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And the RESULTS~!  Brief Commentary, then to the scores and prizes.


To start, I was surprised. The scoring system wasn't truly important with only two entries, but I still followed it as I gave my decision making weight. 


Objectively speaking, Retnuh's use of map, theme, events, and customizations were truly impressive and so I had to tick those boxes. 


Mushinronja's game, to my way of thinking was more fun.  I enjoyed the lore and setting a great deal. 


Both games suffered from balancing issues and trying to cram that one map as full as possible.  Both compensated for lack of multiple maps by way of size.  The games were so different though, I wish we had more entries to see all the myriad of possibilities the challenge could have formed. 


Placement and Scoring:

Retnuh and 12: 64

Mushinronja and Fort Amreldo: 60

Best Map: Retnuh

Best Story: Mushinronja


I'll get up with you on discord.  Let me know what you want for your prizes and we'll arrange it.


Thank you both for your entries.


By Monday of next week I'm going to be hosting another challenge.  The consistent them between both will be time and limitations. I'm going to host another challenge that is SHORT and should let you stretch your muscles without taking away from your other projects.  


Look forward to seeing you there. Also I'll be posting the stream video to my YT channel when I get the chance.  So if you didn't see the contest entries you'll be able to check them out.

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