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  1. Somehow I can't download the demo. Could you please provide a mirror download? I got it before when it was freshly release but I can no longer download it now. I really love this ABS.
  2. input wasd

    Baiddu's answer worked... this one is SOLVED. Thanks, Baiddu!
  3. input wasd

    @Mr.Trivel - I'm currently using Ramiro's Extended Input. @Baiddu - Thanks, I'm gonna try that one.
  4. input wasd

    And that's what I've been trying to do. .. But I have very little knowledge about scripting and programming. I dont know what to write and where to write. If I can get a source code for the arrow inputs then maybe I'll have a clue. So far I've only managed to implement it on the player movement and I would like to go deeper and farther towards the implementation of WASD.
  5. I'm a newbie scripter and I was thinking if there is a way to totally implement WASD to work exactly like the arrow keys? I'm talking about total implementation and not just the player movement. I'm currently using a Keyboard Module and I believe the answer lies in the Input Module so I've been trying to implement the keyboard commands in it but I can't seem to do it right. Can anybody help me?
  6. Is this compatible with YEA - Menu Engine?
  7. @Galv Oh, didn't know that. I'll look at my project's scripts. Thanks @TheoAllen I'll test that one, thanks!
  8. Hello! I was working on a scrolling credit screen using the normal scrolling message and wanted to change some of the text's color and found that message codes do not work on scrolling messages so can someone please help me message codes work for scrolling texts? I was also using YEA - Message System so if possible can you somehow make it compatible with it? Thanks.
  9. I would like to request a battle HUD that features a card like individual battle status window for each actors. Pretty more like that of Ramiro's Mother 3 Visuals but can be used on Side View Battle Systems such as Yami's Symphony Battle System and is compatible with Yanfly's Battle System. What I actually want is to show an actor's battle status in an individual window so it would look like you're holding a card or a deck of cards. It would be cool if you can draw the actor's sprite or any tagged image on the left part of the window and the Gauges on the right then the name would be at the top and states would appear at the left side inside another window attached to the actor's "card" ( refer to the attached image). The HP and MP Gauges would adjust to fit the space depending if the TP is enabled or not. It would also be great if the "cards" rotates cylindrically, bringing the selected actor's "card" in front and the others at the back or simply make the inactive cards hide at the bottom of the screen with only names visible and only the active card is fully shown. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me with this request. --sorry if I got a bad english.
  10. @FleshRenderStudios - Try using Microsoft Security Essentials, I guess Game.exe is infected by Sality.AT but you can disinfect it with MSE without damaging the file. @Weapon_OD Put <Text = > comment tag on the non-switched page ( the default event page). I say you use the one I used on the bush not the one I used on the well. It's better and can be done to multiple events. The well was a fully evented one and it's crappy, better use the bush technique.
  11. You can acquire such result through eventing. You just need to widen up your imagination. I'll give it a try for you and if I'm successful I'll upload the sample project so you can study it. Oh wait, isn't that Falcao's Fantastic Pearl ABS Liquid you're using? Wow, I really like that battle system. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't want to double post so I just edited this one. Here's the link: Text Over Event
  12. Awesome! Can't wait for the result. You're the best! Erhm... One of the best I should say. XD
  13. So the identifier item, when use will call up a "targeting method" then instead of actors, it will be items that will be targeted but without calling up the default select target window?
  14. So the identifier NPC calls up a scene but the identifier item wont? Or both of them wont?
  15. So that was like, u put a method call on the "use_item" method somewhere. Then that called method will check if the item is tagged as an identifier then if it is, call the identify window scene, on that window will be the list of unidentified item then when an item was selected it will be identified and removed from the list then decrease the "Identification lens". How was that?