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  1. Thank you for the advice. It is the first time I wrote a post so I didn't know. I don't think the fix is hard if you know how Ruby. The problem definitely comes from the script and not from interfering with other scripts indeed. I could indeed use switches however it would be very complicated since there is 120 pages of datalog already, and I plan to add another 100. I guess I will do that if no one finds out a way. Anyway, I might have found a lead. There was another script which had the same problem, DoctorTodd's And someone just added this to the code to fix it : I'm assuming the same code can be used and just change to the right class. I might be wrong though.
  2. Hello. I have been using dbchest's datalog script and it has been working great. However, after making around 120 pages of datalog with it, I realised that upon restarting the game, it isn't saving the datalogs and sort of "resetting to default" forgetting all the datalogs unlocked during the game. I checked and this problem is in the script, it is not influenced by other scripts. Here is the script : and here is the link to the original post of the script. I know there are other scripts that have similar features, but this one by far is the one I prefer, and I have already used it a lot. I did a new post here since the scripter now only works on MV. Thanks in advance for your help!