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(Without Spoilers):
A homeless boy gets told about an island full of free shelter and food. However, when the boy gets helped there he finds it polluted with beasts and dangerous obstacles. By mistake, the boy is looking for a safe hideaway when he stumbles upon a woman's only retreat. There, he meets proficient fighters reluctant to care about outside members of their group but would like information out of him. Tasked with doing the girl's a favor, they promise to help him get off the island if he fulfills his obligation.  Upon doing so, he is granted with an amazing opportunity to become something he never imagined.


(With Spoilers):


A homeless boy named Turbulence is looking for shelter and stumbles upon a fisherman located in the deep end of a forest. After being rejected by all towns he has visited in search of a home or place to stay, the fisherman tells Turbulence about a place called Trial Island; an area full of food and shelter. The fisherman says if Turbulence is willing to bring an item known as an "R.B." back to the fisherman, he will find Turbulence a way there. Even though Turbulence is skeptical, he has nothing to lose and decides to go. After sneaking on board a ship that is about to travel to Trial Island, a heavy storm approaches; causing the ship to be struck by lightning and sink. Luckily, he makes it to the island by floating on debris where he must fight the storm and everything else the island throws at him. Filled with dangerous creatures, Turbulence eventually finds what appears to be the only town within miles and seeks help. The first building he hides in just so happens to be a woman's only resort where the inhabitants are not too friendly with him barging in. However, due to Turbulence's knowledge of the ship wreck, the women want to scavenge the remains of the ship for valuable weapons and other collectables. This means they have to keep him safe (for the time being) as they go on a small journey back to where he floated ashore. Along the way, Turbulence learns more about the women such as who is the leader and what their jobs are; as well as discovering why they're staying on the island in the first place. Things are not always as they seem and Turbulence is about to become part of one of the most well known, nationally coveted, contestants in what is called TRIAL.





Turbulence - A boy without a home who is in constant search of a place to live or stay for a night. He is not equipped with anything but the smarts he has obtained from being on his own for so long. Through all the adversity, he has remained very upbeat and believes he finally caught a break when he stumbles into Harmony and her friends.  He has no choice but to be game for the most dangerous competition on the planet if he hopes to turn his life around.



Harmony - An athletic, strong-minded individual who is experienced at surviving. Her focused attitude on Trial Island makes her one of the most sought-after individuals in terms of fame and popularity. Harmony is compelled to be the best and for reasons she won't admit or show; sympathizes with Turbulence's past. She has dug herself into holes before but has enough backbone to pull herself out; a true leader.



Cam - The engineer in the group who is great at solving electrical mysteries. A technician who is very caring and thinks of Harmony as her best friend.  She has a real knack for figuring out gadgets and doesn't really assert her opinion often. She has been in the Trial group now for a long time and constantly supports her friend's decisions; even if she disagrees.  The whiz-kid of rigging that can assist with weaponry and skills.



Soria - Another fighter in the group who often bumps heads with others but it is to be expected. Like Harmony, she also never wants to fail; however, she is not willing to always side with the leader of the group when it comes to certain decisions. Dislikes all new comers and even some in the group, she is very interested in taming Trial and showing that she is in control; but still remains behind the orders of Harmony.

























--All maps are parallaxed. I'd like to think I included a lot of detail in each map or tried something different (This is why it is such a large download, I tried to compress it but no-go--Haha).
--Player Events. This is not ground breaking but I think they add to the experience, kind of like quick time events (without the 'time' part).
--Scripted A.I/Custom sprite monsters. Once again, nothing major, but it is scary when a zombie chases you because you crossed in his sight. However, there are usually rewards for those who take the harder path!

--A Skill Tree will assist players to choose how they'd like to level up their characters.

--Multiple hidden items that level up weaponry or new skills.  This makes for a rewarding experience when exploring.


For graphics: Enterbrain, Celianna, and Lunaria.  For music: Riptide, Newgrounds, Oddworld, Rayman, Shadowrun, Newgrounds.  For scripts: Atelier RGSS.  Obviously if I am leaving something out, let me know and I will fix/add immediately upon reading the message.


