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  1. Hard money. You know, gold, silver, real estate, and so on. Could easily buy fifty pounds of gold with that kind of money. This next one is for the stringed instrument players. What brand of strings do you use, and why do you prefer them? For me, that would be Ernie Ball; I usually go for the SS or the Copper Coated strings and the Power Slinky set, because I play louder on Bass than most people.
  2. @lonequeso Off topic, but I'm already using a great deal of non-RTP stuff (sprites for one example). I intended this to be an open discussion on random encounters...
  3. I will say that having party heal points is a good thing. But it certainly is hard keeping the White Mage conscious in some battles.
  4. @Kayzee Yeah, I see that, though to be honest, I'd rather have a swarm (since they appear as pairs or more in battle). At any rate, I'm really going for something above and beyond the usual. What if a piece of equipment repelled insects but attracted slimes? Yeah, things like this. I may look more into using visible events, or semi-visible, if the need arises and/or I can get certain things. At the very least, I have the region ID restrict going for me, and that works.
  5. @Kayzee I could, but there is one caveat. I absolutely and without fail would need representative event graphics. I do not believe there are any that would represent bees/hornets, and that would be one of at least fifty. Most artists don't work pro-bono unless I do something in return or they have the time, so it would be on me, and I struggle with NPC sprites as is. But even if I were to use visible encounters one hundred percent, I'd be changing my system as well. I'm not currently using any sort of event chasing, and that would likely force me to do so. But, I thank you for your input, greatly appreciated.
  6. One of my favorite books, is a literal dissection of radicalized due process. I read this often when I wasn't studying, because this sort of thing fascinated me, but now that I've seen how it works first hand, if I ever picked up that book again... But still, the articulation and prose by the writer is likely more than enough for me to read it once more, maybe twice or even more. Have you ever been at Death's Door?
  7. If anyone has, it has likely vanished due to lack of diligence/care. Not that this surprises me since dropbox users tend to fall into that lazy pattern only to realize that dropbox fucks with people by dropping links. All my uploads, except to theisozone (which is by their policies that LOVE BANDWIDTH THROTTLING STORAGE SERVICES) are to MEGA (how can one beat 50GB just for signing up?) Anyway, yeah; I wouldn't even know where to look in the scripts for this, and it may very well be a hardcoded issue that only @Kayzee or someone else with said level of expertise would know about. Playing @Ninjamida's game right now (well I started it anyway), and yeah, that is definitely present, but they did warn about it in their topic so... I actually just have all the possible random encounters setup, with random encounters turned OFF, and have the event on event touch, call up a battle event command that treats it like a random encounter, with winning or escaping being possible. Clever use of Region ID's to make sure that bugs stay in thickets of roses and such...and slimes in shallow water...
  8. Been up all bloody night, doing this and that with my RM project, trying to get some kinks worked out, though it does seem as if I may have to kick some systems to the curb, and have done so with a few already.

    No more Skill Equip Points, no Skill Levels (unless I figure that part out), no Materia (decided against that when I started), and as little RTP as possible (using custom sprites and graphics as much as possible-though for battlers I'll likely need some aid-pro bono).

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      @lonequeso sleep schedule is all out of sorts...I couldn't hold down a job in my present condition.

      Thanks, humans.

      But in all due seriousness, if you're gonna blame one President, you may as well blame the previous ten as well, and you can blame the current one too because he's in it for power, money and political fortune.


      Anyway,'s a long and arduous project, especially since I'm also part of another project, Clone Hero...

    3. lonequeso


      Nah. See odds are if you blame this president, it'll actually be true which is sad. The joke is supposed to be funny not depressing. Usually when I get home from work, I don't want to do anything productive. An earlier shift would help. Hopefully I get one of the available slots. .

    4. Kayzee


      I stay up late lots lately myself too, not really doing much but...

  9. @lonequeso You do bring up an excellent point, and yes, it would seem that way IF I was intending on just having an entire map being devoted to random encounters, which is where the .5 part of the system comes in. I intend to have a secondary, non-battle related system dynamically change random encounters, which involves weather, time, the player's reputation, among other things. Also, it isn't like after twenty-five steps, you'll encounter another battle. Like, for example, the event may be invisible, but imagine the fact that it is only a single event, that has a total of over eighty squares. This will lower the odds of running into said encounter, but then, night falls, and suddenly, the one event becomes many, ah, but you were warned of such... One could do this by changing the average steps, but the issue with that is the simple fact that this number is not one that can just be changed with an event call, so that would require many different iterations of the same map, and as is, with the way my maps are going to be like, that would likely max out my map limit before I am done making them. Ouch! WHOA! In an open-world type of game, especially an RPG, being plagued by constant random encounters does not work well. Yes, like I said before, my project is going to be an open-world RPG, and on an unrelated side note, there will be some TES mechanics involved (lockpicking, sneaking, pickpocketing and so on). Also, there will be times when the random encounters will be visible, just don't count on that happening too often...
  10. counting game

    lmfao three hundred and twenty
  11. Alright. So here's my take on this well-discussed topic. Random encounters are basically a building block of pretty much any RPG, though exceptions are there, and in my current project, is sort of along those lines. I won't really get into the history of RE, because that's been done and re-hashed more times than I count on my hands, but I will let you all discuss it further if you so wish. So, in my project, here's what I am doing. There are actually two (and a half) systems in place. I've integrated side-scrolling into this, and there will be encounters that will not be random, but there is a good chance that the encounter will be forced/semi-forced depending on the environment, and if it is a necessary encounter to move forward, among other things (think LoZ II and that's a good starting point of thinking). Outside of that, the encounters will be random, but not entirely. Each map will have encounter troops set up, but the only way one will have any sort of encounters is if the player comes into contact with a random encounter event, which will be invisible. Said event will also disappear after battle, and not return until a specific state is removed. This of course, will affect all encounters. So, kind of like Luxaren Allure, but avoiding enemy encounters won't be so easy, that is, unless you're in an area that is safe from random encounters. I have this script by Galv called Move Route Extras, and this will allow for these random encounter events to not leave a specified area, defined by region ID. So, what are your thoughts, ideas, criticisms, so on... Feel free to discuss!
  12. In the intro, Leanna says "Iunno, I don't remember a thing." "I dunno, I don't remember a thing." I can help with this sort of thing if you'd like... Edit: One no-no is waking up at an Inn and not being fully healed, that I found. Trying to kill off players? That's a good way to do it.
  13. counting game

    It seems that people don't like word games associated with song titles either... three hundred and eighteeen
  14. I watched the latest AVGN episode a little bit ago, and it was hilarious. However, one of the best parts was the intro. lmfao Pure brilliance.Pure hilarity.


  15. Been a bit since this topic has had any light shed on it... (blows the layers of dust off gently) There we go. I've messed around with Game Character Hub for a bit, and I'd like to share some of these creations with you. So, here's one. With this one, I changed the colors of the outfit, and I added makeup. Nothing too fancy, or too dull. If you want, you can have this, and it you want to change anything, I'll include the library item as well. Face + Makeup.7z Enjoy.