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  1. There are several scripts for teleport. this one is called fast travel and looks to be what you want.
  2. counting game

    I'm trying to count... 354... damn dyslexia
  3. What you're looking for is a minimap. There are a few scripts for this. Look for RPG Maker VX Ace minimap For MV, Echo607 also make a video on how you could do it with eventing. Probably could be duplicated for ace, but it only covers for the world map. Unless you make it for every map in your game.
  4. well the direction keys don't need to be on repeat. and only needs direction fix off. as for the else, just make it direction fix on then at the bottom make the move route (without repeat). Your event is parallel process so it keeps getting run all the time. might want to think about a pause at the end as well. wait 5 With that, it should work. I don't see why not, unless the pathfinding is not working.
  5. the script by default has line 340 with a * 1 not * 2
  6. no the - was not included class Window_Base < Window #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: draw_actor_simple_status #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_actor_simple_status(actor, dx, dy) dy -= line_height / 2 draw_actor_name(actor, dx, dy) draw_actor_level(actor, dx, dy + line_height * 1) draw_actor_icons(actor, dx, dy + line_height * 2) dw = contents.width - dx - 124 draw_actor_class(actor, dx + 120, dy, dw) draw_actor_hp(actor, dx + 120, dy + line_height * 1, dw) if YEA::MENU::DRAW_TP_GAUGE && actor.draw_tp? && !actor.draw_mp? draw_actor_tp(actor, dx + 120, dy + line_height * 2, dw) elsif YEA::MENU::DRAW_TP_GAUGE && actor.draw_tp? && actor.draw_mp? if $imported["YEA-BattleEngine"] draw_actor_tp(actor, dx + 120, dy + line_height * 2, dw/2 - 1) draw_actor_mp(actor, dx + 120 + dw/2, dy + (line_height * 2), dw/2 + 1) else draw_actor_mp(actor, dx + 120, dy + line_height * 2, dw/2 - 1) draw_actor_tp(actor, dx + 120 + dw/2, dy + line_height * 2, dw/2 + 1) end elsif YEA::MENU::DRAW_TP_GAUGE && actor.draw_mp? draw_actor_mp(actor, dx + 120, dy + line_height * 2, dw) end end end # Window_Base
  7. Between lines 330 and 341 are 3 spots that mention draw_actor_mp they all need to be with this - line_height * 2 this pushes the mp bar down.
  8. You have to be using a script. The default without script is this. If you are using yanfly's scripts there is a setting in the menu script that needs to change.
  9. Watch this. vx ace at 4:45 Battle Symphony Galv's animated battlers Akea animated battle Kread-EX animated If these are all to complicated then you may need to have someone make a script for you.
  10. Yanfly's visual battlers only controls the sprites for your characters, not the enemy. You need to use another script.
  11. This rings a similarity to summons. Guardian summon and pets and summons are two I know of. One may do what you want.
  12. What you need to do is to adjust the settings. I use victor sant animated battlers script and it is not much different from Fomar's in the configuration. By default Fomar's script is set to holder's yes, but you just need to change the settings. BATTLERS['DEFAULT']['FRAMES'] = 4 # change to 3 for the sprite sheet. BATTLERS['DEFAULT']['VFRAMES'] = 14 # change to 4 for the sprite sheet. You just need to make the sprite sheets separate for each enemy. Here is my victors sant settings for example And one of the enemy sprite sheets notice the size. 4x2 sprite sheet with only the one enemy with the first for the battle script. If you need to use large images then it will be a single sprite sheet (1x1 - not 4x2) with the $ to allow useage of the large sprite sheet. Just make sure the size is even. If the sprite is large and fits in a 128 pixel by 200 pixel frame then your sheet would be 3 wide (384) by 4 high (800)
  13. Are you searched well? There are many scripts for animated battlers. Some use sprites, some use battlers and some can do both. Have you seen Fomar battler script? What may be different is how you want the enemies to act when the sprites are shown. Are you using a side view battle system? enemies on the right or left and your characters on the other side? I ask because Yanfly's animated battlers lets you choose up and down as well.
  14. Look here for things like the self switch command, it's a good list covering many items.