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    Well, among all the things I've released over various communities for different games and such, I can at least say this was technically the most pleasant experience I've had, so far.. Gotta appreciate the silver lining.
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    For those wondering where the "first" dungeon master game is, here's a link. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651862331
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    Mature Warning: Possible unintentional/accidental drug usage and very few but some foul language included. Abstract: A dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements, and great variety. Genre: See "Abstract" Game Progression: Complete, releasing demo Recruitment: Game entirely made by single person, none needed. Game Length: Full Game - 9 to 12 hours Demo - 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours. http://www.mediafire.com/file/1k5j4iieoxsa0e0/Dungeon_Master_2_Demo.zip [The Demo] Story: You control a group of adventurers seeking the "Dungeon Master", a strange overlord of an even stranger realm, which is responsible for the disappearance of many noble adventurers. You are tasked with heading through "The Paths", an enigmatic system of pathways dotted with strange symbols that teleport you to various realms all across this dimension. Can you survive the onslaught and reach the dungeon master? Or will you be but another tale of woe? Character Bios: The game is more focused on the gameplay itself, rather than the characters, and though your characters may individually fall victim to traps or avoid them, there isn't any real development going for them. Credits: Creator/Ideas - Squishybrick Scripts-------- Item Rarity - Hime Item Stack Size - Hime Mana Shield - Hime Active Cost - Hime Toggle State - Hime Chest Drop Randomizer - AdiktuzMiko Anti-Fail - Yanfly Passive States - Yanfly Passive Skills - Neon Black Drop Options - modern algebra (rmrk.net) Custom BGS------ Thunder - Squishybrick [The player heading through "The Path", in the demo] [The player visiting one of the "Temples".] [A screenshot of the inventory page, with some various collected items] Features: The demo perfectly encapsulates most of the main features my game has to offer, and, if beaten, will tell you everything you need to know about what the full game offers.. But obviously it'd be lazy to just let my demo do all the talking, so here's a basic explanation/run-down on how the demo/main game works.. The gameplay is quite simple. Once you're actually in the path, you're set on a non-deviating path leading down. In this path are "nodes", miniature portals on the ground which teleport you to various locations each time you step on them. Growing stronger in this game is not done by EXP, but instead, equipment and stat-ups.. Some of the "nodes" may take you to a realm known as a "temple", which contain one of the various demi-gods that rule over this dimension.. Most of them offer you one of two choices. A free permanent stat-up if you pray to them, or, a different special reward depending on which god it is.. For instance, kaiser, the god of wealth, may offer a chest which gives a random amount of gold to you. Brutus, the god of endurance, may offer a random piece of armor-based equipment, and so forth. Among the nodes, there are two other main types you will encounter.. One being "Village" nodes... Stepping on one will teleport you to a random village. There are various different villages you may end up in, each one unique.. Some villages don't sell weapons, but extra-powerful armor, some villages might include a higher chance to encounter special merchants wandering around, some villages may sell special items which you may use to help you along the way, and some villages may offer discounts or special services unique only to that village. The last thing I'll explain, is dungeons.. Among the nodes, a dungeon node is also something you will encounter often. A dungeon node will take you, unsurprisingly, to a dungeon, which to your dismay/pleasure merely looks like "another path, but horizontal this time".. Within a dungeon, you will face enemies, specific to that dungeon.. There are many flavors of enemies you may encounter. Some strong, some weak, some fast, some dangerous, but each one has their own unique attacks and strategies to employ, so never expect the same battle twice. Also within dungeons you may find random items, or bump into/dodge traps. Some of which may hurt a party member, debuff them, or even help them, depending on the situation and dungeon-type. I don't wish to explain my demo/game any further than that, because my game is rogue-like in nature. It's just as much about exploring new avenues and encountering the unexpected, as it is "a generic dungeon crawler".. Known Issues: I've play-tested the full game and beaten it over 6 times, each with a roughly 10-hour play-through, my goal was to merely continue playing and beating the game, until I ceased to find a single bug in a full play-through, and then play-test it once more to make sure, which I've done. That does not mean my game, or the demo for it, is perfect. If there are any bugs, I have not seen them, but I won't deny that they could exist. There ARE balancing issues, where taking advantage of certain events may end you up with a disturbingly over-powered party, but this, I like to think, is similar to the :"binding of isaac" form of exploit, where though said exploits may openly exist, you'd be required to do perform very specific long-term actions to ensure said exploits were possible, and I guarantee you won't even be aware the exploits exist on your first few play-throughs. Future Plan / Ending notes: If you play the demo, and successfully beat it, you will be rewarded with a credits screen showing you what the "full" game offers.. If you hated the demo, I promise you, you will hate the game, because besides having a lot more content all-around, the gameplay remains mostly the same to the demo at its heart. If you loved the demo, and end up playing it multiple times just to see the various places you end up, the items you can gain, and things to see and do, then let me know on this thread. Three last points to make.. 1. I'm releasing the demo as an installer in a zip file, without the rtp data or whatever it's called.. If this is considered "bad" please let me know, and I'll re-upload it with said data included. 2. I'm not "holding the game hostage until I think enough people like it".. In fact, it might be easier to just personally ask me for a copy if you like it, so you don't "have" to publicly praise/shame the game on the thread if you don't want to "give me attention".. 3.The full version of the game, if given to everyone or just through a PM, will come with a free copy of a full guide that I created for the game, completely explaining every mechanic in the full version, as well as hints, tips, secrets, and even a few basic strategic exploits. I suppose that's all I can say for now.. Hope you enjoy the demo. Post what you think about it (if you want), and if you find any bugs in the demo, let me know. I play-tested the demo as well, but I'm not perfect, who knows what a fresh pair of eyes might catch that I missed.
  4. Rensje? I looked up the name and I ended up with a shaggy-haired female who's apparently the ambassador of delegation at EU Delegation to nepal. Unless maybe you mistook me for someone else or if that name is some kind of meme or slang term, I'm not sure I recognize the meaning behind it.
  5. Well, here I am.. I am known as Squishybrick, but you can call me squishy. In some circles, though, I am referred to as "The wary traveler" I come to various forums for two reasons.. To explore and observe the depths of human behaviour, and release something I've made specific to the community. The chance of me succeeding either wholly depend on the hospitality of the forum itself.. Most of the forums I've been to weren't exactly the fluffiest pillows in the laundry basket, but I've been told holding a low opinion from the start due to past experiences only invites hostile behaviour, so for my and other's sake, I'll stick my neck out and assume this forum is completely immaculate, and thus are those who operate it. That being said, hello. I use RPG Maker VX Ace.. I've played RPG Maker for a very very long time, dating back to "RPG Maker" for the PS1. My hobbies include modding/making/playing games, gunsmithing, and getting into debates over what is accepted as moral human behaviour, with people whom are typically "risky" to debate with.. If all goes as planned, I will release a game to this forum, for all to play.. For free! But don't assume that because it is free, that it is insubstantial.. I've worked many dozens of solid hours on it, and will be happy to share with this community, if nothing goes awry.. Here's hoping.