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  1. With my old computer, I found that both VX and VX ACE worked well with Windows XP. I have no personal experience of trying to get MV to work on Windows XP, but I do recall reading that others had tried, and failed. I only tried (and bought) MV when I got a newer computer with a later version of Windows.
  2. As someone who is just a hobbyist, my thoughts are: MV has larger and slightly nicer (in my opinion) graphics. That is what sold it for me. A few of the event commands are a little bit better, such as 'Show Choices, but otherwise Ace has everything that MV has in that department. I intend to migrate to Linux at some point, and I imagine that using MV would be a lot easier than Ace, bearing in mind that there is a Linux Steam version, and that MV is intended for multi-platform use. Ace deserves an honourable mention, because it is stable, and is extremely unlikely to need updates. Your project will not be adversely be affected by updates that require the scripts you use to be updated, for instance. Ace doesn't seem to need as modern a computer as MV, and will happily run under Windows XP, for instance. It seems to have less of a risk of lag (although it should be noted that lag is frequently due to things like poorly designed parallel processes). There are a vast number of resources and scripts available for Ace, although I get the impression that MV is catching up.
  3. I appreciate that piracy of games is nasty and destructive, but concur with KilloZapit's opinion that anti-piracy measures can be negated, but are a pain for legitimate users. At one time, when games came in boxes that contained floppy disks, game makers sometimes used to supply printed manuals that you had to type the word on page X, line Y, word Z: "Oh [expletive omitted to conform to forum policy]! Where is that manual? I just want to [expletive omitted to conform to forum policy] play a game this evening because I am too tired to do anything else apart form playing. games." "Oh [expletive omitted to conform to forum policy]! I have miss-counted the lines!"
  4. It seems to me that the RTP skills (which I am using for my first project) make magic use much more effective than physical attack, and magic users more fun to play because they have a wider range of skills. In the project that I am planning at the moment, I am considering slightly reducing the effectiveness of spells as compared to the (Ace) RTP, making them do a little less for the number of magic point cost. When I do enemies, I intend to do some with high resistance to some or all elements (except 'Physical'). Availability of potions for healing, removing states reviving etc. might reduce the necessity of healing skills. Concerning physical attacks, I am considering the default formulae with the aim of beefing up the physical attacks a little. The RTP gives the default physical and mixed classes about 5 special skills. A few more per non-magic using class might make using them more interesting and effective. They don't all have to do the same kind of thing. One possibility that I probably won't use for the new game is to have weapons that need repair from time. It seems reasonable to me to have the non-magic users able to do minor repairs, although major repairs might need a visit to a specialist NPC. This assumes that your non-magic users are trained and experienced physical weapon users. I have a feeling that there is an (MV) plugin for wear and tear on equipment. (I have been looking at a lot of Yanfly's stuff lately, so it could be worth searching their plugins or scripts.)
  5. Could it be related to the event? Does the crash come when you play-test? One of the things that everyone finds out by bitter experience is that if you have an event with an 'autorun' trigger, the event keeps running itself continually (unless it is turned off) causing the play-test to freeze. The commonest way to get an 'autorun' event to switch off is to have it set either a switch or a self-switch when it has done whatever you want it to do. You create another event page that is not 'autorun' but that is triggered by whichever switch or self-switch the auto-run page set. The page that isn't autorun has to be to the right of the autorun page (for instance, if the autorun page is the first then the non-autorun page is second). Autorun events are useful, for instance for cut-scenes and introductions, so it is worth persevering with them.
  6. In my opinion, nothing is more boring than someone else's political opinion in a context not intended for political discussion. And no, I did not vote for Brexit.
  7. You can set up a character to autobattle, and I suspect that you could do it for a class. In the opening sequence of the game that I am (re)-writing, the hero goes to assist someone. The character that they assist is only a member of the party during the starting sequence, so they are on autobattle. They attack random enemies. I haven't tried autobattle with a character that has usable battle skills. EDIT: I am in Windows now, so I can run VX ACE and tell you a bit more. Open the database and go to the 'Actors' tab. At the top right is the 'Features' box. Double-click on the top blank line to bring up a dialogue box with several tabs. Select the 'Other' tab on the right. There are 4 things that you can choose, you want 'Special Flag'. 'Auto Battle' is one of the choices it gives you. Second Edit: Yes, you can also do the same for a class. By the way, MV is similar.
  8. Sorry, I don't know whether or not the browser used makes any difference. I gave a couple of details in case someone more knowledgeable than me would find them useful. On my old machine (which ran Windows XP) I didn't notice any problem with this forum, except when I ran CCleaner. I used Firefox then, although I have not idea whether or not that is relevant.
  9. My computer is dual-boot (Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10). Sometimes this happens to me when I use Microsoft Windows. On Linux Ubuntu, I don't seem to have had the same problem so far. The browsers that I use are Firefox on Ubuntu and Google Chrome on Windows.
