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  1. according to wikipedia, the library of congress backups all of the internet all the time forever, until the internet is destroyed by space-ninja-pirate-alien-cybernetic-nano-bots.

  2. I was asked to try out a work in progress tutorial series for gms 2.x 


  3. does anyone own OwlBoy? Is it worth the 24.99?


    1. lianderson


      Wait, it´s $24.99? Da fuq?


      Hmmmmm, personally, I´d just wait until it goes on sale. I hear the game is good, but it´s relatively short.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I don't even know what that is. Is it a toy?

  4. so like, ZYZ7RyW.gif you can see how the character from my most popular books is irrelevant to the community right? I mean, what's a game asset doing in a status update?

  5. we need more radishes.... that is all.

  6. @Tarq it is a project I've worked in ace before on. if anyone remembers when I was teaching myself ruby I made a text adventure, and riki and cookie ninja told me to make graphics because I had a coordinate system. So my first made on my own game in ace was Cupid's Universe, which was based off of the novel and graphic novel, Cupid's Rising. I thought the community would like to know about it, and I was against making a topic for it originally, as I received criticism on webs and here for having posted a ruby project that was not made with an RM engine.
  7. I cannot find the rules to the forum... so I'm going to post a link in a status update because I don't see a rule against it
  8. the way my inventory and database system works it should not be difficult to make it "automated" and my icons I'm using have gem socket variations as well as material variants.
  9. man, I can't get enough blood for my glucose test

    1. Kayzee


      Oh no! That doesn't sound good... I hope you mean you are having difficulty drawing it not that your red blood cell count is low!

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Drink about eight ounces of water and try again in an hour or so...

    3. lonequeso
  10. I would like to place an order for Mario theme on Laser Disk please.
  11. I know riki! We could all install Xp and switch last minute to Ubuntu, and then customize the experience on site based on linux, windows or apple. Then people would argue linux theme feels cheap and public domain, windows seems reasnobally priced but unreliable at times, and apple is just so expensive and secure that it's easy to never own one.
  12. I would like a theme for genesis game console.
  13. theme

    this cloud one is nice and cheery
  14. Im trying to always do something
  15. I identify as a cross dressing cat at a cosplay, only I'm dressed as a male human, but underneath I'm a female cat that has worms.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Kaotumi gatare susuma dero?

      (Is this some sort of riddle?)

    2. Asharonapaul


      I think it means catfishing scammer :P