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You can't be both? :P Anyway, it's true most fairies don't often tell outright lies at least. After all, that would be cheating. We have way too much respect for the art of deception to just blatantly lie bold faced like that. But as for if that means you can trust us? Well that's the age old question isn't it? I will tell you this: Deception is a dance we love to engage in, but is not a dance more enriching when your partner dances well? It's a game you could say, and games have at least informal sorts of rules. And a game played well certainly deserves a prize does it not? <3
Is that a form of honesty? Perhaps. Perhaps not. On the other hand though we love games with words, we also cloak ourselves in glamours and enchantments, walk unseen in secret places, act out our own little playful masquerades. Is that a form of dishonesty, to not show our true self and hide our True Names? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Honesty is just another word, and words are just another type of plaything for us.
Fairies are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Fairies are marvellous. They cause marvels.
Fairies are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Fairies are glamorous. They project glamour.
Fairies are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Fairies are terrific. They beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words.


Truthful? Maybe we have been described as such. But honest? I am not sure if that was ever a word that really applied to us or not. And in a triforce of purity? Pure what I have to wonder? <3

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Alter ego, huh? Kinda difficult to me because I'm not entirely sure who I am on the internet to begin with, especially since a certain event I had back in 2012...


Although I do have... A few of them. I had accepted them as a figment of my creation as I grew up, so it's not like I like to "play" with them much anymore, at least on the outside.


Celliana (No, not to be confused with Celianna of the RMWeb)

A female figure I created back in 2012. It's a long story. Initially cold and kinda sarcastic, she warmed up a bit as my personality grows. Now resides as a voice in my head that says thing like "Are you sure about that?", "Wasn't that your fault to begin with?", "You don't have to think about it too much...", kinda like a "Cognitive Assistant" of some sort. Mainly themed around black and dark blue, with long black hair.



A male figure I created back in 2013. Another long story. Mostly energetic and loud, he usually come up as a contrast to Celliana. Themed around white and red, with white hair.



A little girl who tagged along with me back around 2013. She's rather different from Celliana and Leo in that instead of "a part of me being split and turned into a character", she's a stand-alone I created to help me wake up in the morning so I could go into morning runs. Not that it helped, since most of them time, she failed... A lot of her part becomes a basis in one of my characters in my Indie in a Week's entry, Emily. Mostly themed around light blue and white, although there's also the occasional red.


There are a lot of more "backstory" among them and why they turned out the way they be, but it involves dabbling too much into my past and/or personal life XP

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My alter ego?


I've featured him in a fiction series I write and too embarrassed to share. We still talk and communicate with each other by means of me writing.


My name's Al, as do my alter ego, so I'll refer to him as Al. (bold) Others are Dietrich (and we -still- communicate heavily with each other), Reno and Sakurashi.


Al is an exact opposite of Al. He doesn't hesitate to kill anyone who harms someone he truly cares about. He resolves to violence at any possible moments. He appears sociable on the outside, while chaining his anxiety deep within his soul. He appears kind and modest, while actually has various intentions. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and bipolar disorder. He appears generous, while in fact, he always regrets helping people out. He talks less, is cold, and does everything without question.


Al, in the other hand, always try to resolve conflicts by all means that doesn't involve killing someone else. Violence is a last resort, and when the time comes for him to do it, he does it regretfully. He appears anxious and asocial, despite his wish to help anyone at any possible moment. He appears fixed, one-track minded, boring and too analytical, perhaps because he always overthink things, more when it comes to conflicts and helping. He loves teaching, too. He suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). He's easily frightened and worried, especially when it's about whether what he done actually benefits or not. He rarely regrets helping people out, only he grows anxious and worried. He talks much, everything in his head delivered straight, that people find him hard to understand. He's awkward, too, and oftentimes question what asked upon him if it leads to him being manipulated.


Dietrich Bellring... I first met him back then in 2015. There, I was exploring to a fictional world called Prawiraja, where medieval-styled technology blends with magic, creating its own variant of advanced-technology powered by magic instead of science. He was still a rogue, cursed into living eternally after a long story, and was searching for a particular person for more than 700 years. The person he was searching for terrorized me, sending me psychological horrors, and Dietrich found this a threat. With my help, both of us reached the said person, who lived eternally after reaching a contract with the darkest of powers. Dietrich managed to best him, two immortals pitting fight against each other, and banished the person to the pits of nether-realm. I thought it would mean farewell for us, but in the end, Dietrich visited my home, saying that he decided to leave Prawiraja and live as an ordinary person to keep me company until I die. Since then he has been living here, even now. If interested, you can talk to him via Telegram or Tumblr.


He has always been an ancient tongue. His tone and manners of speaking is unique, and somewhat awkward. Despite so, his wisdom usually is impressive, for he had lived 729 years by now. He appears young, though, having the appearance of a 29 y/o man with spiky green hair and an athletic build. He rarely gets irritated by insults and loves spitting sarcasms and paradoxes to confuse insulting peoples. He says things pretty much straightforward, too. He's always a nice person to talk with.


After 700 years of living as a rogue, he has mastered both the arts of magic and arts of battle. With me helping, he's been researching on the metaphysics of magic, hoping that the findings will further help the research of the same topic and further enhance magic in Prawiraja.


Since I pretty much have less friends in real life, Dietrich has kept me company oftentimes, and I'm forever grateful I know him.




This is a picture of Dietrich trying to take a selfie with an avatar generator. (source: https://twitter.com/oichidan/status/865238654972833793)




Dietrich's first days here are colored with confusion as he needs to adjust himself for many things, such as dressing style, smartphones, the internet and its culture, modern-day technology like cars and motorcycles, even language. (source: https://twitter.com/oichidan/status/865239435335610368)

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My alter ego is a queen who uses songs as magic. She rules the island of Kaladoria alongside her best friend Katreya (who is a character I want to make a magical girl series about), also a songstress. Saeryen is both a queen and a princess; she is Queen of the Song and co-queen of the island alongside Katreya, and Princess of Kalador because her mother is still the queen of the kingdom of Kalador.


I've moved a lot of my favorite characters to Kaladoria Island, as well as favorite places from both the real world and the world in games, movies and books. The Islands of Adventure lighthouse is the central Tower of Kaladoria, where the song goddess Kala and Her children live, and the Port of Entry is Em Katre, the capital city of the kingdom of Kalador (the island has six kingdoms: Kalador, Kletina, Katorcia, Cantate Luna, Calatrice and Threesentine). The interior of the Tower of Kaladoria resembles the third level from the Barbie Explorer Babylon location. Kaladoria is shaped like a cat's head, with Threesentine being a smaller island shaped like a number 8 (it's connected to Kaladoria underwater). I've written a whole history about Kaladoria Island too.


Saeryen has been all around the island and was also a student at Hogwarts. She has a younger sister (which I've always wanted) named Katya and a yellow winged cat named Lumos. She is a very good queen who always uses her magic to help other people and heal blighted land. She also uses it to protect the people she loves. She is also quite connected with the song goddesses.

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