One Last Note:

Thank you all for giving this a try.  I offered this demo to several people before submitting it here to see if any bugs were reported (thanks to those guys).  I'm sure there's some glitches out there when dealing with such a large game but do let me know and I'll fix it immediately.  RTP is not included (sorry).




(V.04) **Fixed multiple grammar errors, multiple game breaking bugs, other minor fixes that help the experience (Thanks Tsarmina).  Fixed music and pathing issues (Thanks Gui and Ocedic).  Changed difficulty to make monsters/obstacles easier.  Fixed collecting sticks in swamp error, sword ship wreck issue, database errors (Thanks When Bugs Roam Ur House).

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Holy Crap!! I am glad you PM'ed me! This game looks gorgeous! ^~^ Ima play it and let you know my thoughts.


EDIT: OH...god...Dx such...a.big....file.........*starts downloading it* 2...years....later. Dx


EDIT AGAIN: Okay so far this game is fantastic o.o

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Yeah same. I met the girls and then went out to explore and died when I was curious enough to go talk to this guy with glowing red eyes who ended up killing me. :( ...Curiousity killed the redhead. I'm scared. XD


The music and graphics are just brilliant, though. I love how you utilised everything!

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This is really groovy my friend~ :3 Whenever I see screenies with visuals and mapping and such, they really make me inspired to do great things for my project... xD Well for now, as much as I like to try it, I'm in the middle of my exam week so I won't have time to try it out sadly, but I will once my exams are done of course~ :D


I like where this is going, your screenies really show that your game is very clean and crisp. but the true test is the demo, I'll let you know in a few ;)

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I've given a try to it yesterday, and really liked it. Here are my impressions:


- visually, it's very good : I love in particular the still pic inside the ship with the light beams falling on the wooden ground, and the landscape by the river where Turbulence and Harmony stops by on their way back to the girl's home (you'll have to explain to me how you animated the waterfall and the river btw: animated parallaxes?); the maps look all nice but seem to present a few issues in my opinion: your art lead looks a bit messy, with elements from present day mixed with some steampunk-looking ones, and with people wearing medieval clothes – maybe it'd be welcome to standardize a bit all of this...


- no sound and/or music in the first levels or so: I had to check if my speakers were on because this really bugged me. Dunno if it's a deliberate choice, or if you forgot to put some, or if you plan to do this later, but I think it'd be a good thing to enhance the mood of your game right from the beginning. This is all the more a pity because the rest of the game presents good musical choices in my opinion.


- plenty of puzzles but lack of action: the first fight comes rather late and during a while I thought it was an adventure-puzzle game – I didn't get any more combat after that aswell (I stopped playing when Harmony got back home). Note that I don't have a problem with a no-action game though, I just prefer games which know where they stand – ie: action or not.


- the "stealth" passage when Turbulence has to cross the area full of zombies at night is a bit frustrating because it's hard to figure if the monsters will notice him or not, and the hints on this point come only after the goal is completed, which is "a bit" late IMO.


- I had a bug on this map: when I crossed it back with Harmony and left the map from the exit on the right to go back to her house, I decided to come back to the map to check out what the NPC had to say but once transfered to the map again the game loaded me back to the moment where I accompany the girls to the train station, quite some time before – I had to reload a previous save in order to avoid redoing all the expedition to and from the beach...


- while I'm at it, on the beach, when Turbulence has to explore the wreck, I didn't understand that I should push away the first barrel and ended up having put it against the wall on the left, without being able to access the corner where the sword is located: not a bug strictly speaking but an annoying issue nonetheless because I had to reload a previous save to overcome this part – maybe you could relocate the last barrel, the one nearby this corner, or simply remove it to allow to Turbulence to go to this area of the map even if the first barrel has been pushed against the left wall by mistake.


This is what I can say from my short first session. Despite my critics, I had a really good time: it's an original and surprising game on many aspects, with an unusual setting and very nice visuals, so keep up the good work!  :)

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Hey Gui, thanks for trying my game out and I just wanted to address some concerns which is good because other players looking may be wondering the same thing.  First, I'll address the easy ones such as the lack of action and stealth sections. 


