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  1. Version 0.83b has been updated and uploaded to fix a small bug.
  2. The link was the old demo. A new demo has been uploaded, and the link has been updated in the main post. I apologize for the inconvenience everyone.
  3. In case anyone is curious, here are the current changes for the next planned demo; Updates - two more dungeons, Death Valley and War Zone - central hub, Town Nova - ability to imbue warrior souls, allowing the use of 12 skills at any one time to be added (and removed) to Sam's ability list - expanded dialogue scenes - private actions utilizing Aeon and Ethan - Life Drawing system implemented that allows Sam to create Sketches that can then be utilized during combat - more enemies as a result of expanded areas - more warrior souls as a result of expanded areas - more weapons and armor as a result of expanded areas - existing dungeons expanded with more content, dialogue, items and enemies Those are the largest changes and additions in scope.
  4. The next version will have significantly toned down enemy statistics, as many people have mentioned the difficulty, and many have died on the first fight. Stay tuned! Changes are in store =)
  5. Well, I played the game quickly the first time. I was brutally murdered in the tower by the enemies as a result. It's not that the enemies were hard, but I literally had an encounter every 3 steps, and so the enemies wittled away at me slowly. It didn't help that I had no healing supplies due to lack of funds. So the grind to me, felt necessary. Especially since the tower is extremely maze-like. This is just my opinion, so treat it as such. What I would do is both decrease the encounter rate and up the experience. This way, you can maintain a level of consistency in the difficulty you have now. It's not that the game is hard necessarily, it's that the encounters are frequent, making exploration a bit of a chore. Remember that high encounters affect more than just a game's difficulty. It seems to me you've crafted dungeons as places you want to explore and discover, but this is difficult when the encounter rate is so high. My instinct in the tower, for example, was to pick a path and run through it, hoping and praying that it led somewhere. Unfortunately, the path I chose led to a vending machine, and I didn't have enough money to buy anything. It didn't help that I literally fought at least 12 monster encounters along the way. Another solution to the problem would be having enemies drop more gold. You can mitigate high encounters with a higher frequency of gold, generally. If I had reached the vending machine with some money, things might have played out differently. But those dozen or so encounters, barely got me enough money to buy a couple potions.
  6. I just finished playing an hour. Was grinding around the first area, gathered ingredients for the fishing rod, then grinded on fish until I could afford best armor and a healthy supply of potions. Am level 4. Cons, then pros, as usual. - feels like a HUGE grind-fest so far. while some of that isn't necessarily bad, the game's pacing due to the grinding, is suffering - pretty standard RM game so far - standard battle system, nothing special or exciting (but anyway, the default battle system is at least solid) - both monsters and characters miss a lot - mapping needs work, generally houses/interiors are much too large, and everything else is generally just bland - events occur very quickly, with characters disappearing/appearing instead of walking on/off screen. it's very jarring - extremely high encounter rate + the game, even at this point, feels like it has a lot of content + choosing class from the start was a nice touch + has potential for a light hearted game in the vein of classic styled RPGs, like Beyond the Beyond, there's even hints of Lunar Overall, the grind-heavy games aren't really my thing, but hey, you kept my attention for that full hour doing nothing but just that, so you must be doing something right. Honestly, I just wanted to see what the fishing rod got you, so I kept at it. At least now, with the fishing rod, getting the rest of the cash for supplies went by a lot faster. I don't know if I have the patience to farm for more spider silk for the other quest, though.
  7. Alright, completed it just now. Total play time, counting the first version I played, was somewhere around 30 minutes I would figure. Just one note, and that's one of the benches on the roof are missing the top part of the tile. Regarding the story, Well, I am not really sure what to say. It's a story that really couldn't have existed except for today. You seem to be riding the current wave of people's pent up indictment of modern society. Of course, the voice is still very small, but not any less profound. I would recommend the game to people who are open to an alternate perspective. So kudos to you sir, you've definitely written something that the RM community has probably never seen. And so well written at that.
