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  1. @Takeo212 Hey, hey, we can't be curious. That's not going to solve what we want to know. We'll just tie Phantom to a chair and get our demos early. XD Nice work here, I'm in the same boat as Takeo, if you couldn't tell lol Can't want for a release~.
  2. Ya know, before I say anything, if you do plan on changing the Plague Doc, why not do it as a progression in the game/work you're producing? That way this version still has uses other than looking cute and sweet XD All that aside, this kind of reminds me of Paper Mario Sticker Star Shy Guys.
  3. Game development is hard work when you have a map fall out of place of your organization. Oh, the tragedy! I can't continue devving this game!


    ...Anyway... XD

    An update for Scalvose: Demons and Dragons; I'm working on character face sets (Mainly the two most needed atm) and their respective sprite sheets. If anyone wanted to tag along, I wouldn't mind. But besides that, something else I'm going to possibly re-add to the game: Flinch and Toss. These statuses are old statuses I've used in VX and XP versions of my game, and now I'm planning on using these statuses again.


    Flinch- I shouldn't have to restate what this does, as it can be found in my "Repairing Status-Status 0%" topic in Theory and Development.


    Toss- This status acts like a one turn paralysis, in which it also makes the inflicted's DEF become 0, unable to avoid attacks, and was under the Air family of status inflictions. This status doesn't work on winged targets, most air typed enemies, and also fails against some Earth targets. It's a tier 3 status, and unlike some of the other statuses, only allied scythe wielders can utilize this status.


    Opinions and/or ideas on balancing Toss is acceptable, and while there's only four-five enemies with this status, the player is given one ally that can inflict it.


    Another, more exciting news tidbit, is that my game's prologue is now ready to be a demo, regardless of the fact it's missing cut scenes. If interested, let me know and we'll work from there. (The game is made under MV)

    1. lonequeso



      Game development is hard work when you have a map fall out of place of your organization. Oh, the tragedy! I can't continue devving this game! 


      I hate it when I do that. Usually, I can catch it, and put it back where it belongs right away. 


      No comments on balancing. I would need to see it in action.


      Yay demo!

  4. I think my sketch lines are having fun on their 2D plane, eh folks?


    1. lonequeso


      My sketch lines are always sad :mellow:


      Biiiird Head!

    2. Rezanta


      Sketch lines aren't the final product, so there's that shining light.

  5. Nice work you have :3 I, myself, specialize in dragons, birds, fire, and others of the sorts. If I need anything, I'll keep ya in mind.
  6. Really nice line work there o.o Kinda reminds me of some of the RPG art styles I see.
  7. counting game

    375 Not my lucky number~
  8. @Purple Phantom I see. Well, it's diverse in how you want to run the slime girls, so more power to you either way. In coherence to my reason behind dragonic wolves, and elements: Kind of how you have so many slime types, there's only 7 wolves in Scalvose. We'll use the Crestraga for this example. "A wolf that uses its powerful control of both its magic and maneuverability in water to dispatch prey and enemies. They are always found in at least pairs, and can drown threats with little water around." These are enemies you face around beaches and other large bodies of water, and while you can hunt them down for resources and money, you can run into the elder variants, which love to drop your party into a whirlpool of speed fighting before you lose. The other wolves have their respective living areas, and like the slime girls, their own version of statuses and abilities. As for the binds, you can play with them in basic principles through the program without the scripts, and you may be able to use conditional variables to make dynamic effects.
  9. @PhoenixSoul I recommend a grid-like line setup, if you're using multiple layers. This can help you center things into whatever way you need. @Purple Phantom Nice work here! I do like the spectrum of colors and the language each individual gives.
  10. Well, that sure beats me using Dragonic Wolves XD Anyway, I'm with lone on this for the majority, but I do need to question, why are all weak to water? Couldn't some be weak to something like electricity, ice, etc? (Just my curiosity, not judgementalness.) The strategy behind bind is something I used a lot, more than I like to be honest. While most binds don't allow movement, I've seen some prevent most actions, but allow a chance to escape the grasp. (Thank you Interwebs!) Constricts, Binding, Paralysis all seem to work in and of their respective nature, so maybe spicing bind with a bit of possibilities would make the slime girls a more varied encounter. An example can be the bubblegum girl's bind can't be healed, but weakens over time if hit with water/fire based attacks.
  11. Beautiful work as always, Amy! I think I've complimented this enough n- No, not yet. XD
  12. (Maybe I shouldn't be lazy waiting for a test, but anyway...)

