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  1. Has been solved for a while now, lol. Filed an appeal, and they reversed the decision. Staff can close this post now, unless people wanna use this topic for discussion about off topic stuff.
  2. Yeah. Guess this one is cancelled. I'll post the next one around late February or early March (st. patrick's or valentine's?).
  3. Contest will start on the 20th, 6PM GMT if we can get a couple more people, and end on the 23rd, 6PM GMT. If the current signup number holds...I will probably have to delay the contest until February or so.
  4. I'm probably going to extend the signups by a few days (20th), with the contest ending on the 23rd. Games will be due on the 24th, with results coming in around new year's.
  5. I'm neither encouraging nor discouraging self made assets. It's up to the contestants.
  6. Hey, what else can ya do on a zero budget?
  7. RTP/vanilla assets only. Editing existing assets is allowed. No restaff stuff or stuff made by others, as that is not RTP/vanilla. Custom work is allowed if made by you, but is neither encouraged or discouraged.
  8. Introducing: Indie By Night II! Ho-ho-holy humbug edition! The rules are the same as last time, but you have to make the game using only RTP/vanilla assets (free DLC is allowed). The theme of IBN II is: Ho-ho-holy humbug. Make something winter/holiday themed on a budget: Free! Contest Sign-ups: December 12, 6PM GMT to December 15, 6PM GMT Contest Start: December 16, 12AM GMT Contest End: December 18, 11:59PM GMT Submissions are due in up to 24 hours after contest end time (December 19, 11:59PM GMT). Prizes will be announced later. Happy holidays and good game making! Sorry to say, but due to low turnout, this IBN is cancelled. Look forward to IBN III in late February or early March!
  9. ePacket China Post. No signature required for delivery.
  10. Here I thought that eBay was supposed to have the buyer's back. Apparently not. Opened up a case about an item not received, even though the tracking showed it was delivered. Here's the rundown: I look at the tracking on the 1st after the seller had said it had left the sorting facility the previous night, and it says "Handed over to Customs (12/1/16)". I then go get the mail, thinking it to be a bit of an error in scanning, wanting to believe the seller. I get to the mailbox, and nothing was in there but my usual mail (letters, magazines, etc.). Now, I'm a bit worried and upset, as the package is fairly expensive. I open up a case when I get back to the house, and shortly afterwards, the tracking updates to "Delivered". I inwardly screamed at this... ...but continued over the next couple of days to check w/ the post office (who couldn't find the package or figure out what happened) and with neighbors. Nothing. Seller keeps saying "it says delivered, please check w/ friends, family, neighbors, etc." I call into eBay CS earlier, and they escalated the case. I think "awesome, I should get my refund issued". Nope. They decide in seller's favor cuz of the aforementioned "Delivered". Even though I had extensively told them it had not, and that I had checked countless times around for said package. I call for appeal. They tell me to file an IC3 report (internet crime report). I'm like, "How does this help?" they say it is needed for them to go through and override something or another for my appeal (and get refunded), and to make sure something like this never, yada yada yada. I'm supposed to get a decision by the 9th. They should have never decided in the seller's favor to begin with. It's like my side didn't matter at all. All cuz it says 'delivered'. TL:DR, buyer beware, eBay protects chinese sellers.
  11. I use CCleaner, but it does not touch my cookies.
  12. I use Firefox. Make any difference?
  13. It used to keep me signed in when I check "remember me" for this computer. Now, whenever I come back to the site after closing the browser (which I do when I shut down my PC, or step out of the house), I have to re-login. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. Imma gonna bow out too, lol. Too much irl stuf goin' on lately. Spasibo und dasvedanya~! See you guys for IBN II here in a couple of weeks.