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  1. Hello hello, RPG Maker Central! It has been quite some time since I last appeared, and so many things have changed-but what has not changed, is that I... ... I am still attempting to complete this project. After two to three years... I am still attempting to create a story-not exactly a fairy tale, I could say. And I have finally had enough of dealing with it alone-thus, my presence here is explained! What I am looking for-is a man, or woman, or younger, with the talent to hold a pencil-or a brush, and create masterpieces. Or... Just greatness. I am a horrifying artist when it comes to such an art-And I wish not to dabble, as I have tried multiple times, failing, miserably. The game I have attempted to create is set in a slightly dark atmosphere, although it tells of a fantastic and very anime-like story, coated in heroic moments and yet, tragic falls-and tales beyond dreadful. What exactly am I Looking for, in specific? Someone who is capable of drawing Character sprites-and animations/alternative stances. (In Example: Fighting Stances; Asleep; Dead; Unconscious; Casting and so on.) Someone who is capable of drawing Facesets-That match the sprites. Someone who is capable of drawing sketches-of events happening in-game, possibly anime-styled. (In Example: A Handshake between two characters meeting for the first time; The Main Villain towering over a Character, looking as menacing as ever.) Someone who is capable of drawing Battlers-Battles do have quite the meaning, y'know? Especially when it's Kill or be Killed... (... Brb that is getting old) But, that's about it I suppose. I cannot think of anything else-that I would require for my project. On a quick note-while I would love to hire professionals that can do masterful work and all-I am on such a limited Budget, and for such a restricted public, that I deem it not worth to waste the time of professionals. If a kind soul-with such skills, who does have some free time, would be both willing and able to join me in this Project, sharing some of their time to put their artistic talents to use, I would be most grateful. This has been one huge aspiration of mine-and I wish to see it through, to the very end. With a courteous bow for having spent some time in reading this thread-I thank thee, reader, and eagerly await for the one who will aid me in reaching this goal of mine. ~Daena Grey/FreezeKirby.
  2. Well, I have been away/not looking at the forum for a while, but I can still answer thanks to Phone hacks. Hue. Anyhoo, now that you have specified everything correctly, now I can help you out in one hell of a way. I am still 100% Positive you do want to make use of Yanfly's Lunatic Targets script, and add a notetag which Specifies for it to be usable only one collapsed enemies/enemies with 0 HP. The Syntax to use there? Sadly nothing I have grasped yet-but as for the Charm state and all? Make sure that your skill removes the Death state, add some HP, and add a 'Charm' State with the Action Restriction "Attack an ally". You might want to use a formula such as this, for the skill in question: c=0;if b.hp==0;c=b.mhp*0.15;else;end Make sure you do set the Skill damage type to HP Recovery, or it might not have the effects you wished. The rest should all be in your hands, I believe! If someone can work out the Lunatic Target Notetag for you, that'd be great! I really... Don't have a clue about how one would have to write it, to set it up. Ruby Syntax can still elude me. q-q Hope it was helpful! Let me know if it does work. ~Kirby
  3. Hullo everyone! Okay, I am not decent enough with RGSS3-And I barely understand Script Calls, so I am -Forced- to request for a bit of help on this one System I'd like to include in my project. It is Maybe not so easy to make? I'm not sure, but here is the idea-although it is... Kind of a Copycat of an idea. The Talent System I have in mind is extremely similar if not identical to a system used in an MMORPG I play, Grand Fantasia. Its Talent System is really awesome-which I will try to explain, although they really are versatility incarna---Er, materialized. First off, there are Four Talent Slots: An Earth, a Star, a Moon and a Sun Talent Slot, each slot possessing Three Talents to choose from. So far, it seems simple, no? Each Talent provides a passive bonus, either to a Stat or to a Skill. Extra Damage? Extra Duration on its effect? But, the coolest part-is that some specific Talents create a Talent Combo, which is akin to a Talent itself-providing another boost of some sort. Acquiring Talents is simple but tedious: First, you need to acquire a Blueprint for an Alchemist to