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  1. unrelated. I have a penalty from last year.... is it permanent?
  2. I'm not able to eat my honey and not get a messy keyboard with the new forums. :cry: sad
  3. Im interested. I can compose, write, draw. If we use gms then I could do some codes too. I can do some ace scripting but I find it hard to learn still. anyways, best of luck with this. seems legit
  4. I'm mostly aiming for simplicity. I could extend it to include crafting shields and armors. I'm still a ways off from having a working system for this with just weapons. I'm thinking of making a databse for recipes, which mostly is used for end results graphics wise, whereas formulae wise it;s modular in a sense. I agree with you that swapping parts would be cool, but I'm not going for that level of detail. I have limited resources to work with, as I am soloing this project, with some mentor help when need be. There are several variations on weapon types in the game. But ya, I don't even have special buffers in game yet. But I have ideas for implementing it and such. I guess I should work on the icons some tonight.
  5. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Btw, net neutrality, was invented by a man we all worked for and paid. And the internet, same thing. We might as well stop working and paying those people and just argue in person.
  6. So while back I had the idea to make crafting work for everything in game. Now that I am making an action rpg I have a new idea. basically it's just this gui. the left top box is the weapon, and the right top box is the gem. the bottom rectangle is the recipe name, and the outcome is on the right. I have no desire for a skill tree, so crafting will just rely on the base object and gem in terms of chance of success. So a steel sword with rubies would be less likely to work than a bronze sword with rubies, and so on. The benefit would allow the player to create new weapons which may never drop in game. The downside is that it costs all of your collected experience to craft anything, and the higher your level the more costly it becomes. This type of balance could help allow the player to better decide on play styles and techniques as more depth is added to the game. For instance a broadsword maybe does just a little bit of damage to a dragon, but add some rubies and now you can burn it up.
  7. so the solution was to keep the slots as simpler entries and not arrays. and then storing the top of the list then so on. I even managed to make two other menus that rely on the first one. however something is broken with my inventory selection. I spent all day on it, going to read now.
  8. wow. mighty fine skills there
  9.  here's a look at the coming update to the game :)

  10. pixel art

    it needs a pilgrim and john wayne
  11. npc

    npcs can also have rich histories that make the player question if a decision is right
  12. So I am able to draw from inventory to hud. but I want to see how many of a health item is in possession, and subtract from it when the item is used, and restore that value into the list. if obj_input.heal_key { var temp = ds_list_find_value(healths[0],0); var looky = ds_grid_value_y(database,0,0,6,2,temp); var ind = ds_list_find_index(inventory[0],temp); if ds_list_find_value(inventory[1], ind) > 0 { var sub = ds_list_find_value(inventory[1],ind); sub -= 1; ds_list_delete(inventory[1],ind); ds_list_add(inventory[1],sub); if sub <= 0 ds_list_delete(healths[0],0); } } but it currently does not destroy the healths[0],0 entry when it is used.