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  1. abs

    my only issue is the monster health bar wont go away i tried my best and i have it to when you shoot the health hud shows and goes away
  2. thanks. honestly i was going to pm you but didnt want to bother, but you came to my rescue anyways
  3. All those script topics where they post the script and then hide it in the post. How can I do that? It would look like this: Custom Script <Click to show>
  4. i still think its like hyper beam, dig, and fly like in pokemon. just more elaborate of an idea, with that link i put you can have the punch have a casting time of 2 turns. and depending on what skill you do it can cancel their punch cast or just lessen the damage in half. anyways good luck!
  5. i have to admit though having events interact with other events is over my head, but i'd learn it if i was making a game and really wanted to have that feature.
  6. Nice! Good to know It helped.
  7. 1.give the gem/traps and walls a health variable 2.have the event enemies walk to a preset area(gem) using extra move scripts or something. 3.Use the time event spawner script to have enemies appear and use switches to make them tougher each turn. 4.Upon this tutorial you can make a check if the enemy touches a gem/trap or wall, then that blockade loses its variable hp until its destroyed. this is possible in rmvx ace!
  8. This is what you're looking for:
  9. My guess: In troop settings, when end of turn -Conditional Branch is Start Chanel Switch on? If yes Add Variable Channel Ready [10] % (this makes it so that when you activate the channeling process after each turn it builds up by 10 so when it reaches 100 the channeling is complete and the next conditional branch will take care of that.) -Conditional Branch is variable Channel Ready [100] % ? if yes capture eventing in Skills settings New Skill Channel go to effects other tab -> common events common event Start Channel In Common Event Settings Make an event named Start Channel Start Channel Switch is ON
  10. Read this if you want to live You def need: A note pad / or notepad app Develop your style in story telling Make a 5 minute test rpg and post it to the forums for suggestions/workshoppin No offense to the poster above but dont make your game an hour long. In todays world you need to attention grab the player every 5 minutes (doesnt mean explosion grab but just something unique) id say. Any rpg that doesnt need that sort of strategy already has a following and reputation. ++PLUS++ Will your teacher sit there for an hour? Give it at least 20-30 minutes. CONCEPT!!!!!! Your RPG needs a unique concept, lets look at a game app for example. Escape the Room, your rpg could be an adventure rpg where you work with events to help the hero escape certain areas. If you ever played Half-Life 1 (not 2) then thats pretty much the same game in FPS. Its riddled with puzzles to progress and topped with some fun FPS shooting with a thriller/escape/grungy type feeling. Self Limitations/Perspective Plan your initial game on paper trust me. Parallel this with "LEARNING" RMVX ACE on the side. This way you start to see what you can do yourself with RMVX ACE or what you learn on the forums and adjust your game the way it sees fit. Why make a game with 800 items? Limit yourself to maybe 40. Does your game need 151 monsters? Super Mario Bros has roughly 12 enemies! PLAN AN EASIER GAME TO MAKE I went to film school and in writing class I had it so easy, Every script workshop day i had the class and teacher on their toes listening to the story. What did I do? I wrote an easy to tell "Digestible" story that had unique qualities to it and remixed ideas. Remixing isnt bad! Everything is made already you just need to find the right ingredients to put together. Anyways you can make the best RPG the simplest way. If its too complicated would it be worth the extra hard work if it translates horribly in the game? My personal rmvxace advice. Almost every game I made and threw away (all of them) I did because of the battle system! I tried almost all the custom scripts and you know what? it personally wasnt for me. Just didnt work out. Now I have a good game im working on using eventing and variables and some scripts that modify the choice menu to make it seem like a battle system. All this using pictures in game to make it look authentic. So decide now what battle system is worth you slaving over the next 5 months. Choose your Time Period now!!!! This is the biggest thing in film when writing your story because depending on how epic or authentic you make the story is how harder the production [making the game] will be. You need to choose the style of 8bit/16bit/Modern/PS1/Indie/Experimental/minimal graphics/mechanics. Right now your best bet is using the default graphics for rpg maker. and for the mechanics you either develop them yourself or emulate/imitate another games mechanics. A random Idea, (this is how film school makes you think) Think Small space and big story. An RPG within 1 room that all the events change the next morning when you go to the bed to sleep. Clock each day at 1 minute to do everything you have to do before you go to bed or you auto fall asleep. Make the game have 20 Days and you just made yourself a 20 minute rpg! This gives you Concept/20 min/Digestible Game/Space for story telling/Easy to make. Literally this idea can be turned into being a horror(trapped in a cell/cave), a comedy(living life in your room never coming out), a drama love story(every day you meet the girl on the train), Simulation (CLASSROOM bonus points since this is a school project) or even a brain teaser where you must complete the quests to go down to the next floor before the days over. GoodLuck
  11. are you kidding me? ty for that man, going to use that script now!
