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  1. Don't mind me I am just Slot Machine, give me a coin and I'll give you another one or maybe I didn't give you anything, damn honest Slot Machine lolz.

  2. counting game

    Status Lv.4 Exp: 443/500 Next 57 for level up. Kumpara repa, kumpara resap, kumpara recap, kum... parara...
  3. From the album Devil Boy Quest

    These two person are great pillar of DBQ, they are... Lexar: Mother... Father...

    © Perang Cemen


    I just comeback from a long trip and get 4 day off as reward! hurray! 4 day do game dev nonstop, looking forward for it.

  5. in progress

    Deer! (hi there, if you don't get it) Just want to tell that the demo is mine are updated again because some of my fans complain about untranslated part when Lexar do battle with Cecila, it's was not in map and in battle which mean I totally forgot... anyway if you ever find bugs again or anything... just leave comment or you can also tell me trough my contact method located in my signature... Thank you for read this... ~Perang Cemen (The Best (Self Proclaimed)Game Developer Ever)
  6. My Current status :  AWAY

    1. lonequeso


      But.. but... Then how did you post the status?



  7. I am the almighty Developer! I can do whatever I want in my game I even can change scene when I feel like it, this world mine! wahahahaha! That's my alter ego please don't mind him. @Asharonapaul You right! the lady looks soulless! to imbue her with soul I make her into Ultra-Mega-Jealous person, so now she looks like has soul doesn't it? lolz
  8. *Jump from coffin*

    I come back to live! (Awakening of Darkness!):angelnot:

    Don't get me wrong I got this idea after watch funny dragon quest parody where the hero dead and put to coffin just like me a while ago, thus his party refuse to revive him because waste of money, they keep going until meet enemy boss and the hero back to live but join monsters side and turn to dragon then he kill his own party and rule the world...

  9. @Asharonapaul Thanks. @Shaddow I have ask Rfrf and he said something like this (I don't understand the whole he say but I think he going to replace it if anyone object me using their stuff) Don't open anything below expect you didn't believe me.
  10. I knew it...

    It's dig me early grave...<_<


    1. lonequeso


      Yeah, Charizard will do that.

    2. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Yeah thanks, could you find me a coffin with 5 star hotel facilities and services too? I don't want to Rest In Peace, I want Rest In Party..:cheers:

  11. @Shaddow I'm working on it right now.
  12. "Care about what other people think and you will be always their prisoner.":angry:

    Words above came from "rfrf" not me.:unsure:

    Because I always think of other people think about me. even tough I always ignore those who think bad about me.-_-

    (Right now I'm debate with him so my project might take a longer time to complete...):(

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    2. lonequeso


      If it's 50/50, flip a coin =3

    3. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      If I use that it's either save me or dig me early grave if you know what I mean...

      so I'll throw a dice! :P

      If it's 1/6 It was yes I'll do that!

      if it's 3/4 It was no I won't do that!

      If it's 2/5 it was maybe I'll do that! or maybe I won't!

      at least it give me 33.3% chance I make mistake than 50% it's too risky for me tough <3

    4. Kayzee


      Right and wrong are just words. What's important is that you are true to yourself! Which i the most unhelpful advice ever I know, especially if you haven't yet decided who you are or what you want. But thems the breaks, eventually you are just gonna have to decide. You are what you choose to be, even if you decide to not choose at all.

  13. Don't worry about it, this was work of Rfrf anyway. (Me just do some background stuff and those solider sprite) Most of work of rfrf is based on famous figure like anime or game that known by many people. Like my 4 spirits was actually from MGQ but he manage to make it looks different. When I ask about this he say "I'm not copy it, I just create something new from it, If you don't believe me go and watch OPM they did same thing like me" So don't mind if some or all of my character does look similar to one or two or three or more or lots anime and game, because it made that way. Btw OPM is one punch man (This anime have some character looks similar to other anime like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Noragami ect.) Beside doesn't it feel funny when you see something that you have seen before but it does not look like what you seen before. it's like strange de javu for me lolz.