If you got to the first fight, then that should be somewhere around the half hour mark of the demo, and the demo is around five hours in length.  So say you're at the 10% mark, somewhere between 25%-80% all it is is action pretty much.  It's just a matter of getting there so no worries, there's plenty of action to come.


As for the stealth section with the zombies, I didn't tell the player their exact secrets and tendencies right off the bat because I wanted the player to experience what Turbulence is doing for the first time; something new.  However, after the very first section is completed, Soria explains how they operate (as you know) and the player now has that knowledge.  Much like the action scenes, there are more scenes than just that one if you progress in the game so it's not like it won't come in handy later, but by then you'll have the knowledge to get by them easily.  It's kind of like a learning experience for the first time and then Turbulence becomes more skilled at avoiding trouble (that's what I was shooting for anyway, maybe it didn't translate well).  Oh, and a quick note; their clothing gets discussed later in the game and why certain people dress how they do.  My advice is to just keep going if you're interested because I did my best to cover all the bases and most of your concerns are answered; there's much more to it than what you've played so far but I really do appreciate your feedback.  I get a huge kick out of this so thank you.


Now for the not so good news, Gui.  The music/sound is a problem because it plays perfectly fine on my end.  So, I transferred it over to my mother's desktop to test it real quick and don't you know there is no music.  So, I re-imported the music again from the database and it seems to be working well so thank you for the heads up.  That is embarrassing because I love the music but at least it should be okay now.


Your pathing bug is fixed along with many others which I will address in the original post.  Even Ocedic found a pathing bug almost immediately which made my jaw hit the floor because I thought I did a decent job connecting them and it makes it look like I don't know what I'm doing--Hahah.  Those are the biggest errors to me so I try to fix them immediately.

I fixed being able to push that barrel over top of where the item is in the wrecked ship just as a precaution, but just to let you know if you leave the boat and come back, all the barrels and boxes move back into default position so you don't have to reload your save (if I'm understanding the problem correctly).


Because I think this is more suited here, I just wanted to say thank you to every single person that has tried this out and I hope you see that I will fix anything if brought to my attention because I want this game to be great.  People have been nice enough to respond to me bugging them and I think the game is much better for it. The fact that people take the time out of their day to try something I made is amazing to me and I truly appreciate it. Sorry for this long comment but I just wanted to make it clear that I love all feedback, positive or negative.

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First of all, wow, you do cutscenes extremely well! o_o I also loved the parallaxed/moving backgrounds, the realistic dialogue, the story, the mapping, and all the little sprite animations for so many things. I found many things very creative and well-made. I got stuck after gathering 6 sticks for Harmony, unfortunately, but your game was so interesting. I really liked it a lot and what you have going for it.


Here is any critique or bugs I found for your game:


-------------- Critique

- Though I really liked the story, I think it could have even been delved into a bit sooner! Personally, the game really became interesting for me after about 1 hour. I think, if possible, you could even omit the town at the very beginning. 


- When dialogue or instructional pages showed up, there were a few instances where a comma could've been added to the sentences. : ) It also took me an extra second or two to grasp the sentences that didn't immediately start with a noun; i.e., "I went to the well to get some water for my family. Would've had some time to pick a few herbs, too." 


- I also would've liked it if the instructions for how the zombies saw were given before, too. : )


- In the first dungeon, I ran into a spider that poisoned me on the first turn, in the door. I couldn't heal it until the very end-- maybe this can be changed? 


- In the water dungeon, when you talk to the stair trap, I would've like it if they asked you whether you wanted to go down or not. I accidentally talked to it because I didn't know what it was! And then i couldn't go back. 


- Imo, I found the game really easy later on. (I was taking 4-7 damage from monsters) I would make Cam's p.attack growth greater, though, because I was doing 0 damage at level 3 fighting snakes.


