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    I like sloths and creepypastas.
  1. Excuse the goofy title. I'm working currently on a project that I'm trying to keep the energy up for (as far as writing and concept art goes) and I find it easier if I get into character. Aaand that was creepy. Anyhow, I'm obviously new, but it's not my first time working with RPG Maker. I mean, I've forgotten pretty much everything I learned and now I'm floundering around like a sad fish, but I've been working on something I call my "imaginary game" (I don't expect myself to finish it for a very long time because it's just me and a bunch of concepts/writing so it's just easier to assume it'll never get done in order to keep myself from burning out) for about three years. A bunch of reboots and recycled ideas, mostly. Same gist, though. I like macabre things and stuff that's creepy (or ridiculously funny), so if anyone else is into stuff like creepypasta and slapstick comedy, hit me up. I need friends. I'm so alone. Anyway, I hope to learn a lot of things here, so, hi! :>