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Jump into Javascript, a breakdown and explanation of the default js files in MV.

mv javascript

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 04:29 AM

This is a companion series to Slip into Ruby (my teardown of the RPG Maker VX Ace default scripts) and aims to teach a bit of Javascript while explaining exactly how everything works under the hood of MV's .js files.
Part 1: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/1230/ (main.js, rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Base))
Part 2: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/1357/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Boot, Scene_Title))
Part 3: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/1358/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Map))
Part 4: https://rpgmaker.net/articles/1359/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_MenuBase, Scene_Menu, Scene_ItemBase, Scene_Item, Scene_Skill))
Part 5: https://rpgmaker.net/articles/1362/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Equip, Scene_Options, Scene_File, Scene_Save, Scene_Load, Scene_GameEnd, Scene_Shop))
Hopefully this will be helpful to people just starting out or who want to understand a bit more about how MV does what it does! Eventually I'll even be tearing down the basest of the base classes like the content of pixi.js and the core classes like Window and Bitmap.

What's in this box? It might be a list of scripts Trihan has written, or it could be a nest of angry vipers!



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