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  1. Ah, wouldn't I love to use that. I like ice blue/azure a lot, but I can't use both as a MP bar color. So uh... Good work! (Couldn't think of anything clever for a blue joke, so I'll stick to my blue cheese spread and crackers.)
  2. Hey! Look! Listen! I got myself a new laptop, and while it was a pretty penny to get, it's a 15.6 inch touch screen with 12 GB of RAM. With 1 Terrabyte of storage, I shall.... Still be working on my games XD

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      Lucky. Well, at least some of us will make it. There's some hope...

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      Now you can play Minesweeper without FPS drops. :D 

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      All the minesweeper! ALL THE RAGE!

  3. First, if this is being done via MV, I can help ya. Anyway! I've actually run a casino through my game, and the king is a master gambler. If you're curious on said king's name, search up Lek Nisshoku on the forums here. But let's get down to one thing. Is this a go all in and break the bank or come home broke? Arcades are alright, but generally more revolved around minigames. There are other ways, yes, but I feel you should look at how Madagascar implemented their arcade machines to get a grasp on how to use them.
  4. An easy way to grasp this concept is to play Fire Emblem. They have a great balance to their standards on perma-death. How I feel? Well, a game's a game. Like Takeo mentioned, if everything is fully balanced, then I wouldn't care about the perma-death. There are other games that pulled perma-deaths that infuriated players, so you'll need to decide how much the characters are developed. This doesn't mean make another Aerith moment! XP
  5. arena

    Well, I had to double check after I got home about it, but all I've changed is skill ratio and chances. However, in the case of the arena, I forgot to mention that all weaknesses are halved along with your damage output also being cut in half. As I go back to skills, Frezeragas will use their signature Ice Cannon on your party more often, and apt not to use Frost Paw as much.
  6. arena

    Alright! It's been quite a while since I started something of interest. (Cue everyone saying I'm uninspiring lol) I've been working with a mechanic that has some flavor gifting to the "post game" of Demons and Dragons' chapter 2. The player has all party members, save one, at this point, being level 20-25 for most of them. You're given the True Arena, which prevents exp/gold gain, drops, and also has a multiplier to the stats of what you have fought before. Example Frezeraga versus Frezeraga + HP: 520 (x30) HP: 15600 Atk: 52 (x3) Atk: 156 Def: 43 (x3) Def: 129 Mat: 57 (x3) Mat: 171 (I think you get the idea) With this example, an enemy you run into while level 12-13 becomes a heavy threat once you get to the arena. There's also the True Arena+, which holds bosses- the bosses reused are from their final encounter- of various points in the game's story. The same rules and multipliers apply, and beating all the rounds grants you access to the Himilri (Scalvosian for God's Sactum). Here, you fight gate guards, trail bosses you have found throughout your adventure (stats are treated in a different fashion), and the gods of Scalvose themselves. Beating any of the 10 round tiers of the arenas grant rewards and other things, but the first two arenas reuse past encounters. Is this something I should do a trial and error of, or keep, get rid of...? If I should keep it, for the first two arenas, should I change up the multipliers? On the end note, these arenas can't really be attempted without being level 80+, as the way stats are balanced in my game provide the fair difficulty and force the player to understand and respect each party member for their strategies and their traits.
  7. Another way of running this setup is to have it go last (if you wanted to add variants) to have it last until the end of the next turn, but that's not what you're looking for in this post. You can do what Zarsla mentioned, as it should work, or you can run a event through your battles to check for that status at the end of the turn, and if present, remove it. The only problem with action ends is that it can trip the counter in certain scenarios, causing it to count down on time left for statuses and buffs.
  8. Well, I think I'm in the boat of all those quests being good. Why? Well, let's get to that. Fetch Quests: This can get the player starting to understand the importance of certain items in the world's practices, like smithing or medication. It can be tedious to a degree, and I would never just rely on many one style, but I like these as they help you learn the reasons behind certain characters, extra story information, or even just getting that hidden gear. Kill Quests: Honestly my favorite. They put your medal to the test and see how far you've grown since you started. Yes, some games, like Crystal Saga, Xenoblade, and RuneScape, can be very relentless of all the kill quests they throw at you. As for the reasons behind them and why I would use them, I feel they give depth to the creatures of your world. Example: In Scalvose: Demons and Dragons, you eventually are given the task of finding and slaying a subspecies known as a Hailstorm Coral Dragon. You learn how they come to be, and also learn that they can flood an entire continent in under eight minutes. You learn other facts through the fight, but that's spoiler grounds. Courier Quests: Want to add depth to your NPCs or MCs? Look no further! A game's story will never fully explain a character. Whether it be family, practices, ethics, etc, there are things left out. If you put everything in about the characters, it just starts to inflate the dialogue and game feeling when you do that. Do you learn everything behind Lock's Quest's characters without some digging? I'll leave that for you to decide.
  9. BLOCK BUILDER A game that not only plays like Tetris, but also as Bejeweled. You must make lines of colors match in under 30 seconds each round, and once round 10 hits, you only have 10 seconds. The blocks seemingly flash to the bottom,and there has been no known soul to have beaten the game. It offers a hardcore mode if you lose too many times, cutting time to 5 seconds and will fight to give you what you need. Rated D for Dying Inside! PLAY NOW! Wreck It Ralph
  10. Well, besides my hype for Monster Hunter Stories, I've run into a fun, annoying problem. I can draw the battle sheet for each character, but outside of traditional scan and edit, I can't seem to transfer it into a more fresh, crisp look. I'm trying to avoid pixel styles as I want some flavor to the game, so I decided on a cell-shaded approach... Thanks Krita.

  11. Heal others. Why? Well, I barely get sick, I bounce back from injuries a lot, and as it is, I can endure hunger for at least a day in a half, so uh... (Suddenly somebody points out how mediocre I am) Would you rather be jump scared by a shoebill stork or a blister beetle?
  12. Nah, in Scalvose, war is more peaceful than dealing with some of the higher entities.
  13. gold

    @lonequeso Well, you can use them in quests, getting better armor, getting through the main story (a little cheat around the drop rate of the Lunar Coil, for example), and even a collector specialty. I borrowed more than one idea, but gold is already hard to come by in most regards, so I made it easier on the player if they find said methods.
  14. Live off the land. I already have experience in the field. Would you rather (cue hype) buy Monster Hunter Stories or Monster Hunter World, and why?
  15. gold

    If I may put my two cents worth the effort: You can't get much money off some of the creatures of Scalvose for my game, but I decided to borrow an idea from the Monster Hunter series. There are dragonic wolves, known as Frezeragas, that you can get certain parts of their body, whether it be some fur, a spine, or a tear, that you can sell to gain money. While it's easy to get rich by selling them, the highest chance you can get an item is 1/13, which means you'll need patience (excluding bosses) to gain cash to stock up. Every cent counts for a long stretch of the game, and I like keeping my game a fairly hard, but doable, difficulty. As for an example, Kingdom Hearts tends to not have bosses drop any loot. You have to farm smaller foes for your munny, items, and even equipment and forge items.