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  1. I'm working on a non-commercial game. I'm trying to make a solid all-round love letter to the JRPG, and the RM community. In order to do that I need several interactive features within the game like mini-games. Fun activities that lure you in, eat time, and are extremely enjoyably if not beneficial to the player. I am using Triple Triad, and I'm going to do Triad tournaments as well as the classic battle tournaments. But I really want horse (or any sprite, really) racing tracks where you can bet on horses and watch the outcome of the races. I'd really rather not set up some tedious, sloppy event-based version to get this done. I've seen and considered the Item Forge script, and I may use it as a form of breaking items down to compliment my crafting system, but I want some actual gambling mini-games. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ~Rio
  2. I have an issue. Order of my menu commands is coming up a little disjointed for my taste. I've tried and examined everything I can think of in my scripts, I can't find anywhere to edit the overall order they appear, most comes from different scripts. I looked around the Competed Scripts forum, every page last night, and I couldn't find a script to edit the order of menu commands, and I don't want to use any of the custom menu systems. Is there a script or way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. 10 years experience doing Forum RP, I can integrate that many characters into a story, and make them all unique, valuable, developed characters in that process. That's how I arrived at 25, not trying to stack them or anything like that. I've cut some characters that were altogether unnecessary to join the party (as in, script and tie-in to the rest of the plot on steady basis) after their portion of the plot. They will all remain part of the cast as secondary characters and allies, but they won't actually be playable. I've got it down to 15. Those who's stories and involvement were the most central, and also baring in mind character builds, but I did a good job of varying my core characters so it wasn't too bad.
  4. Don't you sort of need lower quality cards to exist? They are in most TCGs. They add the prestige to the numerical system, they can be buffed as has been discussed to contend. Maybe you can have some nurfing abilities that degrade opponent cards. Also, they are essential for player progress curve. At the start of the game, the amount of low end cards should be greater than the high end cards. I would say diversify your high end cards, keep your low ends for the obvious reasons, do your best to play with them and make special ones using effects and abilities.
  5. I want some bosses with like 999,999,999 HP if not higher. Some of my secret bosses are supposed to be basically unbeatable.
  6. I think if you made a game where a certain culture spoke Anglish, and you made that culture prominent enough in the plot and develop this culture, really flesh it out and make it interesting, it could develop a sort of cult following, as St Valen Tarq suggested. It would be important to make sure the player can inform themselves and try to learn this language more in-game. A sort of dictionary feature would be really cool and help something like this work.
  7. Weird title, I know. Only way I could think to word it. In case it's still a little unclear I'll explain. I know I can't be alone in feeling like that 9999 HP limit in RM games will never be enough (little sad it's not increased by now ). So some genius, awesome people gave us scripts to fix this. Props to them. But there's still an issue. Scripts don't affect the RM interface. It doesn't let us actually go in and change their Stat curves. They can still only reach 9999 HP at lvl 99. So how can I correct this? What do I do? For the record, my pan was to keep the max 9999 and make HP boost items the key to manually improving HP levels (I still don't hate that idea, lol). It still doesn't solve the enemy & boss HP issue, but I'm assuming there is a simple tag for the notes to fix enemy HP. Thanks for your time, and any help you can give.
  8. Large pool you can swap out freely, that was very important to me. At any given time, the main plot progression will dictate active party (sometimes they are split up, and you get no control over how the plot splits them up), so at times you have to use this character or that character. It's going to be a very long game. I plan on the "End" actually being more game. A free-roam portion of prep time, and then a new mission that will take you to a new area, an impossibly large tower, every floor having it's own landscapes. You wil have to scale this tower with the entire party doing bonus quests, with bonus story, script, battles, and bosses. The shared exp thing is a nice idea. I fear the ability to lvl up X amount of characters without even using them . Perhaps I'll lower the amount gained to 25% or less. I plan to make my characters extremely valuable each in their own right, and I can this easier and better with less, so I'm going to trim some of them to secondary characters, that may never even enter the party, or briefly for a portion of the story before leaving he group. EDIT: They are also limited to 1 class per character, but I have added ways to customize and tweak builds using skill books and stat boosts (I'm regulating thet also, so it can't get too out of control. Ingredients to craft boosts themselves will be extremely rare, then you have to create them).
  9. Hello. Rookie dev here. Been messing around since RPG Maker 95, been creative writing on forums for 10 years, huge JRPG fan. Many years later, I'm finally committing to making a game, because I finally have the genius plot concept, and the caliber RM I needed. I already have 25 main playable characters, and at least 4 confirmed secret characters (every secret actor will have their own development quest line within the game that may have it's own maps and the like, so it's important to consider that here too). I'm now facing the reality of how much work it is to create equips and skills for each of them, and set up all of their skill trees, lol. I want a diverse pool of skills, both class-based, and secret/additional skills earned through skill books. So this is a rather herculean task for my newbian sensibilities. So my question to everyone, experienced devs in particular, how many characters is too many?
