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  1. https://grimoirecastle.wordpress.com/rgss3-scripts/graphics-enhancements/animated-battlers/ For some reason when I try and use more than one animation/battler it starts to lag. This is when I change the enemy into a battler / image. I can't find any kind of way around it, I can't shrink the image size as animation always wants a huge image / space to use. (edit) Also tried removing Yanfly's Ace Engine to try and reduce lag, but it didn't, so there isn't an issue between the scripts If there's no easy fix for it I wouldn't mind using another script if I can: Animated enemies, allied battlers don't use the over-world sprites (custom battlers), custom animations for different skills and side viewed.
  2. forum games

    Probably not. Mega Man's mega face? ;^)
  3. I agree with the size thing. It's hard to judge them entirely without seeing the natural size. I like the cartoony style of a lot of these characters, it makes the cute alien (?) girls look even cuter. I don't understand what the scientist man's arms are doing in the first sprite lol. If you can upload some more small versions, like what you did with the male scientist and his small sprite it'd help a lot. : )
  4. Apparently the first post I made thanking everyone got eaten. SORRY ABOUT THAT. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and compliments and stuff. Sorry I didn't do this earlier though, I've been doing an art thing.
  5. Hi. I'm gonna make a game. Uh... Here's some of my art. Concept designs and subject to change These were designed to look fine when they're very small, so I'm able to determine the pose while "zoomed out" or as a sprite. I'm also trying overworld sprites of my own. I'm 22, jobless, and HOPELESS. I have a Patreon for people who want to support my hobby stuff, but I don't feel I have enough to show to feel honest taking people's moneys.