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  3. @CreatorDev Sorry for the late reply. Yes, send me a P.M. with audio attachments of the sample lines. Thanks
  4. EDIT: GERMAN TRANSLATOR's slot has been taken. SPANISH TRANSLATOR's slot has been taken.
  6. EDIT: SPANISH TRANSLATOR's slot is OPEN again.
  7. EDIT: SPANISH TRANSLATOR's slot has been taken.
  8. Sorry, but as a male role, there's only Ezio Mariano left. You can still try it out!
  9. UPDATE: LUKE JONES's slot has been taken
  10. Hi it's The007who here, and I'll go straight to the point. I haven't come up with a name for my game yet... DESC: You are Jeff Brant, a 50 year old detective. 10 years ago there was a big car accident. Selina Devins has died and the only possible culprit is Kyle Devins. Investigate with your trusty assistant, Ezio Mariano, and your best friend, Luke Smith, the truth about Tape Interview 24 and protocol 38. JEFF BRANT:[TAKEN] KYLE DEVINS:[TAKEN] LUKE JONES: [TAKEN] KURT BERISFORD: [OPEN] LUNA JACKSON: [OPEN] SELINA DEVINS: [OPEN] EZIO MARIANO: [TAKEN] DIALOGUE WRITER: [TAKEN] ARTIST: [TAKEN] PLAYTESTER: [OPEN] ANIMATION ARTIST: [OPEN] SCRIPTER: [OPEN] GERMAN TRANSLATOR: [TAKEN] FRENCH TRANSLATOR: [OPEN] SPANISH TRANSLATOR: [TAKEN] JAPANESE TRANSLATOR: [OPEN] Open slots. Luke Smith - A billionaire. He's kinda sassy, but very kind and reliable friend. Luna Jackson - A psychologist. She's a very soft-spoken woman. Selina Devins - Kyle Devin's wife. Also a soft-spoken woman, but can get angry ver easily. Ezio Mariano - Jeff Brant's assistant. He's got an Italian accent. Sometimes he uses typical Piedmontese words. He's a quick learner. I also need a dialogue writer. I have already written 1/5 of the script but you can add and change however you want. Here's some screenshots For those that want to take part in voice acting, here are some sample lines: LUKE SMITH: "Hey cheer up, okay?" "Something's wrong?" LUNA JACKSON: "What kind of stress were you under?" "I'm sure we can find a way" SELINA DEVINS: "Did you bring the sun cream?" "WATCH OUT!!" EZIO MARIANO: "What shall we do, sir?" "Si, signore!" It's The007who signing off...
  11. Hi! So, I've been thinking... ...could any of you guys make a simple script along these lines? You have been given 4 choices and under there's like a bar that will run out between 5 or 8 seconds. If you didn't pick in time it will make a random choice for you. There's normally 4 choices but sometimes there just 2. [spoiler=Example] Here's an example... Also tell me if there's a script similar to the one I'm requesting... But instead of having PlayStation buttons, it would be best to navigate with the arrow keys OR by pressing one of the keys you directly choose the answer. That's all for now! See ya