    Heya folks, I got some interesting news to share! I'm planning to open up for VA once my game gets close to the fourth chapter. While this isn't the whole game, there's a ton to do both games, and with limitations from MV, I can't fit all eight chapters into one file, ironically enough with some being re-used items and so forth. While I could cut a few things here and there, I'd rather just split the game up in half, since it'll help the story flow better and also not be a 4 day game in one go. If you're interested, PM me and I'll provide details and also answer questions.


    Now, the meh news: I may be inactive to help others out next week, so bear with me if I don't appear at least once next week. (Look, I know I've been inactive in most regards, but don't kill me yet!)


    Finally, the actually great news:I've finally started getting input on my game, and I do have a demo (which needs to be updated for formatting issues) for those interested in playtesting the prologue. If interested in this, PM me, and remember MV's rule. I will also inform you of anything via changelog or of missing material. That's all from this Leaf Dragon and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

  13. Perma-death versus semi(?)-death, eh? Well, before I get into the mechanics, let me ask, is the weak state needed? Are there other ways you could implore on revival after battles, or have them weaker, etc? The mechanism of being "weak" after a battle is already apparent with only having 1-3% of your HP given back after battles, in addition to 0% experience gain in most regards. While there are some games that do weaken/revive in the same instance, namely Monster Hunter Stories, that do this flawlessly. I'll explain the game's style in a bit. Something else I should add, however, is you'll need to keep a difficulty curve in mind. While you're weakened, you don't need the player basically stuck in a loop of dying due to not being able to escape or flee battles. The other thing you need to keep into consideration, is how long of a distance is it to get from town to town? Coming back with 1HP is already difficult if low on resources, but adding a weaken state just smacks the player for making a bad decision if the hour long trek to the town gets somebody three party members downed in one fight. Now, the example: In Monster Hunter Stories, instead of a "Three Cart" method like the usual MH style, each battle starts you off against a monster, you and your monstie (basically a child you steal from a nest) in a Pokémon esk approach, and whatever equipment you have on you. (It's a mix of styles that is done well, I must say.) You need to defeat the opposing enemies before they can drop you or your ally to 0 HP three* times, all the while always having more HP than you and being able to out damage you. If that's not difficult enough, late game throws attacks that can deal almost all of your HP if you don't follow the golden rpg rule of always upgrading your armor and weapons. Sleeping while restore your hearts* and all of your teams HP, and while you're on your monstie for special attacks and trying to level it up for massive damage, your ally's HP can't be reduced past 1. Good? Not really. Almost every enemy you fight after mid game hits both party members and/or attacks at least 2 times. It gets worse against the Kirin boss fight, but I won't mention specifics other than a rate of getting hit by 4 different attacks. *You can restore your chances, resembled by hearts, by using certain items in the game, and also can gain a "fourth" heart by using a Moxie Gem. While restoring hearts is not a buff, the Moxie Gem can be canceled when buffs are removed. *Hearts will fully recover you if you fall, but three deaths result in a loss and you're kicked back to the entrance of the boss fight or den. The final boss, however, while not too difficult as long as you keep yourself prepared and your 10 allowed items prepped, can kill your team every three turns on low health, and while having it's tail and head active, you can't stop 999 damage from taking one-two hearts every two-three turns, and if Capcom wasn't cruel enough to blind players, they give it the possibility of triple attacks, which means instant death for you and your ally. (This excludes Ride On.) So basically, to wrap my long list up, all I'm saying is there's a lot to take into consideration when the game has that mechanic, and if your game is fully balanced where death is almost always certain, then I wouldn't do weakening. Vice Versa if the game isn't too brutal. Otherwise, Tarq and Shiggy both stated valid points, so I won't double up on what they mentioned.
  14. I basically made it so the triple damage doesn't hit for a large amount. Example can be when you fight the second boss in my game, he can hit you for a critical damage amount that tips 130-140. While one character is physically weak and the other strong, the boss can't kill both characters unless you're not healing. And even then, crit rates are like finding a needle in a haystack in most regards.