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  1. This isn't really a problem persay, but is more of an idea: Is there any way to make a single click patcher itself? Rather than having to jump through hoops to get it installed? (i.e. Can one be made?)
  2. xs

    Do you mind if I patch this for Yanfly Item Menu/Menu Ace? This is what I managed to 'patch'
  3. xs

    Sorry if this seems too demanding, but if you could add something like overflow of items? Like, a stack of 99 items overflows to a new stack. This probably is totally different from your script too. (And allow the player to set how many they want stackable)
  4. xs

    There is a script around here that allows you to drop items.
  5. Curious question. What is the point of the import statement in most scripts?
  6. xs

    Yes, I do. Btw: Features to add? - Show the weight of the item (Possibly make it compatible with Yanfly Item Menu Ace) - Show a weight bar (Like used weight out of total weight)
  7. xs

    Yes, thank you! Been waiting for this. Your instructions aren't too clear though. So, say Potions weigh 0.5 lbs. Would a stack of 50 potions be 25 lbs or still 0.5? If this isn't so, do you plan on adding this feature?
  8. Special Transitions - KGC_SpecialTransition Originally VX, ported to Ace This was a simple port by changing one line. Terms and Conditions Editing and modifying the script is okay. Just don't say you made it all yourself. Permission to use is not necessary. Copyright information/documentation for KGC scripts is not necessary. ALL CREDITS TO ORIGINAL WRITERS. I JUST MADE IT VXACE FRIENDLY. LINK Probably not the most efficient way but it works.
  9. So, for clarification, a.custom_fireball, would be if the actor used it right? What do the parameters mean?
  10. I feel like I should introduce myself now. I go by newbcake or 'aWhiteRaven.' I'm a college student trying to learn various languages (mainly the ones circling C) but Ruby is proving to be 'fun'. I actually like programming in Ruby, and I feel that RGSS is a good way to improve myself. I'm still pretty much a beginner with it, only being able to do minor scenes and windows, but am starting to learn more. So I'm hoping to actually make a script that ends up being useful for many of you. That is all I can think of writing.
  11. xs

    Well, simply, is your switch on? (Or maybe something like the window is getting drawn off screen)
  12. I'm pretty sure he said he's already in the process of writing one (two posts up)
  13. Battle Count Window [Plug & Play] V 0.0.1 Newbcake/aWhiteRaven Credits to Adrien for his script which taught me how to do this Description A very basic script that draws a window in the status menu, showing the total of battles the user has been in. It's awfully simple for my first script. Features Users can specify whether they want text or an icon, and if so, choose which icon or what text to show. Screenies Code Questions & Comments Leave any feedback here please. Keep in mind this is my first crack at RGSS. Bug Tracker None so far
  14. This is probably a noob question, but I always thought module methods were done like: def self.someMethod Not with parentheses. Or has this changed?
  15. Not sure if this is the same guard bug I'm having. But if I use Guard, sometimes instead of casting it/using it, you see the command windows briefly switch, then come back as though you never selected a command. And sometimes, I can even use guard 5 times in a row before anything happens. (Seems to be Victor's Animated Battle script) And any idea on how to remove battle messages? Like (X enemy attacks) Video of bug (0:11)