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Looking to Establish a Team


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#1 Tarq


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Posted 01 November 2016 - 05:12 AM

Hey RMers,

   So, rather than the usual 'help me with my game' recruitment requests I'd like to start a small team within the community. I have no set game in mind; instead, I would like us to initially discuss ideas and then create a portfolio of small games. I think the ideal size for this team would be around six people - anything greater than eight would probably be a logistical nightmare.


   I'm not overly concerned about people's current skill sets; We are all continuously improving and I'm confident the selected candidates will be able to compensate for one another's shortcomings. That said, I would prefer to have at least one dedicated artist, scripter and writer - with myself and one other acting as 'floats' to cover the additional workloads in all areas. Again though, the team structure will be flexible and we can design games to accommodate the team members current skills.


   As for engine choice; while I'm most comfortable with VXA I would be willing to migrate. I'm also happy to use engines outside of RM. So it comes down to what the majority of interested people prefer to use.


   Communication should be a breeze via discord, but we can also use group pms here and people are welcome to contact me via Steam.


   In terms of payment - there will be none. This is just an attempt to get some hobbyists working together. If the team holds together and eventually produces something that the majority of members believe to be commercially viable then we will have that discussion. For now though I do not believe it is a concern.


   I think I've covered everything here. Ofc, if you have any questions or have an interest send me a pm :)

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#2 Seriel


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Posted 01 November 2016 - 05:27 PM

I could probably join in with this in some of my free time.

I can make maps fairly well, and I'm told i'm good at general game dev (Whatever that means) although i'm not too good with stories and plots. I can also write fairly reasonable dialogue sometimes, but usually that's only when I get inspired (So rarely) lol!



Oh, oh! And if this is Ace then I can script reasonably well. No big battle redesigns, but I can poke and adjust things here and there.

If it's MV though then I can still script, just nowhere near as well. :lol:

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#3 CreatorDev


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Posted 19 June 2017 - 12:10 PM

I would be interested with helping to write or draw. Um... Yeah. Sorry I don't know what else to say. But I would be willing to have a team.

I want to have projects... I will show it if I ever have one.

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