  10. An alternative approach (in case you are not comfortable using scripts) might be to start with the party transparent, but with an event that uses the same sprite in exactly the same place, but facing upwards. With events, you can choose the exact frame of the sprite whereas with the player you don't get that option. Use 'Set Move Route' to make the player 'Turn Up', then get rid of the event (using a switch to switch it to a blank event page), and then make the player visible. The option to start with a transparent (invisible) player should be found under the 'System' tag of the database. I am not in Windows at the moment, and haven't yet got my RPG Maker programs to run under Linux, but you may well find that you can toggle a switch within the 'Set Movement Route' command.
  11. Many thanks, Serial! It seems to be doing the trick. That is excellent. I will have a go with MV for a couple of days, to make sure that it seems stable on my computer. I must say that at first glance the sprites seem much more detailed than VX ACE. If it works okay, then I think that I will probably buy the key, and go on to MV. Thanks again. I hope that other people with similar problems see you post, and that it helps them. EDIT: I have been having a go with it. I think I like MV. I seem to recall reading on an old thread that you don't get all the RTP resources with the trial version, and that you get the rest when you pay. I presume that the 2-tile high doors for interiors are with the stuff that comes later. EDIT: This is solved. If the moderators wish to close this thread, I would be quite happy for them to do so.
  12. Thank you for your replies, Flashy and Kirimarsh. As far as I can tell, the problem seems to be that it is an old computer (with enough memory and processing power for Windows 10) with older graphics chips. I have tried getting new device drivers, but the ones that I have appear to be up to date (according to the Windows device manager). From what I have read on a trawl through the Internet, MV is much more demanding of graphics hardware and low-level software than VX ACE. I get the impression that that this was part of the price to pay for the ability to do games for other operating systems. The idea of getting MV to run on Linux Ubuntu is an interesting one, although the drivers for Linux might be no better than the Windows ones. At the moment, the most important software on the Windows partition is RPG Maker VX ACE. I will be having a go with WINE in the next couple of days, as there is a Windows game that I enjoy that doesn't work with Windows 10. Thank goodness for the 20 day trial period! EDIT: If it had been a desktop computer, then I would have bought a new graphics card. I understand that laptops can be more difficult to upgrade. On the other hand, the laptop is a lot more convenient for me.
  13. Thank you for the reply, Takeo212. I will try to see whether I can turn Windows Defender off, temporarily. EDIT: Sunday 13th November 2016 It is not Windows Defender. I tried downloading again, turning off Windows Defender, re-booting then extracting and running the set-up. Still the same. RPG Maker VX ACE runs fine. On one of the Model Railway forums, someone suggested that the requirement for "Compatible OpenGLR" graphics could be the problem. I am not sure what "OpenGLR" is, but there is a bit about "OpenGL" on the dreaded Wikipedia. I believe that the laptop is quite old, although it must have been quite a good one when new. (It is a Lenovo ThinkPad.) I found a freebie utility to check the OpenGL status, and it told me that it was version 1.1. It is possible that "OpenGLR" is a later version of OpenGL than I have, but I don't know enough to be sure. If anyone has any insights to offer, I would be grateful to read them. If not, although it is mildly disappointing not to be able to try MV, and buy it if I like it, it is not the end of the world for me to continue using ACE. *********************************************************************************************** On an irrelevant but happier note, I managed to get 'Might and Magic III' (one of the old RPGs, not the "Heroes of Might and Magic" strategy games) working under Ubuntu and DosBox. (I have installed Linux Ubuntu so that I can boot the laptop into either Ubuntu or Windows 10.) That is one game that I haven't been able to play for years.
  14. Has anyone managed to get RPGMaker MV to work on a computer that uses Microsoft Windows 10? I recently bought a 'new' second hand laptop which has Windows 10 on. I wanted to compare MV with ACE, so I tried to download the trial. The download seemed to go okay. When I ran MV, the program seemed to work as far as the screen that tells you how many days left you have for the trial, and gives you the options to buy, enter an activation code, or to continue. When I click on 'Continue', I get a blank window for RPGMaker MV. I have to confess that I am very new to Windows 10. Does anyone know whether or not I should be doing something else to install MV? My previous computer used Windows XP. Apologies if this has been covered before. I did have a quick look through this sub-forum, and also searched for "Windows 10". The search seemed to ignore "10" and just give posts with "Windows". Perhaps I should have searched for "Malware" instead of "Windows 10". Thanks in anticipation of any replies.
  15. If you want a reasonably high amount of fights, it is difficult for me to see how random encounters can be dispensed with. On the other hand, a high encounter rate can, quite frankly, be annoying. For larger maps, I tend to use a lower the encounter rate than I might with a smaller one. For end of level major encounters, I use events with sprites. On the whole, I find that I am tending towards using more smaller maps. What I like to do is to have non-sprited evented encounters that appear to the player to be random encounters, just inside the entrances of huts and similar places, so that you always get a fight when you go in to search it. I only have a low encounter rate within such a map.