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  1. My advice : try Mithran script and check wich scripts make memory leaks and fix them if you can.
  2. @Mirage88 : your idea about the couhes were allright, you just needed to properly rotate them. The way you did is like they're "flying" over the floor. Try to put them in a 45° pose. If you can't, then put the normal pose. I'm sorry for my bad english.
  3. You can download the demo, it helps.
  4. Yes, we call them action battle system (ABS) and I only know 2. Pick the one you like : LINK
  5. Pick up the one you like : LINK
  6. Will you make a stand alone version ?
  7. Hello, Can someone create/add 2 new option in Yanfly system script, please ? I would like to add the following new options : - Show tutorials ON or OFF - Show shortcuts ON or OFF I would like to use these new options with switches only. Here the script : DROPBOX
  8. Code Academy is a cool site and Multilanguage.
  9. If you're searching another UI than Yangly, I suggest you to take a look I this list that I compiled : LINK They can be used either for FBS or SBS like Yanfly script but not all of them or compatible friendly like Yanfly.
  10. Indeed. I suggest people to try the Etrian Odyssey serie and watch how they evolved the FBS by making more deep each time. At the moment, I'm playing the remake of the 1 on 3DS and I can say that I don't dislike anymore "good" FBS.
  11. Does this work too in the baics systems like menu or battle ? That would be cool for my tutorials.
  12. @HumanNinja : try to make smaller room, easier to make a shape of them and put details. Big maps are hard to handle because you will need to work on the floor so much so it won't feel empty. I know that I said that people disliked cluttered map but look at the lovely Luchino map and other populars maps, they've alaways a lot of details in them. Youhouu Luchinooo~ I like your mapping whenever you use tilisets or parallax
  13. Grab Yanfly SBS, it made so the battle will look like what you want.