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  1. thank you guys! I hope I will meet a lot of people that are as passionate about their project as I am and I hope I can be of some help to the community!
  2. So, I'm a complete noob to this forum and wanted to introduce myself. Well, I'm a geek and love video games, I started writing my first fantasy novel when I was 17 and based my videogame I am creating on it. I'm trying to design all my characters by myself and I'm pretty good at scripting too. About myself...well, my mom is number one videogamer and makes people cry in tetris, that's maybe why I am obsessed with gaming. I also love anime and mangas and apart from rpgmaker vx I am an editor(final cut pro expert), actress and model (I know that sounds not geek like at all, but ... oh well) Anyways I'm happy to meet you all and if you need help, feedbacks on story development facesets or charas, hit me up!