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  1. I'd prefer if we could talk over Discord, then. I'll send you a pm with the link to the chat.
  2. Not at the moment, the victory aftermath screen will only tell the player which skills were unlocked by level up. You can pre-define these skills unlocked with level at the classes or actor tabs, but they'll be unlocked as soon as the player gets to the specified level. If you want the player to instead be rewarded skill points to choose from a skill tree, it's also doable, but that will need another script.
  3. Hello, GenerationACID. Here's the battle system you wanted, or at least something close to it. The scripts the demo contains should be "plug and play" ready for your project. Combat window: Dialog (needs to be evented in the "Troops" database tab): Post-battle: If you choose to use it, credits for that goes as follows: Scripts: Free to use, non-commercial and commercial: Yanfly - Ace Core Engine, Ace Battle Engine, Victory Aftermath, Message System Galv - Double Message Mezzolan - Arrow fix for Victory Aftermath Not free to use: Element - Active Battler ***note: this is part of a demo in Luna Engine, which needs to be bought to have the license to use on your projects*** The bust art is made by Archeia, you can find more on her site: Credit to me is not necessary since I didn't really do much, but I appreciate it anyway. Good luck on your project, I'm interested in seeing it later. Send me a pm if you need anything else (keep it simple, please, I'm a novice scripter at best).
  4. Hello and first of all, I wish all of you guys a happy new year! Now, onto the introductions, I've been playing both digital and tabletop RPGs for about 12 years or so, but it was only quite "recently" that I seriously considered making a game, some 3 to 4 years ago, and have been planning the story, characters and worldbuilding ever since. RPG Maker was my first and best choice. I've been working with RPG Maker VX Ace on my own projects for about 2 years now, alone except for the tutorials around the net and forum-lurking when I'm stuck with something, which was mostly something silly that didn't require me to make an account as the first google search already provided well enough results. But one can only go so far alone. For my project, I feel that for too long I've kept quiet, this year I want to release it to general public and get some feedback aside from personal friends. For you guys at the forums, who generously helped me (and many others) during my many searches, I sincerely hope that my work amuses you. Even with my limited knowledge, in the future I'd like to answer the questions of "new newbies" and keep the cycle going on. Tl;dr Another newbie at the forums happy to meet you all, please take care of me, and I hope to provide you with interesting content!