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  1. New patch for Ruined Future, clearing up any patches in Sapphire.
  2. I can tell you that the newest patch for Heaven's Spire is coming soon! New update video! Sorry for the delay, but things have been really slow lately. Because of college and exams, I’ve been focusing on those than anything, but regardless.. We meet The Light, a man who studies about the Bonds of humanity. He demonstrates his magic by showing you the bond he creates between a monster and himself.. Before starting to fight you!
  3. There's gonna be some updates soon. Can't say when, but they'll be around soon enough. Said updates will be things including grammar, small glitches ingame and other random stuff. It'll probably be in May/June though, depending on how busy I am.
  4. Patch 1 has been released... With a new sidequest! Vishnu Island Sidequest: Ramayama Sita and the Genji Spirit This Quest is Only Available if you've beaten Iwafune Port. It will no longer be available after a certain time during the game. After defeating Heaven's Spire in Iwafune Sewers, Alba has the chance to go to the special island, Vishnu Island! She and her comrades have the chance to visit.. But it'll cost money to go, so make sure you have enough gold to go! Pictured Above: Tickets to Vishnu and Sakura Island However, upon reaching their destination, they are greeted by Sita, who is in need of their help. Heaven's Spire has taken refuge in the Genji Shrine, where a ancient divine beast is said to slumber in its depths. They wish to take it away from the shrine! Help Alba and company drive out Heaven's Spire and save it! Sita Race: Mystic Alignment: Lawful Neutral Nickname: Daughter of Vishnu Artist: Soramani Kagome A Mystic who appeared once before Alba, when she sought out Daisuke Hayashi. A kind and gentle individual, she is famous among the Mystics due to her now passed husband, Rama. A follower of the Ultimate God of Wisdom, Vishnu, she takes up Rama's mantle of carrying out Vishnu's will. Kazunaga Oda Race: Mystic Kitsune Alignment: True Neutral Nickname: The White Wolf of Ezo Fuji Irwak Shrine Character Ability: Ano toki no kamiyo(Hail The God of Time) 〜 The Death Bell Rings A Mystic from the Mystic Council, and a old friend of Sita's. A very lazy and nonchalant member but also quick and powerful, as well as smart. Most of his time goes to napping though, but he is a follower of Vishnu, as well as Sita's counselor after she became a widow. He appears in this quest as an ally, but will reappear later on if you do not see him here! Here are some screenshots of the sidequest. Below are some new skills and items that are added as well! The Phoenix Wing is only available on Vishnu Island. You can only get 1 if you don't do the sidequest, but if you beat the boss at the end, you'll be able to end up with two! The Phoenix Wing gives you Magic and HP regen by 5%. Get the newest patch here!
  5. Some new screenshots, there's some new information that'll be up soon!
  6. New video! Explaination is in the video about some stuff, but you get to see a new character! Blog post is here. Some screenshots too. Enjoy!
  7. Heaven's Spire will be out tomorrow! Demo will be available on Mediafire and Google Drive! Heaven's Spire is officially out! Check it out here.
  8. In Ruby? There shouldn't be one unless its apart of a cutscene.
  9. Deliberate. I don't have plans to add anything onto those floors unless requested. Also a new patch is coming soon, with some grammar updates and a glitch in Sapphire that I'm going to address. New patch is out, with some new fixes and a major fix for Sapphire that needed to be addressed.
  10. New video update, showing off the most recent town.
  11. Starting my own playthrough of Ruined Future! An episode will be out every day, starting with today!
  12. More Screenshots of Heaven's Arrow City, since I'm still working on it. The Demo plans to be out in February, but I've no idea when. Stay tuned for that date!
  13. It's sort of an upward slope, the game is designed to be sorta tough in the beginning but caps off later on. Trust me, playing later on it'll get easier, but the tough environment is gonna get easier. Percival is Lawful Good, which means he gets a defense boost which means his defense is high but his luck is extremely low(seen here) and therefore needs magic attacks to defeat. All bosses aren't impossible to defeat, they have a strategy to them that runs congruent with their alignment. Kay was Neutral Good, so her luck increases and her defense drops, etc We're sorta already done/closed shop with this project, but when I release a much harder patch for the people who want to play, I'll keep it in mind, at least.
  14. Some content for later, here's a few screenshots and a new map for you! Introducing a new item as well, that's custom to this city alone! Finally, a new set of items that you can buy in shops, you can buy skills that can't be learned normally!
  15. As much as I would ask for RF to be moved to the Completed Games section, there's still a few mishaps and such I need to iron out before doing so!