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  1. This ain't so bad. I will get used to it and in a month or two I wouldn't be able to imagine the forums were ever any different.

  2. rmmv

    I saw a post of yours on Reddit. That art style is CRISP. Plus the setting as well. Quite good to see a change from the usual high fantasy sword and board adventure.
  3. The kind which mixes RPG and Simulation. I love games that tells stories through its mechanics. Kinda like FTL and Mount and Blade. One that mixes simulation and a FF Tactics style combat would be sweet.
  4. The general consensus is that grinding shouldn't be mandatory to progress in the game but should be rewarded if the player chooses to pursue it. Whether or not the characters become easily overpowered depends on how well you design their stat progression and exp requirements in relation to how soon/late you introduce stronger enemies.
  5. Go to System in the database and check whether you've checked the box for player transparency. If you have, uncheck it.
  6. Hmm, interesting that you bring it up. Maybe us being conditioned by the damsel in distress trope has something to do with it? Because I'll be honest, if I hadn't seen this thread, my main character in a horror game would definitely have been a female or a child.
  7. There is a 'Stop SE' command at the bottom of the sound and music related event commands. That will stop any ongoing SE. Just place it right under each message command.
  8. 1) In theory, not giving them any TGR (Sp-Parameter) AKA setting it to 0 will make have them ignored by the enemy whenever they choose a target. 2) From the database create a state that increases EVA (Ex-Parameter) and create a skill that adds this state. 3) Similar to No. 2, create a state that increases TGR and then create a skill that adds it. How much you need to increase requires you to understand how TGR works in the first place. Each actor's TGR is calculated against the sum of the party's TGR. If actors A, B and C have 100, 200 and 50 each, their chances to be hit are roughly 28%, 57% and 14%. Increasing B's TGR to, say, 750 would change the chances to 11%, 83% and 5% respectively. The actual calculations are a bit different, but I believe this not a wrong way of understanding it. My memory of it is bit hazy, and I'm going off on faint memories of a thread I encountered quite a while ago. Take this one with a grain of salt but I'm certain increasing TGR is the key to getting that character targeted more. 4) Saving the game before the event is triggered is what I do. If you're not planning on doing that, then simply start the character off there. Make sure any variables and switches that are used as conditions in the said cutscene are accounted for. For example if I'm writing a cutscene 2 hours into the game that checks that I have 500 gold with me AND that I've talked to a certain character beforehand, create a temporary event that adds 500 gold and turns on the switch that is turned on when you talk to that particular character in a normal playthrough. I'm a bit tired at the moment so please forgive me for any mistakes.
  9. Whether a tile is passable or not is decided by passability settings in the "Tilesets" tab of the Database(F9). You can then set passability settings by clicking on the respective tiles. An "X" means the tile will not be passable. An "O" means you can pass through it. A star symbol means you can pass through it, but the tile will be displayed above the player. Look through the default tilesets' passability settings and I'm sure you will understand what it's all about.
  10. Probably that time I got extremely lucky and finished a Quake 3 instagib deathmatch in less than a minute. I was up against 4 others, they had zero kills when I hit the target of 20. They were all yelling "hax".
  11. There's the Mount And Blade series, which is almost centered around having a horse.
  12. My mum would be proud. Link because I think it's a bit too large.
  13. The answer is so much simpler than you think. Use "Stop SE" from page 2 of event commands. Like so,
  14. I ask all ye' to post pics of your child self and your adult/current self for comparison. Then(Age 13, Gold Chain Swag): Recent(Age 19, Hobo Swag): I didn't "go" through puberty. It knocked the crap out of me.