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  1. I drew Tord! ^_^
  2. Thank you so much! One cat NPC coming up. :3
  3. Here you go!
  4. This is part of the fangame.
  5. He needs his signature hairstyle. XP (I also didn't finish the scarring on the left side because hair is needed. XDDD)
  6. Eddsworld is a web cartoon on Newgrounds and Youtube, of which I'm a huge fan. :3 I'm glad I got mapping down, finally! YAY! Thank you.
  7. Does anybody have Holder's Animated Battlers? I need the script and the graphics for a game.


    @PhoenixSoul Maybe Wayback machine has something?

  8. All I need it his hair and he's done! The robotic arm was the hardest part of this, hands down.
  9. For a fangame I'm making - I have Edd, Tom and Matt! (I think I did really good.)
  10. Calling all sprite artists!

  11. Hello! I am in need of an RMXP hairstyle for Tord. I can sprite clothing, but my hairstyles don't work. While I'll be using this for a VXA game, I fellt it'd be easier to say XP, since I'm using XP sprites. I need this pretty ASAP, but I haven't been about to get what I need. :/ A turn-around for Tord, so you can see his hair from all the angles. What my sprites for the game look like. If you help, I won't be able to pay you, but I'll credit you and put you in the game as an NPC (whether you're a ghost, part of the Red Army, run a shop or are just a very basic NPC is up to you.) Thank you in advance!
  12. Thank you so much, roninator2! This can be closed, now!

    1. lonequeso


      Can't wait to see what fun ideas I can come up with. 

    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      I look forward to it! :D

  14. Basically, I'm making a humour-based game and need to figure out a whole bunch of skills, weapons, items and states. While I don't need much of a "team" for this project, I think multiple people putting their heads together would be super useful! (Feel free to make skills that both damage enemies and heal allies - I can do that.) Current Weapon Types: Basic - Basically, your basic weapons such as knives. Explosive - If it makes your enemies go out with a bang, it goes here. Tech - If it's technology, it goes here, especially if it's robotic in nature. Special - It it's enchanted, paranormal or one-of-a-kind, it goes here. Unconventional - Something you wouldn't normally use as a weapon, but could be used as a weapon, such as pool cues or vintage vinyl. Oddly Convenient - You wouldn't normally reach for it, but it could be found in a shed - you know, like a cricket bat. Electric - If it's shocking, it goes here. (I guess you could say these weapons are a real buzzkill for your enemies. Funny, right? Riiiight? Only me? Okay.) Character Specific - The weapon is either Harpoon-related (has a chance to Bind an enemy using harpoons), Mirror-related (reflects damage back onto the enemy because logic) or Lucky (has a chance to add a variety of states to enemies). Current Skill Types: Technology - Technology Skills use technology equips and Tech Points. Special - Special Skills are just special things for each character to do. One character mainly does damage skills, one character does a main combo of damage and shield skills and one character mainly has buff, debuff and healing skills. Super Special - Super Special Skills are basically character-specific buffs and debuffs for that character only. One character can activate radioactive superpowers in the form of a minor boots to all of their stats or a major boost to one or two of them, one character can activate a monster form or possessed form and raise some of their stats and one character can summon help from beyond the grave in the form of zombies or vampires, significantly boosting their stats. I'd like more ideas for different things they could do for themselves. Current Item Types: Healing - Your basic healing items. Damaging - Damages either a party member or an enemy. Tech Chips - Use Tech Chips on your Technology Weapons to boost their stats. Snake Oil - Needs to be identified before it cam be used. It's either a Healing or Damaging item. I'll update this as more stuff is added and eventually add a list of each of these things, but go crazy with your ideas! I may change the names of some of the things, but don't let that stop you from making a name for your idea!