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  1. Not sure if that happens in every single ipb4 forums, but it's better to avoid manually adding spoiler tags. If you'll put spoiler tags manually, then the boxes are initialized during posting, which usually messes up things. It's preferred to use the spoiler button from the toolbar to initialize them in the editor, before posting. Now the thing with not being able to type past spoilers/images is kind of tricky. That's how poorly designed the editor is. If you'll click the spoiler button- it will make a spoiler box and will add an extra line at the end, to allow you go past that spoiler. However, if you'll more the spoiler to the bottom, it will not leave any lines below it, so it will be impossible to get past it. In quotes, you can double enter to exit them and continue typing, but it doesn't work with spoilers. That's a poor design, that's true. To 'escape' that - make few lines above the spoiler/quote and drag that box above, which will put the lines below it, which will allow you to type further. If you'll hover your cursor over the quote/spoiler, you'll notice a small icon with directional arrows in the upper left corner of the spoiler/quote. Click it to drag the box up/down. Hmm.. That's weird. The text editor should automatically replace direct image links with images after a short delay. There's also that note displayed after pasting a link to the image: If it will not recognize the link during editing the post, it should embed the image after posting. Perhaps it also depends on few other things- for example I'm not sure how does that work on mobile devices. Let me check if there's a button for that to add... - nope. There's no such a button. Actually it's possible to add custom buttons, sec.. There you go- I did something, though not sure if that will work correctly. A new custom button with poorly designed icon. I saw that too, though had to go to work.. Umm.. No idea what's up with this and not sure if I'm the one, who can fix this, but at least I'll take a look... It should be fixed now. Added. Now it's displayed at the bottom of the home page. I think that it will blend better there, yell at me if I'm wrong.
  2. Heh.. well.. overlooked that. It should be fixed now. Okay, yell at us if needed. There always were troubles with unicode. For example it was possible to put them in the topic title- it worked, but when you got a notification from that topic, it was corrupted in your notification box. Now when it was converting everything, I believe it just couldn't interpret these and ended up throwing corresponding UTF-8 code. I'm afraid this is a question for system admin. Batch decoding UTF-8 back to text could work, but I don't think that spell is available. Also, you never know if that would not mess up other things~ I guess it will be just better to leave it to users to update their broken contents... It's not posted all over the place after all, unless somebody liked to use these a lot like this - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) .. You're welcome.
  3. Literally the settings have been flipped (previously disabled things were enabled, where previously enabled were disabled), that's why. It's fixed now, you should be able to post there. That also explains and fixes the problem of not being able to create threads in submission areas. To be honest I'm not sure, as that probably would be kind of tricky. At least at the moment, I have no idea how to approach that. You are a global, so you can cheat and post even in void. Oh, okay, no worries. There should be a blue dot before the topic title- clicking/tapping the dot should take you to the first unread post in that thread. I'm kind of lazy to turn on things on my mobile device to check that , could you take a look and tell me if that exists and works for you? Eventually it is possible to force it to take you to the first unread post when clicking the topic title. Exactly- settings got messed up a little- it all should be fixed now, hopefully.
  4. counting game

    265 Are you a real princess?
  5. Oh that- then yeah, it's a different thing. Apparently it didn't affect only location box - posts, usernames and everything else, including codes, got messed up as well if there were special characters in them. I just checked that on my mobile device and it seems, that there is a button for that. For example, let's assume that a thread has 22 pages and you're on the second page. You'll get the following buttons: << PREV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 NEXT >> Page 2 of 22▼ ~where << and >> should jump you to the first/last page.
  6. Then it can be changed, if that will be demanded. Not sure, but I've noticed, that few existing things got auto-double entered (*next lines* replaced with *next paragraphs*)... As for code... What do you exactly mean? I haven't checked that one yet. Gotta go to work.
  7. counting game

    Let's count that double post, to synchronize the exp with the number of posts in this topic. But try to avoid double posting next time. 258
  8. With some complex magic, I think that should be doable. Personally I don't mind the following system that much, so.. let's see what others think.
  9. -It's fixed now. You should be able to toggle them. By the way, every e-mail notification is now disabled by default. Not everyone likes to get tons of e-mails, so that should be optional. I know it has many cons, but as @KilloZapit said, the 'reasons' were only visible behind the scenes. Basically, the previous version is no longer supported by devs, so that started to generate problems over time. I also liked the previous version more, but at least the system is kind of more stable. Only if you'd see mine... It was sooo long and totally broken. That's because special characters/symbols got replaced by these during the downgrade upgrade. No, they don't have. That's another side effect of the upgrade - these used to be displayed in specified areas, but they decided to go wild and appear everywhere. Fixed. Mhm, as I thought. Back when I was a local mod, I had assigned areas- these tiny settings overwrote my permissions and basically turned me back into a local mod, because everything was disabled besides the ability to moderate few areas. The same thing applied to Seriel and Charlesthehurst. Since they're admins/globals, where each admin/global has the same permissions, I just removed their specific ones and threw them under group settings. That means, that Seriel and Charles should be able to moderate things, as they should now. There are another specific restrictions for local mods (to set them areas to moderate), but they seem to be fine, so I didn't touch them. Everything should be okay now. Do you mean status updates? Yeah, that was a shame. Fixed- recent status updates are displayed on the main page. Along with that, 'recent posts' and 'who's online' have been added as well. That's true. Eventually if double spacing is a pain, it can be disabled I believe, so that it would be just like it was in the previous version. Ayyyy I didn't even notice at the beginning! Fixed- Signature tab should be available in Account Settings. I knew I forgot about something.. No they aren't intended to be anonymous - everything should be displayed now.
  10. They always have been there. (along with the same options at the bottom, that are indeed gone) Also, when you can moderate, you can see options in everybody's posts- edit, hide and delete. Now that's why I know, that I can't moderate, because I can't see anything. I can moderate in Ace section though. It may have something to do with assigned mods to areas, that used to be in IPB3. It probably kinda messed up things during conversion. If you'll go to to ACP -> Members -> Staff -> Moderators, you'll see extra settings applied to particular members (us, staff members). I've noticed, that everything is disabled there, but I can enable that myself. That's kinda funny. I can't see you on that list, kaz, probably that's why you have the settings from the group restrictions. Either way, there is need to do some cleaning later. In the meantime, I've secretly modified how the 'Location' is displayed under user profiles in posts. Previously it was for example: LocationUK, now it is Location: UK, which looks better I believe. Also I've added extra few buttons to the editor, because I use these a lot. (remove format; spoiler; inc/dec indent and also brought back changeable font). That's probably an unexpected side effect of the upgrade, considering, that there are forced e-mail notifications in some cases, that even I don't like. That will be fixed later.
  11. @Saeryen How does that look life before and after posting? This editor is kind of buggy when it comes to spoilers - Try using the button in the editor (the one with the eye icon) to add a spoiler box, then paste the image in it. That should work.
  12. That's a number one issue for me. Considering, that this automatic WYSIWYG editor likes to glitch a lot- that would be perfect to have that feature. Well, at least there seems to be the source mode.. That may work. It seems to be working for me- though I can't moderate posts in this feedback area.
  13. At first I thought it had something to do with OP, but apparently not, so I went ahead and removed your post, @@XxXhelazz, as it was spammy, confusing and kind of insulting comment. 'The hammer went quiet, waiting patiently.'
  14. These are really decent! Aww I want to draw like this.
  15. Hello! Welcome to the herd! =)