use during the Transmutation, which you may acquire in a variety of ways; Second, you need to acquire Talent Card Fragments off of enemies, and, Third, you need to purchase a bottle of Adhesive from a Merchant. Then, once you have all three ingredients, simply visiting an Alchemist and performing the Transmutation might reward you with the Talent Card you desired, which, upon usage, grants the Talent you have worked hard to acquire! Of course-this is the easiest part, which Kread-Ex's Alchemic Synthesis Go Go Totori! is far more than capable of handling-when it comes to Synthesizing the Talent Card, at least in my Grand Scheme of things. Later on in the game-as you progress with your character, Four more Talent Slots become accessible! Those are called, instead, 'Ancient Talents'. Normally, those Talents offer really crazy and awesome buffs-or they can be as useless as one Talent that would normally gimp you-but those Talents do not trigger any Talent Combo in any shape or form. The fact that they do not share the same Talent Slots as the 'Ordinary' Talents makes them extremely great to have. Additionally, Talent Cards require you to be of a certain level or higher to use them and learn the Talent they hold-and, of course, Talents do progress and get better as you level up... But you would still need to acquire the Blueprints for higher-leveled Talents. X"D... And so, that is my request-as detailed as I can think of, for the Talent System I would love to use in my project. It might be simpler than I think, or it might be harder-I have no idea, but I would be all sorts of happy and thankful, if someone could Script this out-or figure out a way that does not require Scripting to implement it. I would prefer a Script myself-especially if it does give a great deal of control over the whole System, so that it can be defined and shaped by the developer/s themself/lves. I will be stalking the thread to check for replies, but thank you very much for taking your time to read, I appreciate it-and every miniscule ounce of help is the most appreciated. ~Kirby Edit: As of 9 October 2015, I have actually found exactly what I was looking for. WOOPS! I guess I did not search hard enough. As I have said elsewhere-Scripters, when they're given a keyboard, they're all gods. ( ; w ; ) ~Solved, please lock the thread.~
  4. There actually is... No need for a script for such a thing. UNLESS... You want an actor to target a dead Enemy. In case the case I just mentioned isn't what you want-I'm just dropping a trio of screenshots, if what you want is an enemy reviving another enemy. https://i.gyazo.com/9599aaaf994518daa1e68d050b554190.png https://i.gyazo.com/a23032fd0b065115a727db1dd880f638.png https://i.gyazo.com/e58d783df6a660b47a15dff33adcac88.png IF you want an Actor to target a Dead Enemy, well... All I can suggest you is to try out Yanfly's Lunatic Targets Script. There is a solution to your problem hidden there for sure. https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/lunatic-targets/ Do not ask me about how to notetag your skill with it, though! I don't quite... Have an idea of how to make it work for dead enemies. X'D... Good luck! Hope that it was at least the tiniest bit of help. ~Kirby
  5. Coincidentially enough, I actually use a very similar--Okay, IDENTICAL concept! So, I am more than positive I possess the answer you need. First off, I am half-certain you might want to use this script-as this removes any need for, how the scripter says, Copy-Pasta Madness! https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/utility-scripts/base-troop-events/ Then, what you want to do is set up the base troop-such as this, in the screenshot: https://i.gyazo.com/2054ff5ad4e2dd3b6b4e037c0b0cdde2.png The only difference is-that I have actually made a tiny edit to one of Yanfly's scripts for MP Drainage, so the script you should paste in the troop's battle events is the following: actor = $game_actors[actor_id] if actor.mp >= 0 actor.mp -= amount actor.result.clear else actor.mp = 0 end Where actor_id is, obviously, the id of the Actor that needs their MP to be drained, and amount is the amount you want to subtract from the Actor's MP. Alone, that script still offers a ton of potential! I hope that it was a satisfactory response and that it works just as desired. Don't forget to give credits to Yanfly! (And to Archeia for enlightening me about the Script Call knowledge he shared with the world.) Again, I do hope it works! (It does, for me, thankfully. XP) ~Kirby PS: I kept on goofing with the script call, so I repeatedly edited it until it fit your case rather than mine. X"D You wouldn't want to have negative MP, right?
