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  1. Hi

    Hello welcome to the forum if you need anything make a post we are here to help!
  2. I had Dogz on my old gameboy lots of hours wasted..... Say where is that gameboy.
  3. Base so you can make a strong place you feel save and not be running around outside as much
  4. What about having more then one theme? is that possible, having sets of them you can pick at the least classic (now) modern (later)
  5. forum game

    Animals are at the zoo i saw a pikachu at a zoo (Pokemon day)
  6. My game has a few bugs might want to say them The secret ending does not work. if you can decrypt the game and fix the last switch it works but not now no endings... the final boss works but the end card wasn't turned on yet it said "good job but there is a better ending" and good job for the endings Also the first boss is meant for LVL 15 for testing and 30 for final boss
  7. Here it is in all of it's awfulness things to note Color tiles have meanings red deals 10 damage green heal 10 damage yellow saves and heals light blue lets y-{>}{@#L}%>{@#%#%@}>%{#>}{>1 If the bosses are to hard spam stun burst It's one of my games........ Be prepared Number 5 is nothing Number 4 is nothing something something beware the game i made it something something (Edit might want to redownload had to fix a bug) (Edit 2 i have had a busy day and just fixed the last of issues that i know of so one more download to get past the "dark cave" boss)
  8. Quick copy what the rest of them are doing Actors: 1/1 Classes: 1/1 Skills: 11/11 Weapons: 2/2 & (default) Armors: 0/0 (default) Items: 0/0 (default) Enemies: 7/7 Troops: 12/12 Animations: 0/0 Tilesets: 1/1 Common Events: 1/1 Just doing that last bits of testing for the game and it will be out another awful game off the press
  9. Yo!

  10. I've used RPG Maker for 1 year 2 month 9 days I must of got better Right? Sign Me Up! Ready To Lose......
  11. Chocolate chip cookie dough FTW Post in one topic as much as you want but only it for the whole day OR Post in as many topics as you want for the day but only one post per topic
  12. avatars rabbit 990994? But avatars rabbit 990995.Was so much better
  13. A Long Road No Title maybe one later So i just thought of a great idea of making a long (After 500 tiles maybe two) Road(s) Why yes it is one but a forum game with VX Ace what YOU do is make a house in vx ace a simple little map then i place it on the long road then everyone can look at all the things WE did as a Community I will most likey be explaining this more as question are asked FAQ But what do i send The map file(s) of your house Does it have to be a house? No a building anything from your local Wallmart to the White House Insert YOUR question here Answer here DL Once 3 houses have been added
  14. No.... Is there anyway that you still can?
  15. This is very cool looking looks like a free RPG Maker MQ i am checking this out.....