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  1. This is a good idea, but keep this in mind - to make the chaos variants more apparent, you will need to make visual changes to the world. This means you will either have to create most of the objects in the world through events, which could potentially flood the game with condition checks and slow its performance, or you will need to create every map 5 times for each chaos variant degree. I would suggest keeping the game length on the short side if you plan on doing this alone, otherwise you should try and get some help.
  2. I think fantasy is basically anything that falls under the category of "beyond human comprehension". What I mean by this is the idea of things that defy the very reality we perceive every day, and that's probably what makes them seem to appealing. It's not the dragon or the magic itself, but the endless possibilities that stem from it, like "if magic were real, then this and than could be real too". Our mind rejects the very foundation of those ideas being a reality, but seeing it played out before our eyes or imagining it through a book clashes with that rejection, creating a sense of wonder. Speaking of which, has anyone seen the Final Fantasy XV trailers? Doesn't it feel like by now it should be called "Final Modern Sci-Fi Fantasy"? I mean, the world has a modern society with schools, diners, cars and whatnot, but there are also automated flying aircrafts and robotic soldiers and yet alongside that there are still the iconic chocobo as well as fantasy style monsters. I feel like three different settings got molten into one bigger setting.
  3. It's probably doable. I personally don't have MV so everything I said is only theoretically possible since I imagine the event system couldn't have been changed that much from Ace. Also I know that MV uses Javascript, which is probably one of the easiest coding languages to pick up, so you could probably look into having a visual gauge or linking it to the TP by yourself and make your own plugin.
  4. Depends on how many lit areas you plan to have. If they're scarce and small enough for you to use events on them, you can put one for every tile that is considered lit. If they're somewhat large then you can duplicate the event to be only on the perimeter of the lit area. Walking through the perimeter would trigger a switch that activates a parallel process event that counts up the resource and stepping out would turn the switch off, thus immediately ending the event and resource collection. This task would probably be made easier if the resource absorption is made as a Common Event so you can easily call upon it without having to event it for every area. Whether or not this is possible to do with regions is beyond me, but it would probably require some sort of scripting to it. As far as I know the default use for regions is only for random encounters, which is set in the map options. You can choose what enemies appear in what regions and if encounters happen only in regions or all over the map.
  5. Regardless of the gauge appearance, lit areas could simply contain an event that triggers by you standing on them. This would make a variable count up every 60 frames (1 second) or however long you intend for it to take. Creating the items will be availavle via synthesis menu in your main menu or some object in the world which will show you what you've learned to synthesize but if you dont have enough resource it will pop a message saying so, otherwise it will create the item you asked via simple add item event. All of this is not even with scripts but I hope it helps. I'm assuming lit areas are rare enough that placing an event on all of them is not a huge hassle and won't overburden the games processing.
  6. A good guy going bad, then coming back around to being good again, sounds overly intricate and basically nullifies him as an antagonist, doesn't it? If he comes to see the error of his ways half-way through the game, what's stopping him from just... well, stopping being evil? What you need here is some sort of antarctic cold hearted reasoning for his actions or some sort of internal power struggle, as these are the most common reasons for good guys to go bad. Sometimes good men do what they do at the expense of others because they believe the ends justify the means, and that their "small" sacrifice is worth whatever supposed greater good they are trying to accomplish. Sometimes good men fall prey to exterior forces that they cannot control, like being cursed or being blackmailed to do someone else's bidding. They don't want to be evil, but it's out of their control.
  7. If you want indirect 4th wall breaking, you could probably use Flowey as a referrence. During a genocide run, while walking towards Asgore's flower garden, Flowey appears several times and tells you his story. I believe it's during this time he implies that some people are probably just watching them right now because they can't commit the genocide themselves. These people are the ones who simply watch a video of the genocide run on youtube, so that's a really clever way of taunting them as cowards by Flowey.
  8. One doesn't neccessarily contradict the other. While I personally don't have a preference, RPG games usually use Overworld travel when the game literally has yiu traversing all across the world, like in the early final fantasy games. What you can do is sequentially unlock places as fast travel options after you have visited them atleast once via overworld travel, kinda like how in pokemon you can only fly to towns you've visited before. Keel in mind that if the overworld travel includes random encounters like in FF, fast travel should be replaced with what I like to call quick travel, which are things like the airship or choccobo, which zoom across the overworld and prevent random encounters. Fast traveling and skipping random encounters ruins the point of said encounters because eventually you will unlock every location and wont be doing any fighting except by use of dungeons or plot.
  9. I suggest you go watch Steven Universe for inspiration. The show is literally about an alien species of gemstones that manifest themselves in human form and protect the earth. They each have their own unique weapons, magical powers, the ability to shapeshift and fuse together into larger gems. Other than that, the show has some very human moments that, arguably, are not meant for children to understand the full impact of, especially season 2.
  10. I can help with the opening scene. Use the Exterior or Outdoors tileset (dont remember which one this is) and use the bucket tool to fill the screen with the gaping black hole tile. This makes the entire screen black without the surrounding ground you see in a single tile. Setting character transparency to ON is no good since you still see it at first before the game processes the command. Remembee you can change what avatar is related to each character in the database, so set the opening party to a specific character and then in the characters menu set their avatar to None. After you choose gender, you can use a simple conditional branch which will trigger a Set Move Route, wherein you can use the Set Graphics command to change the character sprite. This is best done after a fadeout because the character will appear instantly when its graphics are changed to something visible, unless you set its opacity to 0 with the Set Move Route beforehand. Aftee moving to the new map, you can fade the game in with an Autorun event which will activate a self switch to an empty event page, thus preventing it from running endlessly or everytime you enter the map again. Events check all their pages from right to left and only run the first page that matches its conditikns, so if the the left page is an unconditioned Autorun and the condition for the right page is Self Switch A is On, the event will trigger the the conditioned page as long as the self switch A is set to ON. This is a method often used for events meant to happen only once and under very common conditions, like fading in after an opening scene or some easter egg event.
  11. It really depends on the games length and size. Only two shops could be an interesting challenge but if the game is becoming too long because you find yourself backtracking a lot to those shops for absolutely essential items, that's false game time you're spending doing something you don't want to bother doing. This becomes especially frustrating if the shops are not reasonably accessible from different parts of the world. Another important aspect to these shops is prices. Since there are only two shops, they should be comparably cheaper than what you find in different game shops since I assume each time you go to a shop it's time to prepare for a long journey.
  12. In the case of Neenie, I think her being forgetful could go better with her magic being time based rather than earth. This way, you could have a funny scene where her past self has a surreal conversation with her current self asking to remind her about her tasks. Also, time based magic is something very rarely explored as a school of migic in itself as it mostly just appears as a slow debuff or some time travel mechanic rather than combat magic. Regarding Krown, just how old is he right now that since the age of 6 he served in 27 wars (assuming each war doesn't last, like, a week)? How and why are there so many wars in your world? Are there mixed breeds in your world? If the legend speaks of a dove's wings and a hawks talons, why should a raven and elf owl care? How humanoid are your characters going to be? Obviouslly birds are not well designed to hold weapons, so how much will they be birdlike? Are they going to be more like a harpy? Or maybe just humans with bird feet and wings? I'm genuinely curious about this one.
  14. Right here. According to this, charizard said "Sounds like a good plan. Let's do this"! So really, charizard didn't break the combo! lon did by ending his phrase with charizard.
  15. You jest, surely. Frodo Baggins will be accompanying us? Preposterous!