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  1. So after quite a bit of testing and staring at code i only partialy comprehend, I have decided to ask someone who can read this stuff, What I am curious to know is if there is a way to get this script to comply with a Conditional Branch, I.E they complete the chain of commands (Yes), or they fail (No). Hopefully I am just missing the simple command inside the script already, but if not, is there any way to add this functionality or a way to manipulate the event its placed in to work with conditional branches? Link to: Moghunters Chain Command Script Or the Script itself here: EDIT: I should also mention that the demo provided by Moghunter does work work in this fashion, as far as i can tell, however, I cannot figure out why that is. EDIT 2: Figured it out, its not specifically laid out in the script itself, but for anyone who may have the same issue the # that calls the event into play in the script call activates that # switch to 'ON'. This thread can be closed now.
  2. These are fantastic, Kudos and keep up the good work!
  3. Thank you SO MUCH! After getting to play test it, its exactly what I need for my project. Gunna go get to work on that right now actually ^.^ Your a Boss my good Sir/Madam (Profile won't tell me >.<)
  4. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it! I after looking at it for a bit I was also wondering if there were materials that came with the demo? Or if it's possible to get the demo itself from you? I would really appreciate it, but either way this is incredibly helpful ^.^
  5. Hey all, I've been looking and looking and come to find out there are only 2 usable instrument scripts for vxa. Both of them would work and look great for an upcoming project im working on, however: Meph's Instrument Script & Mistribe's Ocarina Edit of Meph's Instrument Script Meph's does not a working download link Mistribes does have one, however, no matter what I do my computer will not extract the file from the archive correctly. At first I thought it may be my computer, so after downloading a couple more scripts to test it out, it didnt seem to be the issue. My question is does anyone happen to have the script on hand, and could you possibly send it to me as it is a bit pivotal to my non combat game. Thanks!
  6. Ok, I've spent at least a couple hours over the course of a couple of day looking for this, I can find normal wooly sheep sprites no problem, however a sheared sheep is impossible to find, at least for me. Does anyone know if this exists and if so where to find it? Thanks much!
  7. Actually, funny enough, I was looking for some sprites and ran across one of Galv's scripts which is perfect for what I needed here, It allow each event to have it own respawn timer. The Script can be found here if anyone else reading this need it. Thanks for the help though casper667!
  8. Ok, So in my project there are Lots of crafting resources (i.e. Ore Seams / Trees to chop / ect.) and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to event a common event to allow the following: 1.) Switch "Always Running" is turned on (this turn on ALL my automated events that run in the background) 2.) Common Event "Refresh Resources" is set as playtime and activated by "Always On" switch. 3.) Here's where I get lost, I just don't know how to go about setting up the common event so that: When a player mines an ore seam it takes 5 minutes for it to reappear in game time. For the entire game. No matter what map the player is on. Because I believe i I was to set it up per Mining event, it wouldn't carry over to another map and therefore, would not refresh unless the player was standing in that map for 5 minutes. Perhaps my brain isn't working right now, but any help would be appreciated!
  9. Just thought I would pop in and say that this script is.... AWESOME!
  10. PROJECT RPG!!! So this will be the first in a series of updates based on my game project code named: Project RPG. The game itself run with quite a few scripts from various authors + quite a few automated Events made by me. The game is being made for Commercial release, with all permissions from authors gathered or pending. Current time spent on game development: approx. 60-80+ hours. Project RPG will have the following features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Battle System XAS ABS Active Attack and Defense actions Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons Magic / Teqnique Hookshot Bombs Pickup and Throw CT System (Amount of 'Stamina' you have and can use per action) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Light Effects System Khas' Awesome Lighting Effects Allow the Time system to portray Day and Night Cycles with TRUE visibility issues if you do not have a light source Allows Dungeons/Caves to be truly dark inside, requiring a spell or torch to light the way ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time System SES Time System Allows the COMPLETE customization of time and the flow of time. Allows the illusion of Day/Night cycles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visual Equipping System Victors Visual Equipping Allows EVERY weapon or armor to show when equipped Allows gender or race to change what it looks like when equipped (Meaning no gender or race will have the same look, even if its the same armor) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crafting System Mr.Bubble's Tactics Ogre Crafting System (Pending Permission) Allows the creation of both resource gathering and item/weapon/armor creation Allows the separation of types of crafting (i.e. Smithing is separate from Carpentry or Alchemy.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map Transfer System Jesters Map Edge Transfer & Slide Effect Allows the feel of a larger and open world to explore. