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  1. counting game

    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. 261 I guess I should have just put both of them in the same post and see if the next person used my idea. now it's a race to the next level. Who will take the glory?
  2. counting game

    Double post. Just had to cause I thought of this one first but had to come up with the last one to get here. 2^8 = 256
  3. counting game

    First octet common subnet mask. 11111111 = 255
  4. counting game

    I recently helped someone with a skill equip problem. He was using Yami Engine Symphony - Skill Equip It may not be exactly what your looking for but maybe it will do for the FFV skill equip. Also found https://rpgmaker.net/scripts/273/ but it is also a BGM only player. 253
  5. Is your antivirus blocking it from running? What is your antivirus program?
  6. I got the counter attack to work occasionally with it set to certain hit. On the Counter skill I had <action: counter on, reset> <action: counter off, reset> Not sure if that is messed up, but I'm still in early stages of tests as I'm working on other glitches. One thing it did, which I'll have to work out, is to attack after the enemy returned to it's original spot and the next enemy attacked. Basically the counter happened while the enemy was attacking, but the enemy didn't pause for the counter and the counter didn't happen when the enemy attacked.
  7. counting game

    251 I know nothing about the faceset generator. I've been using MV character generator for all my characters. Are you looking for a music player for all music? What ones have you tried, cause I know there are some. FFV Job skills, Would this be about yanfly's JP script? It can be used with learn skills script. Or is there something different about the FFV system that I don't remember.
  8. counting game

    Two Four Niner, over and out. What key components? I didn't read through all the counts to see what you might be talking about.
  9. music

    Well it didn't take long to have my request fulfilled. Ferret Entertainment is very nice to work with and produces great results. Highly recommended to give this composer a try. Turnaround time was less than a day for my request.
  10. counting game

    Let's count a 2 and a 4 and a 5... wait where's the 3? Well that's how many numbers we have silly.
  11. counting game

    81 x 3 = 243
  12. music

    I think your logo should have a stripe under the eye, to look like a marking signifying toughness. Which would also fit more into the E your showing for the name. Also is the music you have provided here free to use? Commercial?
  13. music

  14. When mentioning other scripts, you should make a link to them so that some people (perhaps myself) can look at the scrips and possible use them for testing to see if your request is possible. Unless someone has already done this.