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  1. Is it possible you have images with the same name (but different extension) in your tileset folder?
  2. It does not. I would recommend looking at the Party Manager because it provides more functionalities for managing multiple parties, and you can create an "idle event" to represent parties on the map that are not currently in control.
  3. Are you developing the ATB script, or is this an issue with someone else's ATB script?
  4. How are you getting such a number in the first place?
  5. hud

    RPG Maker is designed so that you do not display bitmaps directly. Instead, you create a sprite to hold a bitmap, and the sprite deals with displaying the bitmap. You can create a class that holds multiple sub-sprites, so for example you might have a HUD sprite class that manages an HP bar sprite and an MP bar sprite. Each sub-sprite would pull information from the main sprite. The HUD sprite would display the window, and the HP/MP sprites would display individual bars and manage how they are shown.
  6. I think I see where you're coming from. 1. All software should be distributed and re-distributed for free. 2. But people can choose to monetize that software however they wish. So if you make a great piece of software, you're going to have to rely on alternative monetization strategies rather than simply selling the software itself. Like loading it up with ads, or ask for donations and hope people donate. Pay-what-you-want has been extremely successful, so perhaps it isn't actually necessary to sell software.
  7. So not only are you saying all digital products should be free, they should also be distributed free of charge. Ok, so it's not just the protection of work that you're against, but you're against the idea of making money from one's own creations. Instead of a creator "selling" their work, they should instead "receive donations" from others. Do you feel that if all work was free, more people would be willing to donate? Copyright law protects creators from these publishers and distributors whose business is built on taking others' work and selling it for them. Even if we were to suppose that all digital works are completely free in your post-copyright society, publishers and distributors would still benefit greatly, if not even moreso, from their freedom to use your work however they wish without your consent, and not having to face any consequences. If copyrights did not exist, publishers and distributors would not exist?
  8. I agree, a government should not be required to tell you that if someone makes something, that is their work, and their property, and you do not have the right to take it and do whatever you want with it without their expressed consent. People should be aware of this themselves and police their own actions. It is true that copyright law is seen as a tool for some people to take advantage of and profit off others' work. For example, getting them to sign into questionable contracts and then taking control of the rights to distribute it and to shut down anyone else that just happens to even mention it anywhere. However, if a company decides to take your work and make it their own, what can you do? Fight them? With what? Social media shaming? A company will likely have the resources to turn your life upside down if you try to go up against them on your own. Having some legal tools on your end only serves as protection.
  9. No, I won't look at copyright the same way I do with freedom of speech. What's the analogy? Some digital products are free, and therefore all digital products should be free because the freedom to obtain any digital good without any artificial barriers such as unwillingness or inability to spend money is more important than those that would be protected by limiting this freedom? If a product can be copied and redistributed endlessly, there's no reason why it should not be. And it isn't. There is nothing stopping the distributor from copying and distributing it as many as it wants. Or do you feel that anyone should be allowed to take someone else's creations and re-distribute it themselves however they want, whether they intend to do so for monetary gain, or otherwise?
  10. I looked back at some of your blogs regarding copyright like this one and that one, but what exactly about copyright are you against? 1. Exclusive rights? People owning exclusive rights to use something they created for extended periods of time? 2. Perceived laziness? People not having to make new things and just keep remixing the old and making money off it? 3. Consumer behavior? People ignoring copyrights, and so we should just get rid of copyrights? 4. Free stuff? Getting it for free is better than being forced to pay for it right? 5. Sharks? 3rd party businesses sending out legal threats and shutting everybody down (eg: what's happening on youtube)?
  11. Yes. You can check the size of the party before adding new members.
  12. What is the error?
  13. The card scene is designed with the assumption that all actors have decks. This is why you can press page up or page down to switch between actors. For the battle scene, you can simply remove the Hand option for certain actors using scripts to customize the command. I can't do much about enemies using cards.
  14. What do you mean for enemies?
  15. Can you set up a new project with the card system set up with a sample battle to test on? I'm assuming all that is needed is to simply add a feature that allows you to choose which actor will have the cards.