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★ Rules | Tutorials - 3D Resources

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3D Resources ~ Tutorials - Rules and Guidelines

In this section, you can post your tutorials for various tricks and tips related to 3D modelling etc..



All Global Rules apply, unless overwritten by following:
rLEvyqx.png | 1. Bumping
Meaninglessly bumping threads is not allowed. You may bump your thread only when making a significant update.
ObEzwru.png | 2. Double Posting
You are allowed to double post only if you have an update to announce. (See the bumping rule above)

jdpy3yA.png | 3. Necroposting
Necroposting is allowed in this section, as long as the comments are relevant. (that is, feedback related, not spam)
baHU5zG.png | 4. Locking / Removing Threads
You are allowed to lock and/or remove your thread if you want to abandon ship.

> Report the first post in the thread

> Message a moderator or admin


E9csV8m.png | 5. Unlocking Threads
You are allowed to unlock and/or retrieve your thread anytime.

> Message a moderator or admin with details


xjzXVqp.png | 6. Inactivity
Inactive threads will not be locked in this section, unless the tutorial will be broken. For example, unavailable images.


vBGTD94.png | 7. Tags

Tags aren't required, though keep in mind, that adding proper tags will make your thread easier to find. It's up to you.



:excl: Note, that tutorials will have to be approved by a moderator first.








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