--------------- Bugs

- the instructions for using skill points and redoing dungeons shows up twice. (It pops up again the next time you're warped to your house)


- When exploring the ship wreck, the scene from finding the sword doesn't active if it's equipped; you can also leave the ship with the sword on, and repeatedly go back for more swords.


- When you first get out of the train, right before you and Harmony jump off of it, you're naked/in pyjamas.


- The revival items only select actors that are alive
- The TP-healing items say they heal MP
- You can't sell your weapons




Your game really was great though and I really liked it. : D The shark puzzle in the water dungeon was just brilliant, and something i never wouldve thought of!

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Hey When Bugs Roam Ur House, before I address your concerns I want to tell everyone that you’re one of the few people who made it incredibly far before my game broke (lol, it’s been fixed since but sorry about that) and for that I thank you, that’s very cool.


Now, I went through your list and fixed everything I could with the exceptions of how the story plays out in the beginning and the combat because there is some delicate balance there and it’s a bit tougher to address than the other points.  I am happy to say though that I corrected everything else, the healing, the TP-healing items, graphical issues, etc.  You even helped me solve that ship wreck issue where he can pick up multiple swords (long story).


When it comes to the issue with possibly getting poisoned by the spider at the start, I added some chests right at the entrance just in case that happens again.  With the zombies, I actually went back and deleted a few and tried to guide the player a little easier because I don’t want it to be frustrating.  With the “Skill Points†instructional part showing up multiple times, yes ma’am that’s intentional.  You’ll notice that a few other pages show up multiple times as well like Cam’s ability to upgrade and whatnot.  I did that just in case one of them slipped by the player the first time.  So after the first time, a player will never see a “jumping†tutorial again, but perhaps they forgot that they can review all pages by going to the book on his shelf so I have them appear as a refresher (all the important ones).  I hope that makes sense.


With that said, once again I’ve gotten incredible feedback and it’s made my game better.  I truly believe there’s a light to the end of this tunnel because more people are getting through without any major problem which is fantastic.  Thank you all, especially Tsarmina who was very thorough in helping this game be better.

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Fantastic map at the first sight ...

But where is the battle screen? Is it action? sideview? or frontview?

I haven't tried it yet since I have a slow connection this week. So the download could take time


Btw, it's nice to see a skill tree as a feature since I like to customize my character

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Just finished your demo. I had a feeling it would end there :( Your preview of the fifth stage really has me pumped. XD XD XD Nuuuu I wanna keep playingggg~


A few bugs, nothing major. Really excited to see what you come up with next, too.


1. "Show them turbulence" with Elik and the wall run should be "Show them, Turbulence."

2. With Reign at the press conference, "Harmony lead me to a new home" should be "Harmony led me to a new home" (omit a)

3. "rain years of rage-filled abandonment" (include hyphen)

4. Talking with the Trial Inquisitor: "Time's up." (include apostrophe)



Trial, even though it's a demo, has to be one of the best games I've ever played. I'm amazed at how much work and love you've poured into the project and it's definitely paying off. :) I feel this project is definitely overlooked by many people because of how softly you present it--it doesn't carry bright colors or especially bright graphics or a fancy super colorful sparkling sound-effect-emitting banner. But this game surely needs to be played ^_^ I love the mapping, the development of the characters, the interaction, the music, the sprite animations, the sound effects--all those little touches that brought this game to life. Overall, it's just beautiful. You really have a knack for this sort of thing. :)



Old stuff: I feel like some of these are still present, especially with the grammar (commas, commas, commas, commas, commas) and maybe a few bugs, just in case you accidentally overlooked some minor ones the first time :o I can't say for sure though.

1. With the old man, should be "about to set sail"

2. "How long was I out for?" after the bridge jump

3. "Gremlin's aren't hard to kill, kid." Remove the apostrophe

4. "Will you stop calling them 'things?'" Should be 'things'?"

5. Grass-beach map has a tree cutoff in the bottom left

6. Idk why, but the first time exiting the ship after finding the old sword, I couldn't exit the ocean. I went back into the ship (also it let me get the sword again--think that was an error) and came back out again and it worked.

