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  1. MANGA FANS: Could any of you critique this front cover of a manga volume I drew?



    1. PhoenixSoul


      Dual Personality Crisis

  2. Thanks xD It's been 10 minutes and I want to die >.< Dammit college deadlines You look awesome too, nice shirt
  3. The 'staying up at 5am to design characters face'
  4. School: I wish I could get more pocket money to get more sweeties!


    College: I wish I had money to buy a Japanese Textbook.


    Times have changed.

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    2. SpuddyFerret


      Dammit time, he makes us hobos xD

    3. Sky Usanin

      Sky Usanin

      Me before: I wish I had money to buy that game


      Me now: I wish I had money..

    4. lonequeso


      Me before: I need to find some people to help me rob a bank


      Me after reading above: Cha-ching!

  5. Moving your furniture around your room kills the spine.

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    2. SpuddyFerret


      I'm doing Video Games design... Ironically xD




      I don't know why, but my stepsister left a bottle of unfinished wine under my bed. That's been there for about... 5 years? What a waste xD But I wish I was old enough to have a friend like Jack Daniels :D

    3. lonequeso


      I went for video game design way back when. Probably would've done better if I wasn't such a lazy student.  It's a really fun, rewarding field, but also a ton of work. MASH X! MASH IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

    4. SpuddyFerret
















  6. Had no idea that you're a music composer...

  7. WHERE ARE WE INTROVERT SQUAD NO FRIENDS FTW I ONLY NEED MY QUILT, HOT COCOA AND SOME BOOKS TO SURVIVE Would you want the ability to heal only yourself or to heal only others?

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    2. Rikifive


      Oh, glad you liked that! x3


      Even though it's just a simple silly background, I'm still proud of it, because it feels more unique, than that very default look. :P


      Thank you! ^_^



      Hah, that status update is hilarious, you made my day- or night I should say. xD

    3. SpuddyFerret






      No problem xD

    4. Rikifive


      It was really windy some time ago. So windy, that some users had tiny problems with loading the site. :lol:

  9. Does anyone know a place where I can find a Ruby programmer that'll work for free? I'm looking for someone willing to help me make a battle system

    1. PowerBurger


      You might just be better off learning Ruby yourself. Programming is long, tedious work. Unless you have a friend who's decent with Ruby, finding free coding labor can be next to impossible.

    2. Kayzee


      What kind of battle system did you have in mind? Some things are far easier to do then others. I agree learning a little bit of Ruby can be helpful and finding scripters to work with you can be hard, but I think most people underestimate just how confusing and frustrating programing can be for someone without the right kind of abstract thinking and knowledge about computer science.

      I like to link to this guide to Ruby myself. It has cartoon foxes! Also it tries it's best to weave in silly 'Alice in Wonderland'-like stories to help explain some of the harder to understand concepts. Like the whole story with the water faucet which instead of giving water gave nothingness, a nothingness that could still be felt and touched. And the whole story was a way of explaining how Nil worked!

  10. music

    Thank you for design feedback xD Yes! You can use these sounds in commercial projects as long as​ you give full credit to me
  11. There are two constants in a character that changes them. The thing that they want​ and the thing they need. They try and get the thing they want but this keeps them conflicting with themselves. They eventually go through a crisis where they realize the thing they want is useless/gone. They then learn the truth about the thing they need, and they turn towards the thing they need. This ends the conflict and the story.
  12. ​--- ​My name's Harriet and I'm a composer of music. I've been composing music for around 2 years, and I'm willing to help you get the video game music you desire. I compose mostly, and pretty much always, orchestral. I do use electronic sounds and modern instruments such as Electric Guitars, synths and drums, but I sometimes blend the two together. Examples Example work from the game soundtrack ​Yandere Simulator (2017+, YandereDev) The First Tragedy - Example work from the game soundtrack ​The Legend of Jerry Quiver: Rise of The Dominion (2017+, Ferret Entertainment): ​Peaceful Melodies Melody for Forests - Character Theme - Character Theme - ​Battle Melodies Jazz - Metal/Orchestral - Abstract - ​Route Melodies Creepy - Dark Orchestral - Cheerful - ​Character Themes Heroic - https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/nathans-theme-ost Tragic - https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/alices-theme-ost-version Dark - https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/monaxias-waltz ​Cinematic Melodies Music Box/Horror - https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/lovers-lullaby Mischievous - https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/mischief-little-red-roses Intense Orchestral/Rock - https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/battle-of-the-witches-1 Here is how the process works: 1. You send me a PM on this website, and you tell me what you want. You must tell me EVERYTHING about the character/location/subject or the song will not be as good as it possibly can be. Please give me an example of another piece of music that you want your track to sound like. 2. I will send you a basic piano music file with the melody and simple accompaniment. You will then give me feedback on the piece, if you want it to sound different and to have other adjustments. 3. I finish the piece and I will give you the final music track to you in MP3 and in other desired formats. If you would like me to loop your track, please say so. 4. This is all for ​free.​ I am here to gain experience, you want some music. No money is required here. Use this form for an easy request: ​Ferret Entertainment Commission: ​Name: - Theme/Route/Cinematic/Battle/Peaceful?: - ​Is your desired piece orchestral?: - ​Details about Subject (Character/Location etc.): - - - - Desired File Format: - ​Do you want the Track to loop? - ​--- ​Rules ​1. I do one client at a time. If you arrive before someone else, you will have top priority. If you ask before I have finished another song, you will be put on a waiting list until I am done. ​2. I have the right to decline your request for ANY reason. 3. Two songs at a time. ​4. Yes, I will work for any game. ​ ​I hope I can help you in your video game! ​Harriet
  13. wow look can you see that attention you're getting in the distance? neither can i
  14. free

    Hello there! My name's Dominic and I'm currently developing an RPG called ​The Legend of Jerry Quiver: Rise of The Dominion​ using RPG Maker VX Ace. I've been working on it for about 1 and a half years now with my game artist Joori. The game itself currently uses a JRPG battle system while it also has an overworld with visual novel like cut scenes. These show two characters on different sides of the screen talking to one another. To give a short summary, the game is about Nathan Quiver, the young son of a legendary hero called Jerry Quiver, who travels around the continent of Griffindale with his companions to follow his father's legacy and to go up against his father's once defeated arch-nemesis. The game has a central theme of legacy, which is explored in a variety of different ways during the course of the story in Chapters​. For example, one chapter called the Pandora Chapter focuses on a character called Charise who wishes to resurrect his deceased mother to keep his legacy alive, while the Revelation Chapter focuses on a girl called Asteria who rejects her legacy before her and attempts to make her own. Here's some screenshots of the game, and the visual novel mechanic in work. The battle system in the game is lacking: it is lacking because it's overused, and I want a battle system that reflects and shows the power of friendship and teamwork in a different and more insistent manner. The idea I have is to use a battle system focused on position, and depending on where the party members are, can either attack or defend to a small measure to a large scale attack on opponents. This will most definitely show the theme of friendship: a major theme in the game's story. Here is the battle system concept: If you are interested in the job, I will be willing to tell you the full plot, themes and characters of the game, which may give you a bigger picture of what the battle system reflects. Also, the title of this thread does say free work, but when the game is commercially released, you will of course be able to take a sample of the cut. ​Please take into consideration that I cannot promise you anything, hence the title! So in summary, I am looking for a dedicated​ ruby script programmer who can construct this battle system in RPG Maker VX Ace. If you want to work with me on this, please send me a personal message using the website! Thank you all for reading! Dominic
  15. THEME