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  1. No, it determines the type. If you want to add multiple slots at a time, you can do it like this: $game_actors[1].extra_equip_slots += [1, 2, 3]
  2. Not sure how familiar you are with YEA Equip, so I'll briefly explain how it works first. Basically, with YEA Equip, you can define for each character (via notetags) exactly what types of slots they have - for example, you could give one character three weapons, two helmets and an armor, while another character has one weapon and six shields (or any other combination and quantity you want). Any slots added via my script will simply be added to the end of their slot list. This works fine for my game, because (aside from a single weapon slot at the start) all equipment slots are multiples of the same type of slot anyway. My script probably isn't as suitable to other cases, though it could still be used with a bit of extra work (since you aren't restricted to just adding to extra_equip_slots; you can modify, subtract, overwrite, etc too - so you could just give someone no default slots and then control their available slots entirely through extra_equip_slots); it's very much designed specifically for the needs of my game.
  3. @PhoenixSoul It's just a small modification to Yanfly Engine Ace Equip. Add the following script below Yanfly Engine Ace Equip: class Game_Actor < Game_Battler attr_accessor :extra_equip_slots alias ninjamida_initialize initialize def initialize(actor_id) ninjamida_initialize(actor_id) @extra_equip_slots = [] end alias ninjamida_equip_slots_normal equip_slots_normal def equip_slots_normal result = ninjamida_equip_slots_normal result += self.extra_equip_slots if @extra_equip_slots != nil return result end end You can then add the extra equipment slots like this (changing the 1's as appropriate): $game_actors[1].extra_equip_slots += [1] Let me know if this doesn't work; in my code I implemented it by just modifying Yanfly's script directly, so had to rework it into an alias-based version here.
  4. Haven't abandoned this. The next update - which aside from bugfixes and maybe a bit of rebalancing, will be the final release - is nearly ready now. Just needs a bit more testing, mostly.
  5. V025 update is here. This has some rebalancing around the endgame, some bugfixes, and a postgame sidequest is mostly (though not completely) implemented. Fresh download: Upgrade (from V023 or higher only): Changelog
  6. The former is just kind of meant to be her speech style. I'm a native English speaker, so it's safe to assume any weird speech is intentional (except maybe if it's the end of a line getting cut off). The latter might be a bug / oversight. The change to save-anywhere is quite recent, so such a thing could very easily have gone unnoticed before.
  7. Been alerted to a game-breaking bug. When you receive an item called "Lab Key", do NOT try to progress the storyline any further. You can leave the current area to go do optional stuff, but do not try to progress any further in the area you're currently in, otherwise you may end up losing the Lab Key which prevents further progress. If you have a save that's already been affected by this bug, send it to me and I'll fix your save. The next update (which is almost ready, should be released this weekend) will fix this bug properly.
  8. I get the feeling that doing this with events would be a bit messy, surely? Especially if you want to have different selections at different points in the game, etc. Possible, yes, but messy. No promises, but if I have time and am in a coding mood over the next few days I'll take a look at this. Some things to clarify (which would be helpful for anyone attempting to do this, even if I don't end up doing it): - To clarify - you want to display a specific background picture (presumably one that might be different at different times throughout the game), display the options (also as images) on the left with a selection graphic, and some kind of "preview" image relating to the currently highlit choice on the right. Is this correct? - What do you actually want to *do* when the player makes their selection? Not in terms of the ultimate outcome, but what immediate (on the technical side) effect do you want it to have? Set a variable? Set a switch? Call a common event? Or do you perhaps want it to replace the current functionality of the "Show Choices" event command (keeping in mind that RMVXA's interface only lets you enter four options for this, even though that's literally just a limitation of the editor and there's no reason the actual engine can't handle more). In general, the more detail you can give - technical, not just an overall description of what the player would observe - the better.
  9. Created for PhoenixSoul's request, releasing for anyone else who may like to use it. This adds a Jukebox (sometimes called "sound test") option to your game, which can be called via a script call, or alternatively, the script comes with an easy true/false setting in the configuration to automatically add an entry for the Jukebox to the title screen and/or in-game menu screen. Compared to Galv's existing script (which was mentioned in the request thread), the main advantage of this one is that it supports BGS, ME and SE as well as BGM. While I haven't tested for sure, I would assume that issues may arise with the "automatically add menu option" functionality when using custom menu / title screen scripts. In such cases, please manually add the option to open the Jukebox menu. Beyond this, it should not have issues with any other scripts, though I have not tested this. It does not rely on any other scripts to function. This script is entirely my own work, except for one very small section that was copied and slightly modified from the default scripts (Window_JukeboxFiles.process_ok). Credit must be given in commercial / shareware / etc projects (but no payment is necessary); it is optional but appreciated in free projects.
  10. Alright, I've completed this script and will send it to you in a private message. Let me know when you've taken a look at it, and if you think any changes are needed or, in particular, if you encounter any bugs. Once we're both satisfied with it, I'll release it for the general public of the forum to use. EDIT: Released, here:
  11. It probably won't work directly with a custom menu, but will be possible to integrate manually.
  12. So far, I have the back-end of this working - maintaining, loading and saving, etc of which tracks are unlocked. I've added a configuration option so you can choose to either have it saved per-save-file, or on a global basis. The latter is VERY highly recommended if you plan to make it accessible from the title screen, but either can work if you only want it accessible from in-game. Sound files can be added in three ways: - Via an explicit script call - Specified in the configuration to be automatically added at the start - Automatic adding of a sound / music when it gets played (this can be turned on or off in the configuration) It is possible to specify a custom name for a given sound or music file. If you don't, the filename (without any extension) will be used. I've added config options for: - Whether the music will continue to play when the user exits the sound test menu, or if it'll revert to the normal one - Which types of sound will be available in the sound test menu - so for example, someone who only wanted BGM could simply disable the others, while someone who wants all four can enable all four - Whether to sort alphabetically, or in a custom order (which will be based on the order they're listed in the Names section) - Configuration options to add a menu option, both for the in-game menu and the title screen (two seperate options), to access this, without having to implement the addition yourself (directly calling the sound test via a script call will still be possible, of course) - Custom names for each type of music. For example, if you find the term "BGM" to be user-unfriendly, you could have it called "Music" in the in-game menu instead. I haven't yet started implement the UI side of this (ie: the actual menu the user will interact with). Does the above sound good to you, or is there anything else you'd like to have possible? Ideally, it'd be great to get those answers before I start working on the sound test menu itself - it's easier to change plans than to change already-written code, after all. EDIT: Upon reading through this topic again, I notice you also want to be able to *remove* sound files from it via script calls, though it's slightly unclear whether you were saying "I need this feature" or just "Galv's has add/remove via script calls, I want a similar means to add files". Do you want this functionality? I can add it quite easily if it's desired.
  13. I've started working on this now. I'll probably have it finished sometime today, maybe tomorrow, all going well.
  14. Was just about to start on this actually, but some IRL stuff came up so I'll have to leave it for now. But I'll give it a go tomorrow.