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  1. I like this avatar of yours way better now...

  2. Dev for hire post made.

    I hope I don't end up looking like a fool...

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    2. lonequeso


      Money is incredibly liquid. That why people prefer it. If you can work out some sort of barter with someone, awesome, but it's far more likely what they want or need isn't something you can provide for them. You can't exactly can go over to their house and do chores for 'em or watch their kids for a while or anything else that would require you to physically be there. 


      You can argue and cry bloody tears all you want, but it won't do you any good. That energy would be much better applied to figuring out how to move forward within these parameters and then taking action.  

    3. PhoenixSoul



      I don't think you get the metaphor. Ah well...


      I could speak of these things all day long, but the bottom line is...

      Philosophy and Practicality are the worst of enemies.


      I'll give it a bit longer. But I won't hold out much.

    4. lonequeso


      Lolz. Did you think I think you are literally crying blood? I did get a fun mental image but that's it. 



      Philosophy and Practicality are the worst of enemies.

      How so? Essentially philosophy is just thought experiments. Practicality is figuring out how to turn those thoughts into actions. They should go hand in hand not tear each other's throats out. If they're not syncing up for you, you're either asking the wrong questions or missing possible solutions.

  3. Simple, short and sweet, I need help with ruby syntax, and am willing to offer my own skills in trade. As it were, I am basically penniless and therefore am unable to pay cash for assistance provided. If anyone who has decent skills wishes to step forward, my gratitude you will receive, merci beaucoup. Platform: RM VX Ace Skills needed: Ruby Syntax Level of Expertise Required: Intermediate Offer in Return: Skill Barter/Trade Specifics: Help with Spelling/Grammar/Sentence Structure/Textbox Issues/Damage Formulas EDIT: Only if you wish to help with no strings attached will I accept. Otherwise, ignore this because I'm a penniless whelp who deserves to be lashed.
  4. counting game

    Is it too much to ask for help? Sure seems like it these days... three hundred and eighty-two
  5. Welcome back, kiddo. Here's to hope that this time around, the project comes to fruition.
  6. So, there's this equipment augmenting system in Skyborn. I've been looking all over for something like this for VX Ace, and have found squat. There is one demo I've come across, that is riddled with errors as well as a cryptic as nuts explanation on how it all works.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee Yeah, and of course, because Dropbox are a bunch of assholes when it comes to allowing content to expire, I can't get the damned patches and whatnot that are needed for this to work on individual equipment.
      Dropbox F*ckery:

      Runic Enchantment
      Individual Equipment Patch

      (I've heard enough of the whole 'user/traffic blame-game' nonsense; it is the fault of Dropbox hands down)


      @Chaosian It is EITHER gamedev or learn the codex. If I do one, I cannot focus on the other. But yeah, I get it, and I learn as I go along.


      @Tarq I guess that makes sense...I did think it to be more sophisticated than that but...

    3. Kayzee


      Yeah, it's not easy to figure out. Hmmm... I am tempted to give you my test game code, but it really involves tons and tons of custom scripts and patches that probobly need to be sorted through, not all of it is my own code, and lot of it I havn't touched in ages.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee Honestly, I've already gone through every type of script, and after three hours with Trihan on Runic Enchantment, it flopped.

      This was the last function I needed. Ah well...

  7. Exactly as I thought. Anyway, yeah, that is pretty neat.
  8. Clone Hero v.15 is now out.
    GH:LIVE notes!


    1. lonequeso


      I am so horrible at rhythm and timing games. :o

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I'm actually not that much better, @lonequeso...
      I'm better at playing bass than guitar (the functionalities are a bit beyond what I care to explain at the moment though), but I'm best at vocals.

    3. lonequeso


      So you can play the actual instrument fine and suck at the simple, plastic one? Lolz! :lol:


  9. So, the second value determines which slot gets added, then? I had thought so, but I had also thought that it might determine how many slots gets added. Good to know.
  10. @Ninjamida Interesting. One thing comes readily to mind. What if... Weapon Shield Upper Lower Relic Ring Which one of these would this scriptlet affect?
  11. Been playing Skyborn, one of the several games I got with the bundle. Been a real blast thus far.


    I guess I kinda like it when the drama goes from ten to a hundred and sixty at the drop of a hat...

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    2. lonequeso


      I play Ground....death. Yeah, Ground Death... Way better game :P


      No offense to indie devs, but I'd rather spend the free time I have playing a big, shiny professionally made game. If I want to spend my free time being disappointed, I'll watch the Bears play. 

    3. PhoenixSoul



      The fact that one doesn't need too much in the way of a controller because of the mouse is a plus (though the mouse wheel could of been included), but yeah, I guess in the grand scheme of things, it isn't the best game.


      But then, if I were to go on the tangent of the 'best game', there aren't any RPGs aside from Final Fantasy that make it on the top ten. What's the tippy-top game?


      I'll give you a hint. Green-Red-Yellow-Blue-Orange-Purple. Ivory and Ebony too. lol

    4. lonequeso


      Best RPG Dunno, but some of my favorites have been the Dragon Age series, Golden Sun 1 and 2, Tales of Vesperia, and of course, Pokemon! I don't even really consider Pokemon to be all that great a series though. Just a really addicting one. If it was more challenging I'd like it more. I'd absolutely love to see a see on MMORPG. I have quite a few ideas on how to make it awesome. A Pokemon RPG game is coming to Switch, but details are scarce.

  12. Huh. Those are some really neat maps. Hell, they look like they were made within the editor (I guess one could do that anyway and then just use a script to take a picture of the map - did this to make map images for Galv's Map Screen Script for a game project I've since shelved). I kinda want to try my hand at this kind of mapping at some point, though I'm unsure of how it works.
  13. @Ninjamida Looking forward to it. I am actually curious as to how you implemented the dynamic extra armor slots (I'd like to know how this works myself).
  14. So, that's how the Humble Bundle works...

    You pay that bit, and then you get EVERYTHING that comes with it.


    I had expected it to be one of those 'choose your reward' kind of things, but no. 

    Through all of that, I got six games, countless resource bundles, and three game engines, one being a duplicate...

    Goodness gracious...

    Knowing that now, makes me glad that a kind soul aided me, and at the same time, if the next sale has more than one thing I want in a single tier...

    Double-edge Sword...

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I personally want to try this stuff called 'Hemp20' water.

    3. lonequeso


      Is it just water w/ THC added or is there other stuff, too?

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I honestly do not know. I only saw it in an ad from a magazine, but it looked cool.

      Actually, I think it is fruit flavored or something like that...

  15. I really liked the latest Humble Bundle sale.

    A lot of great bargains, and a lot of reasons for me to be depressed over being in poverty.

    I asked, so many times, pleaded, and I feel like I'm being taken for a joke.

    That said, ask, and get laughed at, at least, that's how it works in this lie of a life I've no say in.

    I do so much for others, can someone, at least once, do the same in return? Is it too much to ask?

    You know what? Forget I said anything. Curse my mood swings, curse drowning in poverty, curse this mortal flesh prison.

    I'll just let it all leave me.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I need a license before I could even consider getting a car.

      Honestly, if I wanted something like that I'd rather have a McLaren F1.

      Or, a Bugatti Veyron...

    3. lonequeso


      I'm sure the car will start when you turn the key even without a license. Just don't get pulled over ;)

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Or come across a checkpoint of any sort...

      Yeah, better safe then sorry.

      Of course the car will start; the machine is indifferent to whomever is behind the wheel (for now).