  12. in that case you can have Skills: Prediction: get a hint of what he will choose Fake out: get to go second after he goes, pretty much to auto win Fast Talk: get to make the battle 1 out of 1 instead of 2 out of 3 Bribe: pay the person money or exp to auto win/escape Glare: makes the enemy choose attack(rock) for 2 turns Bulk up: makes the enemy defend(paper) for 2 turns Illusion: forces to make the player wait randomly (like paralyze) Cheer: makes the enemy give up if you win the next rock paper scissors draw Obviously using a skill will result in a miss of the initial rock paper scissors draw unless its a preskill and you are fast enough.
  13. This is a Snippet from Venka Turn Switch 5 on to see effect. its the best you can get for now #============================================================================== # ** Window_ChoiceList #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This window is used for the event command [Show Choices]. #============================================================================== class Window_ChoiceList < Window_Command Horz_Choices_Switch_ID = 5 # In game switch ID to make horzonital choices Choices_on_Bottom = 8 # Will always show the choice box at the bottom #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Digit Count #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias make_choices_horizontal_col_max col_max def col_max return item_max if $game_switches[Horz_Choices_Switch_ID] make_choices_horizontal_col_max end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Alignment #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias make_choices_horizontal_alignment alignment def alignment return 1 if $game_switches[Horz_Choices_Switch_ID] return 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update Window Position #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias make_choices_horizontal_update_placement update_placement def update_placement if $game_switches[Horz_Choices_Switch_ID] self.width = Graphics.width self.height = fitting_height(1) self.x = 0 if $game_switches[Choices_on_Bottom] self.y = Graphics.height - height self.z += 50 elsif @message_window.y >= Graphics.height / 2 self.y = @message_window.y - height else self.y = @message_window.y + @message_window.height end else make_choices_horizontal_update_placement end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Draw Item #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias make_choices_horizontal_draw_item draw_item def draw_item(index) if $game_switches[Horz_Choices_Switch_ID] draw_text(item_rect_for_text(index), command_name(index), alignment) else make_choices_horizontal_draw_item(index) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Height of Window Contents #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias make_choices_horizontal_contents_height contents_height def contents_height return line_height if $game_switches[Horz_Choices_Switch_ID] make_choices_horizontal_contents_height end end
  14. you make it less luck teaching the player the difficulty throughout the game. Lets say you change rock paper scissors to Attack, Block, Break (tried my own evented system a long time ago) example: Very Easy: enemies will be scared so they will block alot, all you have to do is "break" their move. Easy: enemies will randomly attack or block to avoid you "breaking" their block. Normal: favoring attack and block, and sometimes using break Completely Random: uses all moves randomly Attackers: Attack and Break Defenders: Block and Break Other: you can think about the enemy and change their choice favors to make each enemy different. its almost as if your playing the game against real ppl still having the system pretty random. TO make it harder you can make it active time battle or give the enemy a new type of speed attribute where the faster they are the less time you have to choose.
  15. eventing

    one day one of you guys will have a headache trying to make a safari zone step counter and then you will think of this tutorial HA!