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  1. I'm going to do this later!! I did some! I used pixelovely. I don't practice enough so that was a really helpful prompt... You said you wanted some tips... And first of all, lemme say your gestures look great! I think your areas of improvement rn would be facial anatomy, hair, clothing. You should do just as many practice sketches of faces as you do for bodies! realistic and stylised!
  2. Hi

    Hello! Hmm, if you're talking about a *sprite generator* like the one in vx ace (rather than drawing your own from scratch), then here are a couple!: I'm sure you could find more if you search 'character sprite generator' in google as well. =P
  3. Hello everybody, I'm here to do my obligatory drawings dump. =) I really enjoy drawing but I'm always always trying to improve and become more sophisticated at it... Also I'm open to the idea of doing commissions for games, but I wanted to gauge interest first since I know my drawing style is a bit... I don't know, unconventional? Not to imply that I'm some avant-garde force of creation, but anyhow, I know it might not be to everyone's tastes/might not fit with your typical game. Anyway I hope you enjoy and find this interesting ^^
  4. A puzzle-exploration game with horror elements Angela the high school girl is having a recurring dream... but what does it mean? The answer can only lie in going deeper... --- Game status: Completed (with placeholder graphics), possibility for minor mechanical edits. (p.s. asdjhagsk I know I tagged this wrong, I can't figure out a way to edit tags if there is a way at all? Sorry. Could I request movement to 'masterpiece theatre'.) Testing status: v100 tested by multiple people, major bugs should be removed now. (Bug reports always welcome, though!) Length: ~1hr Content warnings: religious themes; some blood/death; dark themes (abuse, insanity (although strictly non-explicit)). Some mild-moderate scares. Very mild language. --- Gameplay: Mostly takes place inside a recurring dream, where gameplay revolves around puzzles. The story is hints-based, so exploration is recommended. A complete walkthrough is included for if you get stuck. There are also a couple of chase scenes where reaction time will be your biggest asset. Highlights: Original, thematic puzzles + creepiness. --- Screenies: Minor issues/Credits: At present if you backtrack from the swimming pool to the balcony, the stairs will appear not to work anymore. Misc credits given in the readme. Download: ~*~**~*~ (Note the vx ace RTP isn't included) (VX Ace RTP: --- Thank you so much if you consider playing this game! - Clovejar
  5. Would you be comfortable with posting your practice track for analysis? It's totally ok if not, though. Have you layered your music? Maybe it sounds weird because it's out of beat, or there are melodies clashing between the channels?
  6. Hello, I'm Clove (or Clovejar)! =) Good to know you. I've been making vx ace games before, but I only recently started using the main forum and now this forum. I was originally an art person, so I wish I could have an avatar for my first post! Oh well. Here is an mspaint of my characters: other things about me: - I'm v approachable and like to chat. =) - I'm from the UK. My favourite type of tea is vanilla. - My favourite rpgmaker game is re:kinder. - I get obsessed over fictional characters easily. - I have one complete game, + currently working on a visual novel.