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  1. "As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really are, that each of us has something that no one else has, or ever will have; something inside that is unique to all time. It is our job to encourage one another to discover that uniqueness, and to provide ways of developing its' expression." - Fred McFeely Rogers aka Mr. Rogers

    1. Kayzee
    2. PhoenixSoul


      Good for a laugh, that one.

  2. literature

    Fix it when you upload another fan fiction work. ♥
  3. counting game

    'Burning fires, burning lives, on the long distant road... 'Through the lost mountains endless, so far away from home...' four hundred and fifty-two
  4. literature

    Well, for one thing, you most certainly have talent as a writer. Ugh, since the forum update, lots and lots of characters of certain types have been screwed around with, making lots of text illegible. Basically, every story written here has that glitchy text pervading it. It definitely breaks the immersion. But! That is no fault of your own! What I was able to read was absolutely fantastic.
  5. counting game

    four hundred and fifty... divide that by ten, and you get the average high for the whole damn week out here... Ugh...
  6. I definitely like the look you're going for, and for an artist that is just starting out with tilesets, I will say that overall, it is definitely a great start. Comparing the first screen shots with the subsequent screen shot, I definitely see an improvement. Keep at it! One thing I would try to do down the road is to stylize the stone pillars a bit, give them a rounded or sculpted appearance, layered, textured, you get the idea...
  7. counting game

    four hundred and forty-six
  8. pixel art

    @Amysaurus The icons are really neat! Love your artwork (character for your game project?). Ehhh...I know the feeling about not having time/motivation to do stuff (this time of year + the change of the seasons really hits me hard in that area...)
  9. counting game

    Hmmm... four hundred and forty-four (for anyone who asks, I write the numbers out to reduce my own complacency and to keep my keyboard in line because it has a massive tendency to type incorrectly...)
  10. Years ago, I remember reading a book by the name of 'My Side of the Mountain'. I saw the movie some time later, and clearly saw that the movie didn't follow too closely with the book, though certainly there were many parts in the movie that were as close as possible to the source material.
    However, nowadays...
    Most movies that are based on books rarely follow the source material, if at all...
    I find that to be rather sad...
    It is one reason of many, why I don't go to the movie theater to watch movies.

    1. Kayzee


      Honestly I just find movies kind of bland in general. Their is only so much one can do that is interesting when all they have is a few hours and the Hollywood machine is weighing them down. Even most of the movies that are near and dear to my heart tend to be for the design work and spectacle of it all rather then the plots or characters. A sort of collage of images and references that stick with me beyond anything else.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Sounds to me like you'd enjoy a play more.


      A friend of mine, who runs a video game store that sells/buys/trades new and used games and consoles (with exception to PC/Mac), he also runs a film studio that makes props (he had a lot of involvement with the first Independence Day movie and he even had a picture of him and Will Smith together), and he is not fond of movies at all, because he knows how they're made.


      When I asked him if he would enjoy a play, he seemed very taken to the idea of watching the action and magic unfold before him...


      In my case, Books >= Plays > Movies

    3. Kayzee


      Plays can be rather the same for me in a lot of ways, but they can be fun. I rather a book or a long TV show or a game maybe, webcomics are also really nice. Basically something that lasts a while and can afford to go deeper into a story then a movie or play can.

  11. The next time I write out a heartfelt, and lighthearted post, I'll make sure to archive it.

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    2. Kayzee


      For the record: The blog post mentioned incest, it didn't graphically describe anything. Maybe that's enough, okay. My comment of approval probobly didn't help.


      You know here is a question: Why is it loney blocked me and not you ps? You would think if he was 'sick of your drama' he would have. I think he likes someone he can feel safe whining about himself huh?

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee Honestly, I don't know what to think.


      ...I have nothing further to say.

    4. TarqinaPearTree


      We are tired. We've been tired from day one. How PS fails to recognise the extent of the staff's leniency is troubling.

      Actually I came on this profileto issue a warning but since I see an additional effort to make a fuss regarding this (alongside the blog post) it will be upgraded to a suspenion.

  12. Yeah, I could write out a long post, but I won't. What happened before will never happen again. I'll make sure to archive everything I say from here onward. Meant to do that for the lighthearted post but ultimately didn't think it was necessary. I was wrong for thinking so. It won't happen again because I won't let it. All my blog posts from here onward I will archive, and if such an issue arises, it will be mitigated and invalidated. May the Divine Twenty-Four guide the benevolent to their light...
  13. @Saeryen, @Kayzee, your support is much appreciated and will not be forgotten.
  14. @Saeryen Funny you mention how the world needs us...I remember watching a video some time back that described what would happen if we suddenly vanished. It did go on to say that over time, our world here would eventually rid itself of all traces of our existence. To be honest, it was much more like a long-winded PSA about protecting our planet from pollution and such, but it did make a valid point. There isn't really a point to my mentioning of the video, what you said about the world needing us just brought it to memory is all...
  15. The update was erased and replaced with this blog post. I figured that would be obvious. I decided to put all that in a spoiler. This is really taking me for a mood rollercoaster ride. I end it here. I do what I can, when I can, how I am able to. I know the Divine Twenty-Four would not admonish me...