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  1. thank you
  2. rpg maker mv

    I have made a very Early Demo for some early feed back and to let the public know how this game is going to be. I hope some people will play it and may look forwards to the full demo which is planned for May 11th. My Birthday. Do note that many things aren't functional yet in the early demo and there are some spelling mistakes and errors which will be fixed in the full demo.
  3. Let us just say s/he likes the following genres: "Supernatural", "Tragedy", "Horror", and "Shoujo ai"/"Yuri". Ha ha. Sure! I'm not so much into yuri though
  4. Thank you all!
  5. Howdy, nice to meet you.
  6. I'm MakotoNaegi and my favorite game is Danganronpa, and my favorite anime is probably Madoka Magica. My goal is to make at least 1 good RPG Maker game in my lifetime, that people will talk about. If you would like to talk to me for whatever reason, I certainly don't mind if I'm online and not busy but I'm not so thrilled of the idea of conversations that go on for more than an hour.
  7. Suffer.Invisible is a Visual Novel style RPG about a 20 year old Shut in that is inspired by Danganronpa Genre: Visual Novel, RPG, Thriller Game Progression: 5% Done. Expected to be done sometime at the end of 2017 or earlier if things go well Recruitment: Music Composer Story: Lowin is 20 year old Shut in (Hikikimori) who is addicted to the internet. His father left his family at a young age and his Mother left for her job in another country that is at war with terrorists. Ever since his Mother left, he hasn't left his apartment at all. One day he clicked a link that brought him to a website on The Invisible Internet. When he clicked the link, he was knocked out and brought to what seemed like a Prison with 15 other people. They find out that they are a part of a Internet Reality Drama where every 2 weeks, they will suffer some how and the only way to stop the suffering is to commit murder, when a murder happens they are brought the a court room where they have to find who the killers is and if the correctly choose who the murderer is, than the killer will be buried alive, but if they choose wrong than everyone except the killer is buried alive. Characters: Lowin- He is a 20 year old shut in who likes Anime and Video Games. He thinks very low of himself. Milly- A scared lady who believes they are trapped in by a demon. Wilson- Lowin looks up to him, he wants to save everyone from suffering. Kyle- A strange man who will do anything as long as you agree to be his friend. Lilith- She claims to use dark magic but she doesn't actually know how to. Cindy- A girl who claims to be a police officer but she doesn't seem old enough to actually be one. Netto- A strange boy who altered his appearance to look more like an anime character. Believes to come from Japan and claims to know Ninjutsu powers. People comment on how unnatural he looks. Princess- She wants everyone to be her servant. She has no problem saying mean things about people. Harold- An extremely quiet person who only speaks to Lowin Bern- A cruel person who does not like anything. Nathan- He has a strong belief in Aliens and speaks very erratically. He believes that Lowin is an Alien. Alfonso- He is the lead guitarist in a Fantasy Metal Band called The Vortex of Magic. While he is performing, he acts very masculine, but when he is off stage, he is actually feminine. He likes to gossip about other people. Vanessa- She has known Lowin from a MMORPG. She is very fascinated by the way Lowin wins at PVP in video games and treats him like a celebrity.... Gina- A girl who likes to play pranks. She calls it trolling and whenever she successfully pulls a prank, she says "Trolled ya! Trolololololol" Dark Hunter- A Super Hero who isn't really recognized as one, he is hoping after he saves everyone, people will recognize him as a symbol of justice. Serena- She likes to give everyone health and fitness advice, though she likes to be alone. Screen Shots Gameplay Features Already In the Game -Button that allows the player to talk to party members at anytime. -Dialogue choices that change the story -Story Stats like Logic, Creativity, Charm and Courage Planned for Game -Minigames to advance the story in Court Trials -Multiple-Endings -RPG Battles Credits: Danganronpa OST - (Temporary Place Holder Music Rips) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm using Danganronpa Music as place holder music, I want to use Original Music for my game to separate itself from Danganronpa. If you would like to contribute music to the game, please contact me, you will be credited in the game and on any official mention of the game. Early Demo: This is a very Early Demo. Many things don't work or aren't functional yet. Many things will change from this demo and the Full Demo. Full Demo planned for an Early Spring release.