7. Ice Tea vs. Iced Tea--multiple times

8. Cam says "Harm will be dissapointed" should be disappointed

9. Multiple misspellings of "scenery" as "scenary" O_o such as the waterfall spot and the first time reaching the training grounds with the pretty pond.

10. On the train, should be "shooed away"

11. Soria in the save, her mask is off in one image which is wrong.

12. In the town, talking to the guy with the green mohawk, should be "hassle"

13. Passability error in the town, on the steps of the house next to the old guy who says he recognises me from somewhere

14. Possible text cutoff error talking with the blue elf in the east town who says "Failing/ Out of the question." Either there was a cutoff error, or a capitalisation error, or something. XD

15. Lots of grammar mistakes, especially with commas and semicolons. I would definitely ask someone to proofread your entire script if you have it.

16. Upon trying to enter the cave at one point, Turb has a bloodied face when he's perfectly clean. He mentions something about probably going back first.

17. This one bit where you write "unbenownst" or something and it needs to be "unbeknownst

18. On the train, I was playing quickly, but you might have spelled judgment with an extra e as judgement.

19. A mapping flaw with the overlays and shadows coming out of the cave

20. This bit where you can walk through the lamp nearest to the cave--but later this changes. I would check all your passabilities there. It's weird. @.@

21. Another part where you can walk through the lamp in the outskirts.

22. What's with that guy in the water...? I thought they can't die? O_o Is he just asleep for a really, really long time?

23. My sister (I got her to play with me haha) and I agree that maybe you should add a save book on the platform with the first water key after you pass the wooden spiked pillars but before you make the return trip. 

24. Also, I think you need to take down the difficulty level a bit on that, but that might just be because I'm so sucky at playtesting haha! It took me over 20 tries to get the key and get back without dying.

25. With the spiked pillars, when you are coming back after claiming the key, if you get hit by the pillar closest to the platform, it knocks you back onto the wall where you get stuck. I suggest you add one more line of tiles before the steps so this doesn't happen, lol! XD

26. After I receive the tutorial about missions and I'm allowed to go train before Harm takes me to the Water Cave (LOVED that sign btw hahaha it made me laugh), I can't actually seem to go and train anywhere...? I tried to take the train station and go back to the cave where the Missions tutorial says I can go back and do the Dark Cave again, but the train conductor is in my way and Turb says I need to "gather a team" before I try the caves again even though Harm and Cam are both in my party. Because of that, I had no choice but to go and tell Harm I'm ready to go to the second cave, even though I wasn't able to train any. X( It took forever to get past the spiked pillars but I was totally wiped out by the monsters in the water cave after 3 battles. That man eating plant is FAST! 


Because of the last bit, I didn't have possibly enough health or skills to get past the water cave, so I'm stuck.  :( I can't progress at all.



Now to the part that you want to hear...the stuff I liked!  :) (I'm a lot more general about this because there's so much that I like hahaha X3)

1. Your mapping! It's amazing *Q* I love how utilised the tiles to make fallen trees and bridges and stuff.

2. You really manage to create a tense, uneasy mood. Well done, it freaked me out a few times! ^^

3. Those zombies are scary...*cringe* I'm sure that's the point though haha. I persuaded my sister to do all the navigating XD

4. I especially love those scenes with the animated backgrounds with the moving waterfalls and such. Did you draw them, or someone else, or did you find them in a game? Whatever the case, they really add to the mood.

5. Turb has a greatly expansive vocabulary for a homeless guy. He's also really noble. I like him. (Even though he can be pretty stupid haha)

6. I wasn't entirely engaged at first--more like scared--but you really made me want to continue playing!  :) Too bad I'm stuck...but if you can help me with that, I'll definitely continue! Hehe.

7. The little edits you made to the facegens. It changes a lot! Normally I refuse to touch anything that even has facegens, and I wasn't too impressed at first, but I like how you make their eyes move to the side, or when Turb was hiding behind that tree (hahaha!), or when he's eating the apple, etc.

