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  1. Actually, that's what I can do best! Finding an original concept is the most difficult part, but once I manage that - or if I already get a concept to work with - I can come up with some pretty amazing stuff. Send me a PM or an E-Mail ( if you're interested.
  2. I have zero experience in programming and art design, so I can't exactly start a project on my own. What I am good at is writing a story. So if you want to do a story-heavy RPG with complex characters and lots of twists, just ask me. To avoid legal problems: My age is 16. Altough, I've been writing books for several years and I'm really good at coming up with storys and characters and at writing dialogue. I have one finished draft for an RPG ready to be used, but I can also think up more in a variety of genres (as long as they include fantasy, science-fiction and/or mystery). Because of time issues, I likely won't be able to script every single scene, but as I said, I can come up with a pretty detailed story draft, characters and their respective arcs and I can script some key scenes. Looking forward to hearing from you!