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  1. Since i've joined this amazing community I have received a lot of advice and tips regarding how a dungeon should be made, and such. I've also received a lot of support from you guys here as well as a small circle of people who I discuss this project with. Non the less i'm not here to list all the praise I am getting, i'm here to discuss the direction my game is taking as of January 2016- Present.(2017) I would like to start of and give a percentage of where i'm at so far. I am around 8% done with my game so far. This percent seems pretty tiny to most people who might read this, but ironically this is the hardest amount of effort I have EVER put into a project let alone a possible commercial game. What have I done since last year exactly? Well, to start I have made my main Protagonists a lot more likable and given them personality. Compared to early 2015 or late 2014 these characters i made are more relatable and also fit the era they live in, (ex. 1950-1960) Also I made the locations in the game more simplified and constrained most of the towns into one country (america) but also gave some locales to places like the pacific isles, and even the Soviet Union. Whats the plot synopsis on your game GWIT? Below are some screenshots of the game so far.
  2. So you just got zapped by a flying saucer, whats next? You don't feel different, no cuts, or any thing serious. But why do you feel all tingly around your chest and hand regions? Well what if I told you that you have been hit by an atomized bio weapon created by a species that wants to destroy the earth and the entire milky way galaxy. But enough of that you have "space magic!" or AstroMagic. Astro magic is an amazing form of weaponry, all the user has to do is concentrate their body's energy and mind power and they can unleash a slew of dangerous attacks! What kinds of Astro Magic are their?: According to the species that created this technology it is scientifically classified in 3 types. Attack, Support, and Status type Offensive: The user who now is a walking weapon can use the elements found on their planet of origin as an attack. If for some accidental reason a HUMAN would possess this sacred tech they could unleash attacks made of Fire, Ice, Electricity, Radiation, Light Beams, and the very Ground itself. Support: When there's war to be waged your going to have casualties. Thankfully for you science has invented a supportive type of Astro Magic. The user has the ability to cure illness', restore health to their fellow soldiers, and even bring back organic things from being medically dead! Status: Not enough research
  3. If anyone is going to ask why 20 years equals 1935 this project and travel page take place in 1955.
  4. Tired of that large bussel of everyday life? That dull feeling of waking up at exactly 6:00 AM because of the horrendous traffic accident/ jam on your street keeping you from your boring office job 20 miles into town? Well look no longer because you could be moving to the best little town on earth! Wheatville! This small little suburban region is located just west of Duncaster and Hosts a variety of small town things! Population: One of the many reasons to move to this wonderful little farm town is it's meager population. Wheatville holds only 45 people in its limits. It's an everyone knows everyone kind of place pal. Lines to go to the store, gas stations, and even the bathroom are not going to be a problem here. Tourist Areas: Wheatville holds two of Freedom-Land's most famous tourist landmarks, Mt. Hamburger, and the Freedom Express Station. Mt. Hamburger is a stunning 2500 ft high and bolsters an amazing miners paradise of a cavern. This magical mountain is an adventure for hikers, explorers, and historians alike. The Freedom Express is Freedom Land's oldest railway station that connects this little farm town to the rest of the country. The line starts here and ends in the huge Freedom Metropolis. WildLife: This tiny little town also hosts a large population of animals and fauna. From the extravagant Gorton Snook, to the adorable Blat. Crime Free for 20 Years! You read that right this town has been criminal free since 1935, thanks to our wonderful boys in blue who work that extra 110% to keep ruffians off the street and our citizens safe! Well what are you waiting for?! Move to Wheatville silly!
  5. this looks really good, Im kinda envious of you. But non the less it looks really professional.
  6. So I was recently playing through Mother 1 (earthbound Beginnings) and have grown fond of how the layout of the battles and menus look (inventory aside ew.) and how rpg maker vx ace's default battle layout looked similar to it. Is there a way to remove the health bar, mp bar? and make it just numbers? ex. (Character) 25/150 MP 25/29
  7. The inside graphics of a 50's styled house.

    © Green With it

  8. This is a piece of art my girlfriend made for me based on another ink drawing I did. The two characters in the picture are Ryan and Blake respectively.
  9. This is a WIP sprite set for my main Character in my RPG named Iron Cross. Once I get some headway on it, i'll post more info on the projects tab.

    © Green With It

  10. Oh well thank you for the help.
  11. So in other words I cant use MS paint to do my spriting?
  12. Ok so I don't know if this has been asked before (probably has) but I recently bought MV and I don't know why but whenever I import my actor sprite sheet it still keeps the background color in it. Am I doing something wrong here or is it an entirely new import/ creating process? (Also line 1 of the first sprite is mine, im using the sprite sheet as a reference)
  13. Hey welcome man
  14. Im pretty new to the whole forums and message boards things but I can take some time to introduce my self. My name is Kyle and im an aspiring artist and game designer. I've made my fair share of sketches and small animations and its great to be here. I currently have a game in the works at the moment so sometime I may show it off sometime when its in a stable enough build. Anyways its great to be apart of the RPG maker community and you all seem like a nice group people.