  8. Cons, and pros as always. - the main character appears for a brief second bottom right when you start a new game (you could remedy this by going into the database and changing the character graphic to nothing to start) - you can't check the toilet? - noise used to answer phone at start of game in kitchen was strange - the girl playing hopscotch, after talking to her, she will continue her hop-scotch routine on the spot, which, if you talk to her while she is closer to the right, will cause her to continue moving right-ward - the use of the wall tiles is strange at places, like there is just the black border but no wall - you can walk through the dresser in the ceo's office, and through the wall behind the cashier at the store - when you walk back into the bedroom during the "breaking shit" phase, the wake up scene plays again, and the game stalls as the character tries to move towards the alarm clock but gets stuck in the wall (my game ended here for obvious reasons) + holy philosophy batman! I know this game won't be for everyone but it's certainly nice to see something of an alternative topic covered so ... thoroughly + lol Canadian references! I remember when high-speed internet was first coming out, and Shaw was the provider and how cheap, awesome and fast it was! And how ridiculously overpriced and shitty it is today! + there seems to be a strong focus on relationships, or the desire to engage in one, as if that would somewhat repair a lot of the brokeness and despair in Evan's life. I am guessing that is your point? Since in reality, a relationship, doesn't solve these kinds of personal woes. And I find it interesting how he doesn't associate or even want to talk to, and at times looks down VERY harshly towards, transient and vagrant people. In his situation, he could connect to these people on the level of an outcast, which he seems to see himself as. + I have to be honest, the story moved me at points, certain situations and pieces of story or dialogue, I could identify with. That's a powerful position to be in as a writer, and when the game resonates with the player, on any level, you know the writing is well done and effective. I think it's smart to move towards custom graphics. I would personally make the sprites about twice the height, and go for a more realistic look and approach. After all, they serve as a vehicle for the story.
  9. I believe this is an acceptable way of writing it. Thanks, that's definitely the feel I was going for. The sound effect is as close as I could find to the door handle sound effects from the first Silent Hill. Will do. One of them is actually Samantha's locker, and she does comment on it. But I could see how it could be gruelling to want to check them all just for one small comment on it. Will do. Regarding Sam's powers, it's still unresolved, as she won't have those skills in the final game. Regarding Ethan, well he trains as a Boxer, so he knows how to throw a punch, but you're probably talking about his magic attacks. But I will consider adding a small blurb about it, and you are right about their attitudes towards it being too transient. Here are the answers to all the puzzles; School Puzzles 1 Green Sam on Green Insignia Red Ethan on Red Insignia 2 Green Sam on Red Insignia White Sam on Black Insignia Red Ethan on Green Insignia Black Ethan on White Insignia 3 Green Sam on Yellow Insignia Red Ethan on Blue Insignia White Sam does NOT move Black Ethan does NOT move Catacombs Puzzles 1 1622 2 16223745 3 37457490 House of Sacred Remains Puzzles 1 Blue Statue + Red Orb Red Statue + Blue Orb Green Statue + Red Orb 2 IN THE FRONT Yellow Statue + Blue Orb Blue Statue + Yellow Orb IN THE BACK Orange Statue + Yellow/Red Orb Aqua Statue + Green/Blue Orb 3 IN THE FRONT Red Statue + Blue Orb Yellow Statue + Green Orb Green Statue + Yellow Orb Blue Statue + Red Orb IN THE BACK White Statue NO ORBS Black Statue + ALL Orbs Anything is great, thanks. You seemed to have given me a rather scathing review, at least IMO, but you gave it a 3.5/5. So I am a little perplexed as to how to answer some of the questions. From your tone, at times I cannot tell if you are being ironic, sarcastic, both or neither. What flat lined exactly? The storyline? Do you mean you died, literally (flat-lined). Not sure what to make of this, as it doesn't really tell me anything. The game uses no parallax scrolling. Thank you for the compliment on the sprites, they are all indeed custom and original. Panty shot is maybe a bit too obvious of an anime trope reference. Can you please expand on this? I think it's sort of telling that you DIED, yet are saying there is no strategy involved. Enemies have elemental weaknesses, yes, and it makes them easier to kill. Sketch: Mecha is very powerful, and Aeon has healing, revival, and a powerful magic attack via Pressure (Water). Now, don't get me wrong. Yes, it's a very basic battle system. This stuff has all been done before. But I am curious, what, in your opinion, would improve it. Should I go in a completely different direction? If you could give me some examples of what you would personally do, or prefer, it would be helpful in giving me some idea as to what I could do to improve your experience. I commissioned some original music, unfortunately, it's for the later areas in the game, so you won't hear them in the demo. Yes, using Kevin Macleod's music is a problem, for sure. His site has been SCOURED by literally the entire RM community. Hm. I am conflicted. You mention later that you blasted through the text, and that also, you couldn't save, or couldn't figure out how to save. Well, when you enter Ophelia's domain, she explains how the save function works. This seems to have cast your opinion of the game, and the pursuant experience in a rather negative light. Basically, to save, bring up the item menu, use the Book of Tragedy, and talk to Ophelia, she will save your game for you. I don't know what more to say on this fact. You seemed to have come in here with certain expectations, ie: that no matter the game, you ALWAYS save in the menu, and when you didn't see that was the case, you stopped caring. So, I mean, it's your game, and your game experience, but I personally can't really count that as a point against the game, because you can, literally, save anywhere you want. It's just you have to access it through the menu. I have a feeling you ran by every encounter. Now, that isn't to say it's not encouraged. I encourage people to play the game how they want. This just points out a fundamental problem with the game, which other play testers have noted, and that is, there really isn't a huge incentive to fight and get stronger. Enemies are kind of an obstacle. This WILL be remedied in the final game, with the inclusion of bosses at the end of each major dungeon. I don't see this as a deus ex machina, since Sin brought Sam to the Catacombs for a very specific purpose. I would recommend at least three levels gained for each dungeon, to be able to comfortably face the enemies. This is how the game is currently structured, difficulty wise. I would recommend abusing Sam's sketch skills, and Aeon's Pressure and Bell Toll. Beyond that, it's pretty straight forward. The difficulty is always under constant tweaking, either way. Thank you everyone for the feed back. It is always appreciated.
