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  1. The only thing I could bring to the table is writing and a bit of programming/eventing, but I'd be interested nonetheless.
  2. I think this Hero Roster script might help you out, but it's not going to look exactly the same and you'll need to tinker around to make it work. It's the closest thing I could think of right off the bat.
  3. Hi! I looked on your blog but I didn't see a definite price so I thought I'd ask: how much would you charge for VX Ace size portraits? Would those be considered static object, or?
  4. Thanks for the thoughts! There's actually only 9 people in this world (explained better in the game, haha) so each house was (built?) for them when they arrived. The place itself it supposed to seem emptier than any normal town. But perhaps I can rearrange things a bit, to make them less... open. In retrospect, it wouldn't matter how much danger they're in-- or at least they wouldn't care as much --but the interiors of the houses are in need of reworking and I'm trying to create better designs around what I have to work with. That's what makes this self-challenge so frustrating, yet fun!
  5. Hello everyone! I haven't been updating here as much as I'd like, due to retail holiday rush and general cold season rush on top of that. Pharmacy is tiring... (clears throat) Anyway, I wanted to do a small project as a personal challenge: no parallax mapping. Only use the mapping process in VXACE to make the game and see how it would turn out. The theme of the mapping is a small, simplistic place that only has what the 9 inhabitants need to make them feel comfortable. There's a big outdoor focus on small parks and simplicity, without clutter and with the river running throughout the town. I'm working on the demo, and when the demo is finished I'll make a proper page for the game, but: At the moment, how do these look? Any thoughts or constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated! I'm using Pixel Myth Germania set as the main mapping set for the Town, which is the bulk of these screenshots. Sprites are my creations using the Game Character Hub.
  6. Hello! Welcome!
  7. Hi

  8. Personal Questions How old are you? I'm 23. What is your gender? Female SInce when do you play videogames? Since I could pick up a controller (my parents are both into games so I learned from them) How much time do you play games on average every week? Um... less than I used to, since I'm an Adult with a full-time job. maybe 6-7 hours, if I have a free day? What genres do you mostly play? Simulation, Adventure/Fantasy... uh, whatever you'd catagorize Ape Escape as Please name some of your favourite games. Crash Bandicoot series, Sypro the Dragon (pre Year of Dragon), Ape Escape Series, Burnout Revenge, Soul Calibur Series, Civilization Series, The Sims series RPG's What is the most important thing in an RPG for you? (Art, Storyline, Originality, etc.) Storyline is a big key factor to whether or not I keep playing. The art can be great but there's gotta be more than just that. Do you like Side Quests, and if so, do you like games as TES5: Skyrim where most of the available quests are Side Quests? Side quests are fun, but having them as a main key point of the game is a little overdone in my opinion. If it furthers the world and culture, however, I guess it's okay? Do you prefer Real Time Battle or Turn-Based? Turn based Do you prefer Tilesets or hand-drawn scenery? (Pokémon games and Final Fantasy VII for example) Really... I have no preference? ¿porque no los dos? Do you like a large (optional) lore or don't you really care? (You read every book in Skyrim and talk to every NPC or just rush through the game) EVERY BOOK! As Hatsune Miku says: Tell your world to me! World Building Do you prefer a "unique" universe over a more simple one? (Zendikar from MTG, Spira from FF X, etc. are more unique worlds due to the strange creatures living there and weird geological locations. A world like Golden Sun's where you can battle normal bears and spiders are somewhat more simple.) Again, ¿porque no los dos? Do you like original, made-up languages or do they just confuse you? I like them if they're not overused. Personally, I have a fascination with language, so I'm willing to give anything a go at least once! Do you like it when a game has multiple different endings or is one solid ending good enough? Solid ending is fine, but release another one as bonus content later, if you want to. It's nice as a sort of "what if" scenario, I suppose.
  9. Your idea worked! As far as I can tell, it's working without a hitch. I have a loop set to call the Common Event on the maps where it would be needed, and so far it's been perfect and hasn't caused any sort of lag in-game. Thanks for your help
  10. Okay, so I've been working on this problem for a day and a half now, and with little success. I know there's gotta be an easy way to do this, but-- sometimes it takes an extra set of eyes. So for a little game I'm dallying with on the side, basically the player has to get 5 main items along with two soul fragments for each level to pass. Now, my problem is that what I want to happen is this: 1. Player gets two fragments. 2. When Player gets Fragment #2, an event occurs where the two fragments are thrown out of inventory and replaced with a whole soul (a third item). 3. Player uses the Soul item to exit the level. Now, the problem I'm having is this: I know that to get the game to do this, the event will have to double-check to see that both frags. are in the inventory. If they are, then it can go ahead and make the swap. Now the question- what would be the best and simplest way to do this? In the normal eventing screen, there's only a way to check for one item at the time. I've been fiddling with common events, but haven't found an answer that I like. Any suggestions?
  11. BUMP 9/19/16 CHANGES: Added music! Hear a sampling of the soundtracks for the game, to get a feel of the atmosphere.
  12. It's not a bad concept, tbh. It puts me in mind of the Lonely Wolf Treat series, which was made in RPG Maker if I'm not mistaken. It just depends on what you want to do with the things you've got, and since it's a versatile engine it's well worth a try.