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fame, Alignment, Title, & Political Systems Xail/XS Fame System Allows all actions to have rewards or consequences based on fame or infamy. Xail/XS Alignment System Allows all actions to have rewards or consequences based on if your good, neutral, or evil. Xail/XS Title Allows all actions to have rewards or consequences based on Experience and Class rank (not specifically level). Political Evented System Allows all actions to have rewards or consequences based on actions you have taken from a political standpoint. i.e. Save the king or kill the king or take over the kingdom. They all have effects on ALL other kingdoms and countries as well as the people who live within them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class System Yanfly's Class System A Simple but complex class system using elements from FF Tactics as well as a more traditional RPG aspect. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questing System Xail/XS Journal Allows the player to keep track of New, Completed or Failed quests without having to write everything down. (D@mn you U4!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level System Xail/XS Level System Allows the player PERSONAL control over what aspects of a single class they upgrade. i.e raising STR or INT is completely up to the player as opposed to the game having a set parameter upgrade. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weight and Durability Systems Xail/XS Equipment Weight Allows the game to have a realistic weight limit based on the players STR Xail/XS Equipment Durability Allows the game to have a realistic limit on the amount of times you can cleave a goblin head before you need the blade sharpened. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are many more scripts not listed here that are included in the game itself, however, this is just an overview of the games versatility. Everything listed above is implemented in the game already, so this is not speculation, this is a statement of the games progress. Planned and Current Implementation into Project RPG: Craftable Items/Weapons/Armor - Over 200 already implemented (and at least another 400+ to go!) (This number may seem small but keep in mind that all items/weapons/armors have Crafting code + Visual Equipping codes + ABS codes. Its a bit of work to make 1 item.) Craftables: Wool > Cloth (1 type + Dyes = multiple colors) Ore > Ingots (11 types of ore > 11 types of Ingots) 11 types of Ore/Ingots: Copper Iron Lumis Moonstone Redstone Bronze Agapite Gold Verite Valorite Black Rock 6 Metal Weapons X 11 Metals = 66 Metal Weapons (Currently) Dagger Sword Hammer Spear Claw Axe Logs > Boards (5 types of wood > 5 types of Boards) 5 Types of Logs/Boards: Pine Oak Ash Yew Bloodwood 2 Wood Weapons X 5 Woods = 10 Wood Weapons (Currently) Bow Staff Jeweling 6 Types of Jewels: Emerald Ruby Sapphire Diamond Topaz Amethyst 5 'Cuts' of Jewels X 6 Types of Jewels = 30 Jewels (Currently) Chipped Flawed Flawless Crystal (Elemental Based. i.e. A Ruby Crystal = FireCrystal) Stone (Elemental Based. i.e. A Ruby Stone = FireStone) Papyrus > Papyrus Paper (Used in Inscription) Leather Leather can be combined with both Cloth and Metal. Leather Armor Padded Leather Armor Studded Leather Armor Crafting Categorys: Smithing Carpentry Alchemy Enchantment Inscription Jeweling Farming Cooking More to come. And thats the current amount of work in the game. Not everything is named here but suffice to say I'm a bit tired of typing this. Thanks for reading, hope it looks interesting. Guardian out.
  11. Awesome script! I do wonder though, it seems to be covered up entirely by the "Xail Menu-Delux" script. Would it be possible to add this into the menu itself? Or allow me to change the Z increment so that its visible when I enter the menu? (I think thats what its called ) EDIT: I seem to have completely missed this line in your description: "but it doesn't display it in the Menu." Derp. But I would like to know if it's possible?
  12. So, I did find the problem... I think... But in any case, I think the source of the problem was another script that I removed. But thanks for the help!
  13. Ahhh, well, it makes the script unusable. I noticed that i pulled a derp and didnt post the script itself which, would probably have been more helpful. soooooooo here it is! EDIT: 2 things 1.) I realized that it may be against the scripts owners wishes that I repost it. 2.) It was a sub-script (specifically the footsteps sound script by the same author.) that was the problem. So yay! its fixed! Thanks for the help though!
  14. So I use the XAS ABS in my game and it works perfectly for me. However, due to the fact that I need a couple scripts (New menu, quest log, ect.) I am attempting to use XS (XAIL) Core and corresponding sub scripts. The only issue I seem to be having however is something to do with the SE settings in the XS Core script as show in the pic below. The XAS ABS runs fine with my other scripts (from various people) and the XS Core and all subscripts work fine when on their own. But they seem to fight over the SE in game. My question is: Does anyone know what the heck the is the problem? I have no problem posting more screenies or information for it, I'm just not sure what anyone would need to make an assumption of the problem. Thank you for reading and (possibly) helping with this setback.
  15. My apologies for the late reply, been busy Well I though about doing that, however, this choice is made by using player touch on a platform with a sign showing the color of the armor above. So I wanted it to allow them to walk all over the three choices and no matter how many times they step on a particular color, in the end they will only have one color armor in inventory.