  10. @xenre I don't like narrowing my characters to a 1, or even 2 dimensional box. Each character has 1 specialty, and maybe 1 or 2 things they are good at. I limit my characters based on equips and naturally acquired skills and magic (from lvls or skill trees). Then I add stuff like skill books, which allow you to teach any character the corresponding skill. Using these extra skills, I can teach my Knight magic, or my mage melee skills. In addition to that, I have rare Attribute buff items I use that allow you to increase Actor attributes, like Attack, Magic Attack, etc. So very slowly, over time, you can customize and tune Actor builds. You should always balance your game to prevent any character from being altogether useless, objectively speaking. Make enemies who are immune to magic, or immune to physical, to punish anyone who stacks a party with meatshields or spellcasters. Create enemy skills that drain MP, block spell casting, reflect properties both physical and magical. Aside from that, give characters unique skills. Let's say Actor A & B are both mages, they both have the same array of generic fire spells. Copy that list of spells and clone them. Now fine tune each spell to reflect that character. Maybe B costs less MP to cast, but the damage isn't as good. Maybe Actor A has a special kind of magic. Fire spells have X% chance of causing Burn effect on enemies similar to poison, Ice can cause Freeze, Thunder can cause Paralysis, etc. Wind or earth could have small chance of blowing out of battle, or burying (instant death). This gives your spell casters more depth. A better example of diversifying your mages. Let's say you have 4 mages. 1 specializes in Fire, 1 in Ice, 1 in Dark, and 1 in Holy, as an example. Rather than just take that 1 generic spell tree and give the fire mage all the fire with a few weak spells from another school, why not make them all skilled mages, but give them each some custom spells of their own. When it comes to Dark, Mage #4 has their own unique spells, stronger than any other dark spell in the game. That's their forte, let it show. This way you break down the rankings of value EVEN MORE. Because you got 3 mages, but this ones if better if we need fire spells, and this one has a ton of freaky, useful effect spells that I love, even though offensively they lack, and this one is better if we need dark spells. Generic mages with generic spells against generic enemies are the issue. Also, don't be generic to a fault. Look at and think about EVERY enemy. Assign some form of elemental alignment to them (light or dark work great for humanoids). Now if you hit a Golem or robot with a Fireball, it's probably not doing 500 damage... It probably wouldn't do 5. Think about that, another way to put that leash around your Mages, and force a more tactical approach to play and party management. Spells shouldn't be just doing an average level of damage, so you slip into a routine where you "Fire 2" everything until you find that 1 fire-based enemy you gotta switch to Ice 2 for. Make spell selection based on enemies a present aspect of being a spellcaster. Give that variety of spells a grander purpose, xenre. The game I'm working on now, the mage class will be a specialty, it will require knowing A) Your character & their spells, B ) the enemy you're currently facing. You won't be able to pick a Fav Spell and mash it for 100+ hours. (As a great example of how this will effect play logically after you've gotten used to it, there may be times the only hing a mage can do is heal if possible or attack. Sometimes when encountering new enemies, you may have to cast the worst spells on them to see how they react. If you cast Omega Death Fire 3, it could reflect damage on all party members and half kill you 1 turn. My mage class will be an art form.) Physical-based characters can still have a lot of great uses. Use skills and abilities to give them unique and useful tools, and you can also use their EQUIPMENT as something to make them even more valuable. Items can have special properties too that set your warrior-types apart from your spellcasters. It also helps to have 1 or more physical-based characters who's skills, or most/certain skills, cost NO MP, so by comparison to an MP slave, they are good to have around. Something else to throw in here. Use your plot to your advantage too. A times, when possible, split your party up into smaller groups that cannot be changed. Pair up combos that you know will highlight character strengths, and weaknesses. Use this to each your players how to use your characters together. How when your mage is lacking and vulnerable, your warrior will carry them, and vice versa. Remember to use the monsters in order to achieve this. Lots of monsters with tricky properties like damage immunity are great for keeping players on their toes, and creating a situation where mages and warriors are needed at all times. If you make a game where it's only logical and efficient to stack mages, you have a serious problem. tl;dr: Generic mages with generic spells against generic enemies are the issue here. Spice up your game dynamics.
  11. @Pure Evil Very nice. Personally I hate open or blank space on a map, whether it be open tiles along a stretch of wall, a large open area, or blank walls. It just looks bland and cheap to me, NES era design intuition. I find a lot of dungeons are bland, and truthfully you don't need much in a standard dungeon, but some detail on every last map in your world will make it more memorable, exploration more rewarding, and the setting becomes a character itself. It doesn't take much to throw a few little detail items in here and there, and you've done a great job of that. I immediately noticed the hidden key, and the pair of opposite color levers. My mind immediately went to work, as if I'd just stepped into that map, trying to size everything up and figure out the next step of progress. Excellent work, wonderful aesthetic. I've been messing around, trying to get something done, since as far back as RPG Maker 95 for the Playstation 1. Never had the time, skill, or commitment to really see a game through to the end. This time I'm going all the way and creating a full game. I'm new to VX Ace, so I just sat down and started playing with some tilesets, and tested one on a map. It's a little rough, but I was just getting a feel for it. It's a small fishing village.
  12. Hello. I'm working on my first full game, and I've encountered a few issues with 2 scripts I really want to use, despite their not working well together. I'm using Yanfly's Party System to have a large idle party similar to FF games, and I increased the maximum active members to 6 using this script. I'm also using Formation Bonuses. I managed to use another script to give them each their own menu command so that bug is more or less fixed, but I've found another. The formation menu shows and registers 9 actors instead of 6. It registers an actor in all 9 slots instead of the intended 6, and I get glitchy fragments of sprites in the extra slots. If you switch around enough trying to customize formation, idle members can show up, take for example the 3 actors in along the bottom row. None of them in the active party (professor, two female actors). If there's any way can fix this, anything I'm doing wrong, some assistance would be appreciated. It would break my heart to cut a 3x3, Suikoden-style formation grid from my project.
  13. Hello!! So I'm using the script Formation Bonuses by V.M. of D.T. that allows me to customize battle formations for different stat buffs, but I'm also using Yanfly's Party System script. The issue is they both use and essentially replace the Formation window of the menu, so Yanfly's Party System basically overwrites Formation Bonuses, and I can no longer access the script in-game. My question is, is it possible to add a new Menu Command and have it access the Formation Bonuses menu directly? Or are there other scripts I can use for the same desired features? Thanks for your time!