  6. Hola, and welcome! Everyone here is a friend.~ Even those who mysteriously vanish for a good while and come back as if nothing happened. XP... (YesItotallymeantmyselfgomenasaieveryone;w;) Just... Never ask me anything related to mathematics, I seem to be a huge failure at that. X"D... (#Neverforgetthefails) Enjoy your time with us! ( ^ w ^ ) //
  7. I am still pretty sure you misunderstood a TINY bit of the formula. XP Okay, I'll try to explain again, hoping I don't fail at math or at wording. But, just to make sure, I will test it in a blank project, so expect a quick and sneaky edit after this has been posted. ( X P ) The base_cri Value is not a decimal-it is an integer, in this case. 5% is not translated to its decimal counterpart-RPG and MMO logic here; Thus, that 5 should remain untouched, while we have another integer-the Luck stat, which in the example is set to 250. Seems easy so far, no? Now, the request: Every 100 points into the Luck stat should give a 1% Critical Hit Rate buff. So, we have an initial proportion, whose solution is trivial. 100 : 1 = 250 : 2.5 (Unless math fails me and I wrote it COMPLETELY WRONG. Ooops!) And, we have to add it to the BASE Critical Hit Rate-which, in this case, is 5. According to the formula, which can also be rewritten as "(n / 100) + base_cri" for simplicity's sake, should give out the same result: 2.5 + 5. Why aren't they turned into the forms you showed? Well, you probably went deep into the core of the Critical Hit Rate Calculation formula, I'm not sure-but from my understanding, the % symbol applies only during damage calculations-not during stat-based calculations. I'm not even sure if I am explaining it correctly-but, in other words, The Critical Hit Rate stat is treated as a normal number during calculations which would buff/debuff it. Now, I'll go and test that out, just to make sure I don't have to grab a pair of scissors and slice this post into pieces entirely. Be right back!~ Color me impressed, maths have been defied. https://gyazo.com/c3779e2b028eb802fb4510665e844685.png My Formula produced that result. Could've sworn it was the other way around. So, the Critical Rate value is Actually divided by 100 during all calculations... Not sure I get that one. Maths, y u so confusing? At least, this fixes a minor problem I've had myself, too. DEEEEEERP. https://gyazo.com/bf696accef45e2573d632bf45493fe08.png Riki's formula actually produced the right result. *Kirby loses a life for Failing at Maths.* Welp, back to re-learning Maths! What is 1+1, I don't think I even know anymore... X'D...
  8. I -Think- that what you could try to use, instead of--Uh, @header[:party].battle_members, is $game_party.members or something like that, I think at least. My scripting knowledge is not that good either, and this is all I could come up with to solve your problem. My apologies if it's really that little. :C ~Kirby
  9. Just here to fix and re-write the equation-I think there is a little bit of oopsing in that formula, nay? XP The end result is right, just... Ummu, One second as I solve this equation. I just began to wonder when I saw too many zeroes. XD 250 * 0.0001 + 5 = 0.025 + 5 = 5.025 You Oopsed a little bit with the zeroes, Riki. A couple of zeroes less do the trick just fine! (Dammit Maths. Y u be confusing at times...) End Result: "n * 0.01 + base_cri" Hope it works for you, Dcraft!
  10. Greeeeeeeeetings! I wouldn't mind lending you a Star to reach Dream Land so we can have dinner together. \ \ ( ~ w ~ ) / / Ineedtochecktheforummoreoften(qwq)...
