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  1. Adding to what Shiggy said. Do they just come together once in proximity?
  2. You could do what Vectra said, and check to see of the item is currently in the player inventory, or in the event when you get the said item you can add in what you want in the same event after you give the item to the player. Staff of Nazarik += 1 Text: The staff that you have found resonates with a overwhelming power. The power seems to effect your mind in an odd way. Or are you wanting the item to effect the player over time for as long as the player has it in the inventory?
  3. I probably would have gotten a 120GB SSD for OS or go all out with a 1TB SSD since SDDs are extraordinarily faster than HDDs which also means way faster load times. Good choice with the Ryzen. After all the research I did on it with it's new micro architecture and multi-threading it seems great. I wanted to get a new Ryzen, but it's on the new AM4 Socket and my motherboard doesn't support it. So I'd have to replace the motherboard as well. As well as new RAM. Well, since we are showing off computers we built, here's mine for $800 (I'm currently on my laptop so I can't give specific names) AMD CPU 8-Core 4.7 GHz Graphics Card 4GB RAM 16GB MHz 3200 120 SSD 1TB Hard Drive 750W Power Supply Windows 7 64-Bit
  4. Also, bottom left for the Chibi. XD. It was too late before I could correct my mistake. Lol
  5. Everyone please wish Purple Phantom a happy birthday! I drew this over about three to four days for Phantom, featuring her character Toby from Aftermath. (Only first Chibi ever for me in the bottom right. XD)
  6. Hrm, interesting take. I never actually intended for the eye to look like it was inside the mountain, but in the air. I like this, very cool. ^.^ That would an interesting story to tell. Very nice, I'd like to see more stories. Going to be posting mine when I have time to do so.
  7. Hey guys, been a long while since I've actually made a thread about anything, but I figured this would be an interesting idea. I've drawn an interesting picture today, and I thought it would be interesting to see the kind of story what the picture makes you think of. What story does this picture evoke in you? Tell us about it. (Sorry for the quality) :My story for this picture:
  8. Rinmaru states that you can't use their generated characters for games right? Which sucks. >.<
  9. Ava

    She is a "Creative" Technomancer, meaning she can create various objects using her powers. Each power has their respective aura when being used. Creative - Blue Destructive - Red Manipulation - Yellow And there are extremely rare occasions when a person can exhibit two powers. Creative & Destructive - Purple Creative & Manipulation - Green Destructive & Manipulation - Orange And in the impossible case of all three? I think you can guess that color by now.
  10. This is Ava. The main character in my next production Technomancer.

    © Ragnos

  11. Of course. That way many players can relate to the characters of the game and have more depth to the characters. The more "real" your characters seem the more the players are going to like them and actually care for them.
  12. There is dating right? On the info page you could have what the character's opinion of the MC at that time which you can get from Redacted. And every time you want to have it updated you need to contact Redacted again.
  13. I know, and I've tried editing it; however it didn't work as I had hoped. Though, I haven't thought about making a blank map and overwriting it with the old files. I'll give that a try when I can. Yes, MV corrupts still, though can be salvageable unlike VX Ace were if it corrupts you better have you have a really up-to-date back up project. Lost a game I had worked on for 2 years that way...
  14. True, I've used Ren'py before in one project development (though Python can be a real pain. Since it counts whitespace. UGH!) And RPGM makes it able to makes VN's just got to get a few scripts and make the resources and your done.
  15. So what are your thoughts on the new maker that they are coming out with. I've seen a few things on it and it looks interesting. Hopefully its not as pricey as MV. Though when I was looking up information on it the one thing that came to mind was: "This looks really cool and will help a lot of people make Visual Novels, sadly this is probably going to be used mostly for H-VN stuff. *Sigh*"