  10. Update: Okay, I figured out what the problem was. I've uploaded a version that corrects that small error. Thanks for catching that! The 0.8 version includes a shorter scene on the tram. Besides that, there are no other differences.
  11. Wow it's weird that people are getting these errors after extensive play testing, and wherears other people are able to proceed without said errors. Could you be a little more specific on what the error message says so I can see if anything is indeed missing.
  12. What kind of error? Is it possible to take a screenshot? I just downloaded and extracted the game myself and there weren't any errors. Try redownloading, extracting, waiting until extracting is completed, then running the game.
  13. Hello, Just wondering if I could transfer my game thread to the completed game and demos forums, as opposed to project development. The game is far enough along, and the demo is quite expansive, that it seems to be a better fit. The reason I ask here is because the instant messaging system does not seem to be working properly (I keep getting an error message). Thanks.
  14. The text is slown down on purpose, more so early in the game, to sort of mimic the speed at which the characters are talking, or to bring emphasis to certain parts of the speech. This wouldn't be the first time someone complained about it, which surprises me. When I write, I imagine the character's voice in my head, and at the speed they are talking. Text to me is not simply flat words strewn across a screen. But I understand how they might be strange for some people who are more accustomed to reading text in the traditional sense. I'll see if I can do the level-up heal. Lowering the enemy hit rate to decrease difficulty is a brilliant idea. Thanks for that, I hadn't thought of that! I suppose this is the case because enemies have a flat constant hit rate, while the character hit rates are affected by weapons and skills. The demo is a demo in the true sense of the word. It's short, encompasses 3 dungeons, and should take no longer than 3 hours. So if you're at the House of Sacred Remains, that is the final area before the end of the demo.
  15. Thank you very much for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated. I am actually writing down everything on notepad and checking things off the list as I change them. Agree about the log. However, it is supposed to be a hint as to where the key is, so I think it shining after reading the log would defeat the purpose of it. So maybe either keeping the log or making the key shine after checking it? One or the other, I guess. Regarding the darkness at the beginning, it's mostly intentional. The green arrows, after you wake, remedy the dark atmosphere for the rest of the game. I thought that, considering it was a dream, it would totally kill the atmosphere to have shiny green arrows pointing you in the right direction. And there is only one way to go! But I'll get more feedback on that. Regarding the difficulty, I've been told the Gravekeeper enemies are a little on the tough side. Will tone down the algorithms used to determine Throw Lantern damage, and maybe their stats a bit. In other terms, I've gotten mixed views regarding the difficulty in the general sense. Originally, you got 5 of each HP and MP healing item when you found it in a treasure. I lowered it to 3 after people complained about having tons of items stockpiled. Some people also mentioned that abusing certain skills (Mecha, 1-2-3, Pressure), made it more manageable, even easy, somewhat. In general, I personally find the difficulty a bit on the hard side, but manageable Was going for a bit of a Persona feel, as far as difficulty is concerned. Enemies have weaknesses, so play around with the abilities available to you and see which ones are more effective if you're having trouble. Instant Death and Paralysis (though a late ability) have high hit rates. Poison does as well, but it's not as effective (wanting to make it stronger in the final game). Instant Death will work about 75% of the time on any non undead enemies.