  11. Okay, I will try to be brief for this one-because I could not figure out how exactly to pull this one off. Here is the concept I came up with: I would like some pieces of Equipment to possess Passive abilities-which, when their wielder is attacked-or attacks, has a chance to turn the passive ability into an Active ability. So, for example... Let us... Take this screenshot as example. https://gyazo.com/25b4fb2b84dbafa96655bf2db68f3612.png (The concept does come from an MMO I play, but it looks kind of general anyways.) I realized that I could achieve something similar with Lunatic States, but I have absolutely No idea how to pull this one off. How should I notetag the equipment and the states, exactly? My first idea was something like this: <shock effect> c=rand(101) if c>=10 self.add_state(69) end </shock effect> It did not work, sadly. It was meant to have a 10% Chance of activating and adding a state to the piece of equipment's wielder, and this was the ability it was meant to possess: <close effect> actor = self actor.change_hp(50+rand(51), false) </close effect> Alas, that ended up in failure, and further attempts have failed as hard. I also based myself off of Archeia's Script Calls Database, which sure is really handy. If I am allowed to, I will post a direct link to it, but I would normally think it would be considered 'Advertising', so I won't, unless I am told I can. Any ideas, folks? I am all out of them. ( D ' X ) ~Kirby.
  12. Thank you! I wish Coding was my only problem, to be honest... ( X ' D ) ... No, no, coding is actually the least important of them, for what I am trying to make. Even though my specialty is writing stories, I'm not half bad with coding-or Theory and Development. Brainstorming is something I like to do myself, trying to work with concepts, fleshing them out, designing them to the last detail and make them work... It's so satisfactory to see your own concepts work as you want them to, isn't it? ( ^ w ^ )
  13. Thank you, everyone. ( ~ _ ~ ) // That introduction was too fancy, colorful and detailed for me to not feel like a silly face when going back to re-read mine. ( X ' D ) .... Thank you! For the font, I originally wanted to use This type of font combination, but on another Forum I was told that it was annoying to others's eyes, because of the color. ( D ' X ) People didn't like my favorite shade of Blue. A second (And/Or Third-I'm about to lose the count already. Woopsie!) thank you to everyone! ( ^ _ ^ " ) Lately, I sunk repeatedly into the project I am working on-in the opposite way Riki does nowadays. XP (Reading For The Win. o/) So, if I write any kind of post, I apologize in advance for any delay between writing them and reading the replies way later. My schedule is usually filled with Games I want to play when I take breaks from the project I'm working on, or watching videos on Youtube. Nothing pretty serious, so far, aside from a normal-ish life. Just in case, this time, I've set email reception on to not miss a reply, and I have a phone near me. ( X P ) ... I learned the lesson.
  14. Hello everyone, this is FreezeKirby and I have signed up just today! ... Albeit I have had RPG Maker VX Ace for a good while now. I have honestly forgotten for how long I have been tampering with it in an attempt to make a single game-Receiving a tremendous failure while the project was halfway done due to some unexpected bug I was unable to find a fix to. I have a minimum of knowledge and comprehension for how Ruby's Syntax works-but that's where it ends. I -Can- tamper with Script calls, but tampering with a script itself? I still haven't learned to do that properly yet... ( X ' D )... I am a fast learner, usually, but with some things, it takes me a good while to understand. Among my favorite passions-hobbies, or however you would like to define them, and especially above them all, is Role Playing-Giving life to a Character, moulding and shaping Them into a set concept, watch Their story unfold and events change Their life-no, Their personality, even, Their very own self, over the course of Their life, until it is time for Them to depart. That is the type of Role Play I have grown very fond of. I like stories. Especially great ones, stories capable of making you feel great emotions. Although... That came to an end quite a while ago, as I slipped out of Role Playing ambiences for a good amount of time. Role Play still has a very large place in my heart, because it made me who I am today. Partially. I am a simple person-especially to understand. I act based on impulses most of the time, rather than using Logic, even if the two can intertwine at times. Even though, I feel like I have typed way more than I was supposed to... Woops. ( X ' D )... I apologize for the length of my introduction, and with that being done, I say Hello again to all of you members of the community! ( ^ . ^ " ) // (I hope the faces don't upset anyone.)