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  1. counting game

    I am the Princess of Purity. Yes, I am a real princess, though it only means that I am an heiress to the title of Purity and Balance... two hundred and sixty-six
  2. counting game

    @Tarq You skipped 263. two hundred and sixty-four I'm not sleeping very well as of late, oh I hate this damned heat!
  3. I've been busy all day Alpha testing Clone Hero v.10.5...
    Phew. It's been rough, but fun.
    Someday, we'll all have a wonderful, non-resource heavy Guitar Hero clone.

  4. counting game

    It WILL BE ME this time, and there will be A CELEBRATION AS WELL. The Princess HAS SPOKEN. two hundred and sixty-two (thousand points plus on War Eternal in Clone Hero WITH NO DAMN BOT)
  5. counting game

    Okay, Rikimaru...(lol) two hundred and sixty
  6. I'm about sick of having to redefine all of my profile stuffs everywhere too... I had just noticed this myself...what the bloody Hell, damn!
  7. I still vote for a revert back to old settings. This forum update is broken still.
  8. counting game

    Double post ignored. two hundred and fifty-six
  9. I think I am done trying to be informative of things going on because it attracts trolls, assholes and bitches.

    Also, if I have to deal with such flagrant trolling, since I cannot block people here, this forum is going to have one less contributing member.

    I hope I've made myself perfectly clear.

  10. counting game

    two-hundred and fifty-four I've got a date with the back of my eyelids...yaaaaaaawwwwnnnnn.....
  11. pixel art

    One thing I'd love to know is the inspiration for the blue girl (I wish I knew more about this one).
  12. I meant this as a metaphor. I'd rather commit Seppuku because that at least is far less messy.
  13. Ugh. I hate the new look. Change it back, for the love of sanity!


    Pointless to even bother, yeah I know...

    Then please make recent status updates visible on the front page, if there's any decency at all to be found...

  14. I started this topic as a means of raising awareness on the subject but all it did was attract trolls. So much for doing the right thing...I may as well take a grenade, pull the pin and swallow it because that's all the good I do, none.
  15. This would be better explained elsewhere. It doesn't involve you, but there are some people who would rather be absolute asses than be sensible.