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  1. Bad news, everyone. I am putting the project on indefinite hiatus. There are two reasons. Simplest reason: I'm out of time. I am juggling a personal blog and a night shift job, and I sleep during the day with very little time to work on the game. As a result, it never progresses, and while it's seen the addition of a lot of sprites lately, unfortunately my plans for it won't come to fruition. Second reason: Fallout with the creator of the comic. Behind-the-scenes stuff has been revealed that made me no longer want to associate with the comic's creator, which is a shame because I still like the story that is being told in it. It's an issue I was well-aware could happen at some point, but wished it would never happen. I'll spare you the details, you want none of it and I have no intention to drag around drama like a weight to shove onto other people. Long story short, I still like the comic, but I don't see a reason to continue the project as it would be free work for a community I no longer associate with. The project is pretty much dead. Which, again, doesn't make much of a difference as I've barely done anything on it since I started working night shifts in March. My sincere apologies to anyone who wanted to see this project continue. I had great ideas for it, but even if I didn't have that second reason, I would still be out of time to do anything. I might still toy around with RPG Maker, but nothing to the magnitude of that project I had great hopes for.
  2. I looked around on the pages to edit info on the pictures posted to the Gallery and couldn't find a way to remove the two small sprite sets I posted there. Turns out, the artist wants to add a watermark first, so I need to take down both pictures at the moment. Is there a way to competely remove one's own pictures from the gallery?
  3. Dante is the human who got bitten and became Pucho. His name is unknown at the start of the comic, so his name i listed as "???" when the game begins. His name is learned relatively quickly, though it matters only for one particular character who pops up later and remembers him and what he used to be like... Sprite courtesy of user Chaokobon from the FFC fandom Discord server. (He also made a black-and-white version of the sprite for flashback purposes.)
  4. The base for Pucho Chileno. My spriter will soon add plenty of variant outfits on the character, for at least a full page of sprites to be used in the game. Sprite courtesy of user Chaokobon from the FFC fandom Discord server.
  5. Speaking of progress, I have actually found in the Foxy Flavored Cookie fandom someone who has experience making RPG Maker sprites, and who has agreed to help me with this project. As you can see below, the result looks pretty good so far - and that spriter is tenacious enough to make different sprite sets for every set of clothes Pucho wears in the comic. Hm, wonder if that'll also happen for every other character... Below is an in-game test turned into a .gif image.
  6. The only update I've had time to do lately was some minor aesthetic things, correcting small mistakes in spelling mostly. I am still juggling with the possibility of changing the HUD a bit. Last but not least, I've decided to start looking around for sprite artists. If I could get at least the main character's sprites done, that would already be nice.
  7. How much would it cost to make a full page of sprites of various characters for my game? There would be 8 different sets of sprites, 4 rows of 3 sprites for each direction as per RPG Maker standards. The sprites would be 32X32 pixels, also the software standard. I might actually check the price and then see how many sprites I can request. Only issue being that you will need to make sprites based on existing characters, using some images of these characters. Would you be up to the task, and how much would it be?
  8. Quick announcement: I found a job about three weeks ago and have been pretty busy with it, I work night shifts at a gas station. I'm saying this because, as a result, I have less free time to work on my game (the messed-up sleep schedule that results from those shifts also doesn't help). But don't worry, I will try to continue my work on it whenever I have free time. The project is certainly not buried, although I am going to need some help in devising various possible side-quests.
  9. Another quick update, only 4 days since the last post; I have made a new version available. Version 1.08 adds about 15 minutes of gameplay, includes more characters, features a Creator Cameo of Baker, contains the cooking mechanic that I had so many issues adding previously, and ends with some freedom to visit the still relatively empty Paws' Den. As for the art, it features more Faces and pictures to make it feel closer to the comic... including a new Title image! Version 1.09 will likely see the inclusion of a whole lot more people to talk to, more maps, and probably some side-quests. I'm aiming for 10 side-quests at the moment. After which, Version 1.10 should be the inclusion of Pages 60 to 88 of the comic, which will be a LOT of work... but nothing insurmountable. Just a lot of maps to design, a lot of places to create, a lot of new characters to take into consideration. As usual, comments, advice and bug reports will be greatly appreciated. And if you decide to try the game... thank you. Thank you very much. As the first big RPG project I'm really invested in, that means a lot to hear that many people are playing it.
  10. I completed a few more elements of the RPG in the last few months. I know I haven't posted around here in a while, mostly because I was busy with various thing other than the game. But I've still worked on it from time to time, adding a few more features, and I also received a new Battler artwork from the comic's creator! I think I'll make another version of the game available soon. I just need to finish a thing or two, after which I'll upload the new version. I will then start working on some side-quests.
  11. I'll try Vlue's basic script. Hopefully it'll work. EDIT: I set up the simpler script... which worked on the first try. Yeah, I was hoping to have something more interesting, but that will have to do for now. Thanks for the links.
  12. Here is my first issue with the game, as shown in these two pictures. I hate to be annoying about this, but I have no idea what could be wrong with that part of the script (Mistake 1, indicated by 1.1 and 1.2). Turning it off (with the # symbol in front of the few lines of that part) do help, but they lead to a second error, which I also reveal here (Pictures ScriptError 2.1 and 2.2), and if I also turn it off, something else happens: The screen goes black. I don't get an error message telling me that there are critical errors in the script, all I get is a black screen, without any indication of an error. I hope these pictures, the error messages from the game and the faulty parts of script, will allow you to help me find what's wrong in there.
  13. I've been updating my RPG sparsely in the last month mostly because I had a lot of things to do, I was pretty busy. I still managed to put in place a basic cooking feature for my game. It has few recipes, so it isn't much yet. I did test out my RPG afterwards, although I have run into a few issues. I actually took a crafting script created by user Venka of another RPG Maker forum. The demo for that script included different types of craftings, and I had to make changes - mostly to the list of recipes, I left the scrapting script itself untouched because I have no experience with the Ruby script, and I am afraid of making more game-breaking errors. So far, I get the NameError type of mistake (the one that triggers automatically when the script is called points to line 1517 of that script). What I need, in fact, is someone who could look into that script and correct the mistakes that pop up into it. I don't know how many other mistakes lie beyond that first one. I think there may be sounds used in the original crafting demo that aren't in my game, hence why the crafting script is unable to work... but that would only be the first problem. If said first problem is that. At the end of my game as it is currently, the character is required to get an item for a recipe and then make said recipe using the oven in the house - the script activates when the player presses Z in front of the oven. I don't know if I'm allowed to link to the original thread I got the script from, although I will be updating the version of the game on Mediafire and I think I can also link to that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am stuck until these scripting issues are resolved.
  14. Well, in the end, the issue was solved pretty quickly. I thought it was going to be a huge problem, but in the end I just had to delete some things.
  15. I need help! I have received bug reports indicating that the game crashes after two screens currently and that this would be caused by an issue in the Crafting Script. The message I've been sent by a playtester includes this error message: Here's a screenshot of said problematic line. I need someone who's far better than me at using the Ruby programming script, someone who can find the mistake there and correct it. Please help me, I can't move on as long as this isn't corrected! Download the game, check the script, and tell me what to change! EDIT: Also check line 1473, as far as I know it's a problem with the "credits" section attributed to Venka. I will need to erase those if I want to get the script to work... But it wouldn't hurt to check and see if there are any other possible issues with the game, too.