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  1. Can you make the character go back the way he came? Or is it that he follows the player? Perhaps something to say if he reaches this spot, or that one, he goes behind the building, or in a building and then you can use set event location command to move him back to the start.
  2. The script may be confusing, but all the instructions are in there. For a script that has 2 objectives you would have two entries for those objectives. 8 objectives, 8 entries.
  3. I have to admit, that sounds like a dumb idea. Once the file is deleted then the player just needs to save the game again. If you prevent this and the player dies then the player has to start over. If you can find a way to prevent these instances then I would recommend using an autosave script and limit the save files in the game. So if you allowed only 25 saves, then the autosave would save at position 30. So the player would never see it. Apart from that what your asking to be able to do a copy function (for backup) or rename, then to copy or rename back. I do not believe rpg maker has access to the computer system that easily.
  4. Please provide a picture of the event (not your desktop though). If you put the backtracer script in and show the console window, it can tell you with more accuracy where the problem is coming from.
  5. Please provide screen captures of the event only (not your desktop) so that we can see what you are doing. Otherwise all I can say is think it though and fix it.
  6. If you need the player to save then use an autosave script to perform a save.
  7. did you get the Tidloc Header?
  8. Try copy/paste the code again.
  9. For evented enemies then just give the player the item when he escapes from battle. In your battle encounter selected the option player can escape. then put in the item when he escapes. For random enemies, see below.
  10. Once month of looking for and saving scripts for vx ace complete. At least the main people. Probably lots of snippits and forums posts that I don't know about.

    I probably have between 400 and 500 scripts now.

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    2. Kayzee


      @roninator2 Do you have any of my scripts too? :3


      @PhoenixSoul Really most scripts are just aliases anyway PS, and sometimes tiny scripts can be the most useful.

    3. roninator2


      I do not seem to have anything from @Kayzee 


      Just realized I did a typo in the status. One* month, erk.



    4. PhoenixSoul



      Here's one of mine.

      Shop Quantity Change Value Alteration

      =begin Shop Quantity Change Value Alteration Plugin This will change the way the numbers are updated in the Shop. Devised by Amyrakunejo, assisted by Dr.Pantload (/c) 2017, PHANTOM Enterprises Change the values of the following: if || value *= 2 end To just about anything you'd like. In the example above, '||' indicates that either :SHIFT or :A must be pressed for the conditions to be met Change the 2 in value *= 2 to whatever you'd like. You can take the template above, and add it to the script below, as long as you keep it below elsif Input.repeat?(:DOWN) value = -10 end and above change_number(value) end end Tips: You can have it be required that BOTH :A and :SHIFT be pressed to increase the value multiplier by replacing '||' with '&&' You can also change the way the values change by default. Like, you can flip right and left, as well as up and down, by inverting their respctive integers. Example: if Input.repeat?(:RIGHT) value = -1 elsif Input.repeat?(:LEFT) value = 1 elsif Input.repeat?(:UP) value = -10 elsif Input.repeat?(:DOWN) value = 10 end Can also rotate the intgers, like so: if Input.repeat?(:RIGHT) value = 10 elsif Input.repeat?(:LEFT) value = -10 elsif Input.repeat?(:UP) value = 1 elsif Input.repeat?(:DOWN) value = -1 end Or even rotate and invert the integers, like this: if Input.repeat?(:RIGHT) value = -10 elsif Input.repeat?(:LEFT) value = 10 elsif Input.repeat?(:UP) value = -1 elsif Input.repeat?(:DOWN) value = 1 end Personally, I don't recommend the above, but it can be done, though if you do, you might want to tell your fellow players. Here are some examples of value multiplier alteration commands: if || value *= 2 end if && value *= 5 end if || || value *= 2 end if value *= $game_variables[x] end Alias: Window_ShopNumber -> Update Quantity =end class Window_ShopNumber < Window_Selectable #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update Quantity #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_number value = 0 if Input.repeat?(:RIGHT) value = 1 elsif Input.repeat?(:LEFT) value = -1 elsif Input.repeat?(:UP) value = 10 elsif Input.repeat?(:DOWN) value = -10 end if || value *= 2 end if value *= 5 end #~ if || && #~ value *= 10 #~ end if || && value *= 10 end #~ if || && #~ value *= 50 #~ end #~ if #~ value *= 50 #~ end #~ if #~ value *= 100 #~ end #~ if && #~ value *= 500 #~ end change_number(value) end end

      Basically it allows one to change the amount the shop will sell or buy by holding down an extra button (default is 1 for left and right and 10 for up and down). Like, set it to (:Z) to multiply by 10 so that left and right is 10 and up and down is 100, or whatever. You can use multiple combinations to skyrocket the changes exponentially.

  11. ace

    What's also interesting is that it's not in the list of rpg maker vx ace scripts on Dekita's web site. There is a advanced battle weather script for 2 British pounds (£2)
  12. Ok I got it now. I didn't realize there wasn't a move to event without that script. I tested the situation out. and got it to work like this
  14. This sounds like a good idea. I'm curious though. My mind has not wrapped around the process of how you would specify leveling up an actor. I see you mention equipment, but how can changing equipment make a level up? Since if I have a hand axe and need a battle axe to level up to 2, but need a crimson axe to go to level 3. If I am level 1 and equip the crimson axe, would I go to level 2 or 3? Then how would you restrict the player from equipping the new equip if the exp is not 100%? Additionally, if I have exp at 100% and unequip the hand axe, then equip the hand axe, would I not go up a level?
  15. Yes I'm using vxace as well.You must not be familiar with adding script commands to the editor. Here