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  1. this is my favorite song right now. 


  2. From the album Kalvgv

  3. lol
  4. my latest for destruction of earth 


  5. you can't own two people in that position running from an army if that's not the entire picture. the image itself is a composition technique meant to express something. I think we should worry more about the fact the lady looks soulless
  6. From the album Kalvgv

    so I looked and looked over the internet and finally found a usable photo of Thunder Mountain in Wisconsin for this drawing. If you can guess the title of the book is Thunder Mountain. the lettering on it is the Subtitle of this installment of the Series (Sun Champion) and says Kalvgv or Sunrise
  7. this is just, wow!
  8. Pay to win is no longer a feature of phone games.

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    2. Makara


      IMO the definition of scam is microtransactions, not literally, but it's seriously annoying.

      That's fine I'll drop it, sorry.

    3. Rikifive



      I think he meant it's not exclusive to phones, @riki

      @Nirwanda But.. was it in the first place? :P p2w pc games exist for years, don't they? It's more common on mobile games though, that's true.

      Either way, p2w is something I definitely don't like. That kind of things harm balancing-- or it's kinda like allowing players to cheat if they'll pay.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I paid for a Dragon Amulet on DragonFable some time back.

      For that purpose, you're not really paying to win, just paying to unlock more features, mainly involving a single character class, Dragon Lord.

      True, a lot of content is locked behind this paywall, but the game is playable with or without the upgrade.

      Then yes, there's Dragon Coins, which also are paid for, but the majority of items that cost Dragon Coins are cosmetic items or are less than necessary items (but expanding your vault or bag space is one necessity that will cost a lot of Dragon Coins in the end).

      But is that part Pay to Win? Nah, more like Pay to Carry More useless junk...but I digress.

      Most of the time, you can use Dragon Coins to pay for items that are no better than the gold cost counterparts, but the cost ratio of gold to DC is More -> Less respectively.

  9. The united nations super hero man....

    ylvis :)

    1. lonequeso


      Elvis? He's back?!?! Told ya he was still alive! Ya'll laughed at me! Well whose laughin' now!?!?

      Hahahahaha! :lol:

    2. Asharonapaul


      no one knows ylvis did what does fox say

  10. My friend made me a deubgger tool :) HH8XtRp.png
    not for manipulation but for seeing how to improve the logic of the objects.

  11. and im riding, down the road, and nobody can stop me

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    2. Kayzee
    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee lmfao!


      "Exact change!? Here's a .45!"

    4. Asharonapaul


      let's have a regular desperato standoff while burn this tire and run on our steel wheels *I dont know why they keep my steel tires in the package when they put them on, keeps them from making cool flames out the back*


  12. get a prismacolor blender, they cost 2.99 and are called colorless. try different techniques on predrawn color
  13. what's your tools?
  14. I like that style, I always ended up blending after a bit