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  1. Updated again! You thought I disappeared didn't ya? XP
  2. @roninator2 I thought using the save/replay BGM would fix this but even with that the music just never starts upon loading a save..hm, yeah I'd ask if you could redownload http://www.mediafire.com/file/xu4z61v6u748kvt/Glitch_Testing.zip and see if any script is causing this problem. I tested and @ms_cutscene = false just took away the option to skip. EDIT: I'm stupid...I put the save/replay BGM on the wrong event page, now the music plays after loading.
  3. @roninator2 Sorry for late reply, I'm looking up where I got the script and making sure I didn't remove anything. Do you still have the glitch testing zip? I never added a new script pass that, and I don't want to go looking for where I found them all.
  4. So I noticed that afrer reloading a save the background music just stops. I noticed this happens only after you skip a cutscene so I know it's something to do with the script. Which is this one. This script actually works with the script that allows the skip option. I did make a slight edit to where D is the button to allow you to skip the cutscenes, but my memory could be wrong as I tend to forget and had attempted to remove the audio script, tho kept it after realizing it just restarts the music on its own. But can someone look at the above audio script for me? I know by testing if I add a para-event with "save and replay BGM" it'll restart, but wanted to know if I could fix this first. So to basically tell my problem, it's this. "I skip a cutscene to see if the command works, then I save, reload, and no BGM, it just disappears".
  5. Well I figured out you "can" select things from inside a Conditional Branch by holding shift. Well that fixes everything. XD
  6. I try to remember to fully finish a cutscene before placing it inside a Conditional Branch but every now and again I finish it, but remember I have to go back and add a smaller Conditional Branch inside the cutscene where a few line of dialogs changed depending on if you learnt something. Let me put a example in a spoiler tag, so you guys get what I mean. Is there a way to select everything within a Conditional Branch, but not the Conditional Branch itself? Just everything inside it? I had to be careful by making a backup event with the completed cutscene as I had to go in and, for lack of a better word, surgically insert this smaller Conditional Branch inside it and make sure nothing was out of order. A game with many optional bits and pieces, Celestia it's hard to remember everything when you go and add them! XD Remember I want this game to give freedom and change on your choices, thus making you feel better inserted and--------------THINK OF MORROWIND, that's really the best possible example in terms of the choice freedom I'm aiming for. But I have OCD, I tend to forget when focusing, so its likely I'll forget to add---or later want to add---a Conditional Branch that changes a few lines and actions within a Conditional Branch depending on another choice. Also remember this game is a murder mystery, another good example would be the PC game Ripper where the killer is randomly different and you have to really pay attention to everything that changes.
  7. @Perang Cemen Name boxes are neat but I meant for normal dialog. @KilloZapit Can you show a few examples on what your script is suppose to look like when used?
  8. @Perang Cemen Suppose that wouldn't hurt to take a look at.
  9. Just a random question. When you allow the player to give the playable characters a custom name, what length would you guys suggest? If I set it too long it'll cut off the texts as they tend to go off screen if you don't use the arrows it uses to show the cut off point. But if I set it too small it'd be rather pointless and lame. I at least want it around than 4-6 characters long. I also know to limit how often the names are used in-game, but when I do use them I'll have to leave an big enough space for longer custom names so they don't get cut off often. Pokemon and Final Fantasy up to 9 (not counting 5) allowed custom names, and thought that'd allow the player to feel a bit more invested and such as the name is custom to them, much like Link's from every Zelda game ever.
  10. @roninator2 Yeah I had him walking into walls when picking up stuff, I'll look at your zip shortly and edit this afterwards. ^^
  11. @roninator2 I did try a detection script, but hit a brick wall that you can check in those topics. http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/40485-need-help-with-detection-script/ http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/40501-need-a-scripters-help/ As for attacking the killer, you need to get the knife and get him from behind. The X/Y events are simple to explain---they keep track of where the player and killer are. If you look in the Killer's Sight event you'll see, that depending on where the player is, can see the player and goes after them. The reason it and Killer's Path are so long is due to the map size. I wanted the killer to be able to roam, not just stand still and offer no challenge at all. So one event tells the killer to walk to a spot depending on his current X/Y, while another keeps checking the player's X/Y. It was a pain to test this because with every new edit the killer's events kept respawning at the start. I know it isn't perfect, and likely will scrap the Sight event when I can get the detection script to working---if you look at the links above you'll see the current issue is getting the killer to move at the player or to just move at all.
  12. I took a look and might give this a try (assume by still images he meant the sprites?) but I saw someone named Victor Sant say the below quote. However where do I do it? Do I split them up and paste in groups? I went ahead and backed up the sprite_character script in case I mess up and ruin it.
  13. @Rikifive OK. ^^; Thanks and again sorry for the mishap. Now we just need to wait for a scripter to respond to the above script.
  14. @Shiggy I think so, or it's the site. I think what happened was as I was posting this the site told me "we have a limit for posting, try again in 8 seconds" so I went back a page and waited the 8 secs before posting. Sorry for the trouble mods. ^^;
  15. This is a request regarding to http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/40485-need-help-with-detection-script/ I'll add the script below. Both me and Pokémon Trainer are trying to use this script but there's a bit of a issue. Pathfinding. For an example I got a event to work to where if he hears sound he moves towards it, however when seeing the player he just remains still as a statue. I attempted to have him walk about the map but had 2 problems. Firstly in the custom move route in Custom Autonomous Movement returned with an error, so I went back to using a para-event for his movement based on his X/Y. The para-event didn't turn off when I told it to so that's out. Our request is, could somebody look at and possibly edit this script to work with pathfinding? I'm currently using Jet's pathfinding script and Pokémon Trainer had linked a few others in the above link. I think this script was purely meant for a stand still guard that never moves on his own, which if that's the case I'll need to try another stealth script. For another example here's the testing map for this script as well as a zip that only contains this map so if you need to test it you can (made this zip before finding this script btw). http://www.mediafire.com/file/xu4z61v6u748kvt/Glitch_Testing.zip