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  1. Hello all, I'm TheRealProcyon or Procyon for short. I'm 17 years old & I started programming (badly) at the age of 14, I couldn't write any code, until now. I'm currently working on some Ruby stuff & I know Python as well. I like to draw as a relaxation, but I'm not a really skilled artist & I'm still learning the ropes. I first started using the name Procyon back in 2014 after I had the dumb name "Homebrew_and_cosole_hack_fan" on some forum, and other dumb names everywhere else. I asked for a name change on that forum, and I received it. Procyon is the genus name of Raccoons aka part of the Latin name. I like raccoons, and after thinking I started using that name. Fast forwarded to this year, or late last year I wanted to use Procyon on Freenode (IRC) as well, but it was registered, so I used a dumb name. I then got the tip of a LineageOS dev on there to use TheRealProcyon. LineageOS is my most favorite Android Custom ROM ever, I started using Custom ROMs a few years ago, and I will never stop using them, unless the ROMs of the device makers would become better & better supported. I bought my OnePlus One (which is still my current phone) in 2015 from my first job money. I currently am into Lego Dimensions. I like to develop stuff, so I would like to make an RPG as well. I met one of the admins here on Discord last year (and I knew her from another forum prior), and she sent the link to the forums as well. I thank her for that. I'm sorry for rumbling this all but I wanted to tell as much about myself as I could in as little time. If I repeated stuff I'm sorry for that as well (I can't help myself, because I'm exited). I hope I have a great time here. Until later TheRealProcyon