absolutely not get lost because of that! However, as the show can spoil the game, the game can spoil the show. ♥ Local Multiplayer (up to 2 players) Discovering the Magic of Friendship with a real friend or siblings will be better, than doing that alone! Explore Equestria, solve puzzles and fight together! ♥ Energetic Battle System As everything will be based on hit-boxes, each skill will have different usage. A single projectile will be better against singular large enemies, while Area of Effect will perform better against multiple smaller enemies. Besides that, the projectiles may have different behavior dependable on skill. Some skills may also have interaction involved, like timed action, chain of buttons or simple button mashing when casting powerful abilities such as Twilight's Magic Nova. ♥ Each pony has a set of unique skills As each pony is different as the night is from the day, their abilities and specialties are different as well! ♥ Skill Tree Each pony will have a different path. Gain experience to improve or learn new abilities. ♥ Skill Assign System Each pony can assign 8 abilities, either active or passive. A good combination of active and passive skills may give decent (even unexpected) results. ♥ Resource gathering and crafting Collect materials to craft equipment; Combine equip-able gems to get better-quality ones; Collect herbs and plants to allow Zecora brew potions. ♥ Many cutscenes and events ...Even too many. Take a break and relax for awhile. ♥ Songs! Your favorite songs from the show will appear here as well! ♥ Minigames and Puzzles Various minigames and solving puzzles to keep the boredom away! ♥ More PONIES! ... When you'll think, that you saw everypony already. Twilight Sparkle A book-loving unicorn pony with extraordinary magical abilities. Represents the element of Magic. > high magical power and resistance > high MP Rainbow Dash An action-loving colorful pegasus pony. Represents the element of Loyalty. > high speed > weather control (elemental abilities) Pinkie Pie An extremely energetic and sociable earth pony. Represents the element of Laughter. > high speed > explosive abilities! > party-buffing singing abilities Applejack A brave, reliable, strong and mature earth pony. Represents the element of Honesty. > high physical power and defense > high HP > party-buffing abilities > lack of magical abilities > low magic resistance Rarity A unicorn pony with good manners and love for beauty. Represents the element of Generosity. > magical abilities dealing physical or magical damage > party-protecting abilities Fluttershy A kind and shy, with love for animals pegasus pony. Represents the element of Kindness. > low HP > doesn't attack on her own - animal-calling abilities > healing abilities > party-buffing abilities Each pony will have a Primary Set of Skills and Passives, some of them will also have a Secondary Set. List of Skill Categories: Legend: [ICON] Name of Category | Set | What resources the category focuses on Passives | Special | --- Each pony will be able to bring 8 skills in total to battle, so either an active or a passive skill can be equipped in these slots. Equipping Passives will simply raise pony's parameters or add special features like additional projectiles when attacking etc. at cost of a skill slot. A well thought combination of these skills can give decent results. Everypony will have Passives. Now let's talk about unique skill sets for each pony. Magic | Primary | MP/EP Twilight will have various spells, starting from simple telekinesis that will deal light damage by throwing various objects -> through magic projectiles that will deal magical damage -> to powerful Area of Effect Spells, that at high MP and EP cost, will bring some destruction to the battle field. Skills | Primary | EP Rainbow Dash will be able to use her wings to perform various tricks to deal more physical damage. Weather | Secondary | MP/EP Rainbow Dash will also be able to control weather to deal elemental damage as well as Area of Effect. Partying | Primary | MP/EP Pinkie Pie will always find an occasion to throw a party and battling with enemies is not an excuse for her! She and her Party Cannon will show enemies how to party by dealing physical or magical damage. Blow up everything and party on! Songs | Secondary | MP/EP Besides partying, Pinkie Pie also loves to sing! As she sings songs during their adventure, she will learn to sing them in battle as well to raise parameters of ponies and more! Skills | Primary | EP Applejack is a strong farmer and she will show who has the power by dealing high physical damage or using her lasso to stun enemies. YEEHAWs | Secondary | MP/EP Applejack is an active pony and she will be showing her energy by motivating her friends and raising their strengths. Magic | Primary | MP/EP Rarity loves shiny gems. Besides using them for her creations, she also uses them as a weapon by dealing physical or elemental damage. Get ready for rains of shiny projectiles. FABULOUS! She can also use the bigger gems to defend her friends. Animals | Primary | MP/EP Let's be honest, Fluttershy wouldn't even harm a fly and even if a situation requires that, she will have troubles with defending herself. However, her beloved animals will cover her! She will be able to call various animals to deal physical or magical damage. Calling a bear will cause some troubles to enemies! Support | Secondary | MP Nopony is as kind and caring as Fluttershy. She will do her best to help her friends in need by recovering their strength and protecting them. Not available. Estimated Release Date unknown. Niedostępne. Przewidziana data wydania jest nieznana. You can support this game by taking this banner! To take that banner, simply highlight it and copy & paste to your signature. This will fill your signature with MAGIC! You can also support the game by simply taking this icon with you if you prefer smaller thingies!
  7. Hello everybody! This is a small, tiny change. On your profile page, you could see your warning points along with the whole history. Even if things were no longer relevant, it was haunting members all the time. I've did some little changes and now that should be gone, unless somebody has more than 0 warning points. So now, if you don't have any active warnings, you shouldn't be able to see anything, so it will no longer yell at you whenever visiting your profile. You'll be able to see it along with the whole history once you'll have more than 0 points. Feel free to share your thoughts. If you don't like that change, you all can vote for bringing it back like it was before. Thank you!
  8. Hello there! I'm curious about your skills. Welcome to the herd!
  9. From the album When Riki is Bored

    Even tanks can wear chain armors apparently. I kinda don't like that gallery feature, as it's kind of glitchy. If it is hard to see anything, click 'other sizes' and select the biggest one.
  10. The handle is broken. It's jammed. Locked. =)
  11. game

    Bunch of random aliens that annoys the entire galaxy, while trying to save it. Yoda
  12. That's odd, I admit. I've liked many things here and there, but didn't run into any issues. I've just double checked the settings and you should be able to do so, unless you gave tons of likes in a single day. From my experience I can tell, that it's possible to get that error by doing the following things: - Open the same page in two tabs. Like the post in one tab, then like the same post on another tab. The second one will throw that error. - Double click the like button. The system will count the second click as trying to like an already liked post, exactly like in the case above. Other than that, I'm not sure what it could be. Perhaps try cleaning your cookies/cache and that kind of stuff. It's a pretty silly solution, yet it rarely seems to work. I'm curious if anybody else is experiencing that issue..
  13. That snek is configured properly.