8. The characters are strong enough, and there's plenty of time for you to keep developing, so I'm really happy with that. I like Harm's strength and her hidden sweet side, my fave is Cam's cheerfulness and healing ability in battle (lol), and I respect Soria for her good sportsmanship and her noble (if not a little harsh) dedication to her team. ^-^ And of course, Turb is likable. And silly. (When he fell off the ladder....I just started laughing!)

9. Overall, you've pulled it together really well. I wanna see where this goes, too! :3 Please help me sort out that whole thing with the training and everything will be better, hehe.~


Got stuck again, plus found some more errors for you to fix  :)


1, Upon exiting the Dark Cave, you may have spelled the word awesome wrong (I was playing quickly)

2. Does the water cave have no shadows?

3. IOU description text cutoff

4. Top right chest in the section of the water cave with the mimic chests has a problem--changes graphics after opening

5. Old man during train renovation: "Where were you in a coma?" Add a comma after you

6. When repeating fights in the water cave, why are we by ourselves?  :o There are scenes in the water cave where the full party is with us, but we fight alone.

7. At the train station after coming back from the water cave, Turb is invisible.

8. Most importantly...gathering sticks for Harm...I can't go back to the tree screen even after I have all 6 sticks. I think you might have forgotten your Conditional Branch. X3  (Get it? stick? conditional branch? Ehuehuehue I'm so clever~) So I'm stuck, again.~



1. FUN  :D

2. Harm's backstory is really sweet. That was nice.

3. Sprite graphics and animations are amazing as usual.

4. Easier now that the enemies are nerfed ^^

5. Nightmare scene with Reign totally terrified me...Aiiiih XD

6. The spiked pillars are tons easier. I didn't see the added tile, though?  :o

7. Waaah! Turb is fast!! 

8. Mapping god, as always.~

9. That poor old man that fell off the train >.>

10. The Queen of Hearts club--the way it was made and designed is really nice. The dragons eyes's light beams were a clever and nice touch hehehe.

11. I wonder where the sleeping man in the water cave went X)


Wow~ The game is amazing so far~ The part with the successful lucid dreaming had me ecstatic. And I like Elik XD


Unfortunately, came across some other bugs and got stuck again.

1. Still spelling "scenery" as "scenary"  ;)

2. perminant should be permanent

3. this is the thoughts/these are the thoughts

4. text cutoff "can I sit in the front" (needs a '?')

5. cutoff error "work" (talking to Cam at Harm's house)

6. house: strange noises when talking to Soria -- this little healing sound.

7. No chance to build lightning weapon after fire cave before going to Harmony's house--this could be a pretty big issue.

8. "others are almost impossible to damage with physical attack (missing period)" (Talking with Harmony after reading the book on the robots and Reign)

9. curiousity should be curiosity (no u)

10. girls still in our party when training with Elik

11. I think your variables are a little messed up or something; the sticks didn't work, and the chickens aren't working, either. :\ I caught all 3 and Elik still doesn't say anything except "You got this!"

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Hey Tsarmina, I certainly appreciate all the kind words you've said and I'm glad you got to finish it.  For those that don't know, she certainly helped me correct a ton of bugs (as you can tell by that list).  A lot of people left me comments, actually, and I think it's made the game so much better.  I hope to continue to improve Trial and I'm glad that as I fix everything, the feedback grows more and more positive.  I feel like as it stands now, I'm very proud of it.  It's not over, obviously, but it's people like you and everyone else that plays that makes me want to make it the best it can be.  Great job finishing the demo, I'm grateful you took the time to do so, and that goes for everyone else who has tried it out.  I love responding to messages and whatnot so if anyone has any questions or requests, do tell.


P.S. Tsarmina - Yes, I hope Scene 5 is more like Scene 3 in terms of trying new things out and whatnot.  I actually have this really great car chase scene in mind that I'd love to make similar to the train but with more action and user input.  I feel like Scene 4 filled in as much back story as I could and it's time to flush out other unfinished details like Harmony's past and new/old characters.  I'll keep you posted.  : )

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