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  1. My eyes watered a bit. I'll count it. Welcome!
  2. rmmv

    This looks very promising. From reading the summary, I think this will give me the same feel as To The Moon.
  3. Welcome! Bro, game looks great! I'm gonna look out for that demo.
  4. Nice mapping skills! Only one post? new here? How long have you been mapping?
  5. Nice. I love it.
  6. LMAO!! That's hilarious. Welcome back!
  7. Welcome, chibievil! Enjoy the forums. If you need any help, we'll be glad to assist you.
  8. Whoa! Those tiles! I have a few pieces of them. Who made em?
  9. @Tsarmina The tiles under the chairs are carpet. I can make them reflect but it'll be weird. I'll adjust the shadow. @RaZzi Looks peculiar. lol Seriously though, that title looks cool. If I can make a suggestion, maybe add a little most stuff to the background. There's too much empty space. It makes me feel uneasy. @Resource Dragon I love it. Reminds me of a GameBoy game.
  10. Passed out from New Years in Calvin Klein socks.
  11. @Asura Reminds me of Whiterun from Skyrim :3 Do these floors look like the reflect? Don't worry about the white part of the speech bubble.
  12. Hey, Wendell!! I personally hate interactive games, aside from one: Heavy Rain. I'm more of an action person so I want to kill as much baddies as I can. But that's just me. As for making it in RM, I think it could work. I don't think RM is too limiting. Nothing a few events can't fix.
  13. He should be on your team. :/
  14. Ah, Vampyr Coders. I adore their scripts. Unfortunately, I think the team might be dead. Here's Vlad's email I found on the team's FB page if you want t contact him: Luiz_valentim@live.com I doubt you'll get a response but you never know. Good luck! .:EDIT:. Just got into contact with one of the old coders from the team. He advises not to use commercially. I quote: